Tutorial : Rilakkuma Cake

Before I start the tutorial, I hope you notice that only one slice gets taken out of the ‘cake’. In order to save my clay, I decided to actually make the whole thing out of Aluminium foil, and just make that one slice out of clay. This is the first time I’ve done something like this, but I think it turned out quite well ohoho.

Here it is :


  • Aluminium Foil (definitely need more than pictured)
  • Toothpick


  •  Sculpey in Sunshine (which is baby yellow)
  • white
  • Any colour filling you want ( this is the left over red from my twist pin tutorial. It looks brown here.)


  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Terracotta (which is a browny red clay)


  • Take the aluminium foil and scrunch it up.
  • Start shape it into the head of Rilakkuma.
  • Taking a smaller piece of foil, shape the ears, and attach it into the head with a toothpick.


  • Now, choose where you want the slice to be and cut a chunk of foil out
  • Take the half of the baby yellow clay and place it as pictured. This roughly tells you the shape your clay will have to be.
  • Cut out the same shape with the red and other piece of baby yellow clay. (Use the first piece as a template for cutting)


  • Arrange the clay (Yellow, red, yellow) and place it in the missing chunk.
  • Use your razor blade to cut the clay so its’ shape matches with Rilakkuma’s head.
  • Round off the edges, and add another tin foil ear.
  • Roll out the Terracotta clay, and completely wrap it over the foil

Making the face

  • Smooth out any visible edges, and make sure the ears are defined from the head.
  • Two small circles for eyes
  • White blob for muzzle


  • Two small blobs for the ears
  • Outline the ears with black clay. Make sure it is rolled thinly.
  • Roll a thicker log with the black, and outline the base
  • Roll a slightly thinner log and outline the top of Rilakkumas’ head.


Finished look

Add the mouth, bake, glaze and you’re done !

So, I hope the instructions were clear enough :/ , if not I hope the images make up for it haha.
At first, I was going to paint on the mouth but then decided not to. (Also, lighting may be strange in this one, I made it at night) 

If you have any questions, comment below:



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