[Rant] Oh New Zealand…

Lately, I’ve been trying to find a new place to buy my clay. As you know, NZ is really expensive, so clay cost $7 in stores, and then $5.50 online + $6.50 shipping. Mind you, these are the typical 2 oz, 56 gram ones..

Being the poor student I am, I can’t really afford buying new clay all the time – to make matters worse, my supplies have been running low TT___TT You see, I have be crafting more than usual. Normally, I make clay miniatures for friends birthdays or when I have sudden inspiration – that means I craft a couple of times a month.

Now, I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for tutorials that you don’t normally see online. I’ve also been posting daily so that doesn’t help ;__; uhuuu. I actually found an awesome site online that sold clay for $1.63 per bar. At the check out, my total was $22 which is great because I would have bought 6 bars + shipping- but then, there was this thing where they would  re-calculate shipping price and send you a new total,,,

You know what my new total was ? Around, $44 USD and $35  of it was for shipping FML !




This means that, I now will be posting less on polymer clay. Maybe once a week ? Or maybe I will start something  on felt, not sure at the moment. If you do have a site where I can buy clay, please message me :C

Thanks for reading ,,


10 thoughts on “[Rant] Oh New Zealand…

  1. joni says:

    i feel your pain. I live in the highlands of Scotland. I am on the mainland of the UK yet I have to pay a surcharge ecause I am in the highlands when getting things posted to me. But when I post elsewhere I dont get to charge this add on when posting the other way. Gggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Calion says:

    haha unfortunately it’s the same for me as well :x
    but some australian stores do stock polymer clay, it’s just really expensive as you say :V

  3. Ooh ! Thank you so much for the link !
    I actually buy my clay from this seller’s website, but the price has gone up over the years TT__TT

    These are really good deals though, I think I’ll buy some :D Thanks so much !

  4. Cleo says:

    I just found some cheap stuff at a piggy bank busters the other day. Its a little dry but it baked well. The colours weren’t the best and I’m sure the regular availability will be limited, but it was only $2!!!!!!! Sometimes there are cool bargains, even in little old NZ!!

  5. Rhea says:

    I WISH i could help!!My cousin lives in NZ too and she frequently comes back to malaysia to visit her family…If only Malaysia had more art stores T_T then i could ask her to give some to you :(

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