Crafting Candies ??

Oh hello there,

It seems you have stumbled upon my blog and I would like to say WELCOME ;D I hope you’re here to stay !

From the name of my blog, you can tell it will be dedicated to crafts ! Although, more often than not, content will be on polymer clay or felt. I hope to post tutorials, tips and maybe bits and pieces of creations I enjoy .

Of course, my readers (you) are very valuable, so requests are DEFINITELY welcome and honestly, helpful ! ( It means that I’m actually posting something you want to read haha ) However, keep in mind that I live in New Zealand, and supplies are ridiculously expensive and hard to find- don’t make your requests too hard ! I promise I will try my best to fulfil them of course c:

If you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment ;D

I also hope you don’t mind me ‘entering’ between lines. It helps my train of thoughts and makes it easier for me to type and read.






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