Coming soon: Felt Pig-Rabbit tutorial

Ohoho, I said I was going to make it later this week, but decided to do it today ;D

This is actually for my friend’s birthday present, and it’s also from a Korean drama. It’s basically a mix between the pig and rabbit- hence the name “Pig-rabbit”.

Here it is: 

Felt Pig Rabbit

Getting Started : Felt

Hello hello,

Later this week, I’ll actually be making something out of felt, so I thought I’d  start it off with a “Getting started” post. Now, when I say felt, I don’t mean needle felting, I just mean making things out of felt – meaning Plushies . Oh yes.

Basic equipment

  • 1. Felt. Obviously, you’ll need this before you start making ANY craft.
    My friend actually gave me a chunk off her supplies after she came back from HK. I imagine the felt there are also way cheaper than NZ ಠ_ಠ. It looks nice here because I haven’t actually used these yet. I still have a lot of A4 size squares that still need to be used. 
  • 2. Thread. Another obvious one, as it’s used to sew your creation together. You can also use embroidery thread – it definitely looks better because its more thick and outlines your creation better.
  • 3. Needles. Yet another essential. I think it’s pretty self explanatory.
  • 4. Pins. Extremely helpful as it help keeps your creation pieces in place as you sew. Also used to pin the template/patten to the felt so you can cut accurately.
  • 5.These are optional. These are bits and pieces that I use to make my felt creations into keychains.
  • 6. Scissors. Fabric scissors are best, but a pair of nice sharp scissors work well too. Obviously used to cut out your fabric + pattern.

Closer look at equipmentHere is a closer look at the items ^^^

A lot of times, I just draw up my own patterns free hand. I don’t really have any nice books in NZ to cut out templates from. There are a lot on the web, but the really good ones, I find are in the asian felt books where they have the cutest plushies of food or whatever.

Adventure time Fin and Jake plush
Here is an example of what I make out of felt. This is Jake and Finn from Adventure time + papercrafts I printed off from it’s website.
This was for my friend’s secret santa, and I stayed up ALL night making it  T__T.

A lot of the times, I make up things as I go so it does take me a while to really get it right (unless I already have instructions + pattern). Depending on how many different pieces there are on a plushie, the longer it takes. Even the really small ones, phewww (we’re talking hours).  My scanner is broken right now, so for my upcoming tutorials, I don’t know if I can provide the pattern. I will as soon as it is fixed though.

As always, if you have any requests, comments or feedback, leave down below


Tutorial : Toast

Hello my readers :3

I know I said I was going to post once a week, but that seems a bit too long o.o I’m always thinking of new tutorials, and yeah..
Today’s one will be extremely simple.


  • Pointed tool
  • White clay ( and Translucent if you have some )
  • Pastels
  • Brush
  • Toothbrush

Now, for toast, it is best if you have translucent AND white. It gives the bread a less ‘solid’ feel ? If you know what I mean haha. I don’t have translucent atm because it ran out, still looking for cheap suppliers TT ____ TT


  • Roll out the white clay, and make it into a square shape.
  • Using the pointed tool, just make a little indent on the two sides.


  • Take the toothbrush and lightly texture the clay. It depends on how much texture you want your toast to be,, I made mine pretty textured..
  • Using a mixture of brown and orange pastel, shade the edges (crust). I find this technique more realistic than using brown clay for the crust. Also, remember to shade the ‘faces’ of the toast. Again, it depends on how burnt you want your toast to be.Completed Toast
    Aaaand there we go C: It should look something like this. ^^^
    I hope that looks realistic enough, I gave it a lot of texture ohoho ,,


So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this super simple tutorial.
As always, requests and questions are welcome, so if you have any, leave below :


[Rant] Oh New Zealand…

Lately, I’ve been trying to find a new place to buy my clay. As you know, NZ is really expensive, so clay cost $7 in stores, and then $5.50 online + $6.50 shipping. Mind you, these are the typical 2 oz, 56 gram ones..

Being the poor student I am, I can’t really afford buying new clay all the time – to make matters worse, my supplies have been running low TT___TT You see, I have be crafting more than usual. Normally, I make clay miniatures for friends birthdays or when I have sudden inspiration – that means I craft a couple of times a month.

Now, I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for tutorials that you don’t normally see online. I’ve also been posting daily so that doesn’t help ;__; uhuuu. I actually found an awesome site online that sold clay for $1.63 per bar. At the check out, my total was $22 which is great because I would have bought 6 bars + shipping- but then, there was this thing where they would  re-calculate shipping price and send you a new total,,,

You know what my new total was ? Around, $44 USD and $35  of it was for shipping FML !




This means that, I now will be posting less on polymer clay. Maybe once a week ? Or maybe I will start something  on felt, not sure at the moment. If you do have a site where I can buy clay, please message me :C

Thanks for reading ,,

Tutorial : Rilakkuma Cake

Before I start the tutorial, I hope you notice that only one slice gets taken out of the ‘cake’. In order to save my clay, I decided to actually make the whole thing out of Aluminium foil, and just make that one slice out of clay. This is the first time I’ve done something like this, but I think it turned out quite well ohoho.

Here it is :


  • Aluminium Foil (definitely need more than pictured)
  • Toothpick


  •  Sculpey in Sunshine (which is baby yellow)
  • white
  • Any colour filling you want ( this is the left over red from my twist pin tutorial. It looks brown here.)


  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Terracotta (which is a browny red clay)


  • Take the aluminium foil and scrunch it up.
  • Start shape it into the head of Rilakkuma.
  • Taking a smaller piece of foil, shape the ears, and attach it into the head with a toothpick.


  • Now, choose where you want the slice to be and cut a chunk of foil out
  • Take the half of the baby yellow clay and place it as pictured. This roughly tells you the shape your clay will have to be.
  • Cut out the same shape with the red and other piece of baby yellow clay. (Use the first piece as a template for cutting)


  • Arrange the clay (Yellow, red, yellow) and place it in the missing chunk.
  • Use your razor blade to cut the clay so its’ shape matches with Rilakkuma’s head.
  • Round off the edges, and add another tin foil ear.
  • Roll out the Terracotta clay, and completely wrap it over the foil

Making the face

  • Smooth out any visible edges, and make sure the ears are defined from the head.
  • Two small circles for eyes
  • White blob for muzzle


  • Two small blobs for the ears
  • Outline the ears with black clay. Make sure it is rolled thinly.
  • Roll a thicker log with the black, and outline the base
  • Roll a slightly thinner log and outline the top of Rilakkumas’ head.


Finished look

Add the mouth, bake, glaze and you’re done !

So, I hope the instructions were clear enough :/ , if not I hope the images make up for it haha.
At first, I was going to paint on the mouth but then decided not to. (Also, lighting may be strange in this one, I made it at night) 

If you have any questions, comment below:


Tutorial : Rose Twist pin


Todays’ post is going to be on a rose twist pin. Of course, the rose is just an idea you could use. You can always attach other stuff onto it like muffins, cake, pie etc.
You will need:

  • Plain twist pin
  • Red polymer clay
  • black polymer clay (optional)
  • Circle cutter (optional)
  • Hot glue gun

Mixing the colours

Since I’m going for a darker colour red, I’m going to be adding some black into it. You can see in the first picture that I colour coded the black polymer clay- add the green amount and not the red. I made the mistake of adding half the black and my rose turned out wayy darker than I wanted it to.

Cutting  the petals

  • Roll out the red clay into a thin sheet and use the cookie cutter to cut circles out of it. If you have more circles, your rose will be bigger.
    If you don’t have a cookie cutter, make little balls out of the red clay and flatten them.

Layering the petals

  • For the centre, take a circle and just roll it. Do not flatten the bottom like I did, I just needed it to stand so I could take a picture.
  • Take another circle and wrap it around the first one
  • Keep doing this and as you go, make sure you push the petals outward.

Cutting the rose

  • ^ If you keep layering your rose, the end of it will look like that.
  • Cut off the excess clay, and you’re done ;D

End product

  • Bake your rose and then glue it onto the top of the pin ! ( I used hot glue gun)
  • You can also glaze it to really finish it off.

Ohoho, I hope you liked this tutorial ;D
All it is, is just a rose being attached to the pin. If you want , I can post a picture of what it looks like when it’s in hair.