Tutorial : Valentine themed “Bear Paperweight + paper holder”

Hey guys !

Its been about 5 days since I posted ! Is this the longest ? Ohoho

Anyway, it’s been a while since my Valentine post, and I thought I’d finally post the tutorial up today. I didn’t really want to make a typical cake chocolate thing for Valentine, so I made this Bear paperweight instead…

It’s sort of follows the theme of valentines day…

(Note: You will notice the lighting gets weird towards the end… that’s because it went from afternoon >> night. I spent so long on it TT___TT . Also, forgive my laziness in editing. I just finished it haha..)

Let’s start !



  • Pink clay ( or another colour of your choice)
  • Mini cupcake liner
  • Cold porcelain clay (tinted brown, or any other colour you like)
  • Brown clay ( or any colour you want your cupcake to be)
  • Mini heart shape cutter (optional)
  • Some sort of “whipped cream”
  • Aluminium foil
  • Some sort of weight ( I used this air dry clay because I couldn’t find something small and heavyheavy)
  • Piping bag
  • Dark brown clay
  • White clay
  • Black clay
  • Red clay
  • Purple clay (or any other clay for the ears)
  • Toothpick

A lot of materials right ? This is probably one of my longest tutorials.

Making the cupcake base

  • Take the Cold porcelain clay, and wrap it around the weight.
  • Place it into the cupcake liner, and wrap the edges around it. Try to make sure the lines going down the cupcake liner are defined and not squished.

I did this so the baase would  looks like it had real ‘batter’ in it. It will also give me a strong base to work on.

Making the muffin top

  • Take the aluminium foil and shape it into the muffin top. Make sure it’s about the same diameter of your cupcake base.
    (If you want the paperweight to be heavier, you can replace the foil with clay. I’m just saving clay here)
  • Roll out the brown clay, and wrap it around the base of the foil.
  • In the third image, see how it’s not the same shape as the base ? Add more clay !

Completed muffin top

  • After you add more clay, start pulling it out (?). Make the muffin top like a UFO shape. Wider at the base and narrower at the top.
  • (second image) : Top view
  • (third image): Bottom view ( ignore the markings on it, that’s from the cupcake liner)

Adding the icing

  • Roll out the pink clay (or whatever colour you want your icing to be)
  • Place it on top of the muffin base (see how it’s a bit bumpy? )
  • Smooth it out on top. I find it easier to dust the clay with some sort of corn starch when I smooth it. This way, the clay doesn’t stick to your fingers, and you don’t leave any finger prints.

Adding the ears

  • Make two small dome shapes out of the foil. Again, if you want the paperweight to be heavier, just make it from clay.
  • Wrap the pink clay around the foil, and insert a toothpick. This is to hold it in place.
  • Using a needle tool or another toothpick and make a hole where you want the ears to be. This way, the ‘ears’ will slide right in.

Basic shape

  • This is what it looks like
  • Smooth out and blend in the edges of the ears.
Let’s make the details: and ofc, you can make any type of decoration on top

Making the strawberry

  • Make a strawberry shape ( a rounded cone ?)
  • Use a toothpick or needle took to add the details. As you can see, I’m not poking it directly into the clay. My needle tool is held vertically.

Heart shapes for ears

  • Roll out the purple clay
  • Use the top of the cutter to cut the clay, and make it look something like this ^^^.
  •  You can also just cut it free hand with a razor blade. ( Or use a template to be accurate)

Almost completed

  • Stick the heart shapes onto the ears.
  • Roll out the dark brown clay and outline the heart shape.
  • Two black circles for eyes
  • A white blob for the muzzle
  • Heart shaped nose
  • And add the mouth.
  • Two small red ovals for blush
At this point, you can just put the muffin top into the oven for baking. Bake the strawberry and muffin top separately. OR  to make it into a paper holder :
Before baking
  • I just cut this part off an uglier paper holder. However, if you have a mini peg, you can glue it onto a skewer, and make the same thing.
  • Use the needle tool and make a hole for the clippy thing to go in . (I don’t know what its’ called, sorry XD )
  • You can also add some liquid clay in there to hold it. OR add some pva glue after baking.
  • For extra detail, you can use the toothbrush to texture the brown part of the clay

Now bake ! You don’t need to bake the muffin base because it just needs to air dry. Bake the head and strawberry separately.

  • This is not pictured, but I used a type of tile sealant as my “whipped cream”. I piped it out on  the top of the muffin top, and put the strawberry on top of it.

Final paperweight

Annnnnd the completed creation !

To stick the top onto the muffin base, just use some pva glue ;D

There we go !
I’m sorry it took so long to upload, but I hope this tutorial was easy to understand. ^^

If you have any questions or requests, just comment !


Clay clay clay !

Hey guys !

Just wanted to show you the new clay I got !
I received a comment a while ago showing me a listing to Studio Sculpey. It was a listing by ZigZag , a person I usually buy my clay from.

Now, in this particular listing, it was 10 x 79g Studio Sculpey bars for $35 + $6.50. That means the total was $41.50 ohoho
You might be thinking this is really expensive, but it’s actually quite cheap compared to normal prices. Altogether, this was about $3.50 per bar and it was 79 grams ! It’ll last me long long ! (Definitely better than buying Sculpey III 59g for $5.50 each T__T )

The only bad thing is that this was sort of a clearance listing, so that means all the colours were getting discontinued, and the seller wanted to get rid of them.

Although, it’s still not bad :D I’m quite happy, so I’ll be using more of these clays to make tutorials for your guys !  Can you think of anything you want from these colours ?

New clayClay clay clay !

New clay 1English Garden, Spanish Olive, Avocado, Blush

New clay 2Butterscotch, Lemon drop, Fuchsia Fury, Nutmeg, Dolphin

I actually asked for two “nutmeg” bars, and received two ‘dolphin’ instead. I emailed her and the seller was nice enough to send me another nutmeg for free ! It’s $6.50 for the courier so it must’ve been over $10 to send ! (including the price of clay).

For my Valentine Bear paperweight, the pink for the frosting is actually blush and the brown is the nutmeg colour. I had a draft post called “Update update” that I was going to post about these clays…. but I forgot about it TT___TT

That’s why I’m posting it now ohoho, I’m just really excited for new clay okay ? haha

-As usual, thanks for reading ! You are awesome !


Cold Porcelain : Clay review (?)

Hello Hello !

So, if you’ve read my Quick Update post, you’ll see that I had edited it and striked out the “Cold Porcelain, Lying down pink Rilakkuma”.

Now, the reason why I don’t really want to post it is because Cold Porcelain is kind of hard to work with. As it an air dry clay, it does dry while you are working on it. If you don’t know already, I always make up things a long the way – this is why it takes long for me to make a creation, and why cold porcelain isn’t exactly suited to me.

In the comments of the site I got the recipe off, there were complaints about cracking, and that is exactly what happened to me. Like I said before, the CP dries as you work on it so when I was blending, it did get a bit difficult. The clay is also quite soft so it does lose its’ shape easily when you handle it a lot.

Here is the bear I made. As you can see, it is unfinished. I just needed to add the snout details, but still, I’m not very satisfied with this creation (that’s also why I don’t really want to upload it) :

Incomplete bearI don’t really think it is a Rilakkuma anymore. It’s just going to be a normal bear D: It doesn’t meet the standard of Rilakkuma !

If you look closely, you’ll see little lines of where I had tried to blend. I didn’t want to press too hard when I was blending because it would have changed the shape.

This image is about a couple of hours after I left it:

Cracks in the clay

As you can see, the cracks are VERY visible. Again, these are only a couple of hours since I made the bear. It has been a couple of days now, the shrinkage and cracks are even worse.I used toothpicks to attach the head to the body, and you can see a little bit of the toothpicks.

The cracks are just mainly where I blended pieces of clay together so I guess CP is okay if you aren’t going to blend a lot.

Just a note , I also made a second batch of CP using :

1 cup – Glue
1 cup – cornstarch
2 tbsp – mineral oil (I used vaseline)
2 tbsp – Lemon juice

Maybe I overcooked it or maybe this recipe isn’t correct ( the comment said it worked for them), but yeah. This is even worse than my first batch.
It’s REALLY elastic and you can’t blend AT ALL…. what am I going to do with all the wasted glue ? I was really looking forward to working with this Cold porcelain….

For now, I’m just going to use it for small things like adding volume to a clay creation or something. I don’t really know..

Any suggestions ?

-Thanks for reading this quite long post. I’m just a bit disappointed that CP didn’t work the way I wanted it to D;


Misc Crafts : Adding Bookmark in Diary

Hellloo my reader :D

So it’s only been a couple of days since my last update… ohoho..
I thought I would only be posting once or twice a week but, I have so many tutorials lined up for you…
That’s why I’m so tempted to post it allllll at once , uhuuu u__u.

So anywho,

If you read my other blog post, you’ll know that I recently bought  cash book and diary planner for school.
As I use these books quite often, it’s really annoying for me to flip through each page to find out what week I’m in , so , I made a bookmark!

This is EXTREMELY simple, and I’m pretty sure you could have figured this out for yourself… but in case you haven’t, here it is:


Materials needed

  • Notebook with a cover you can take off
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue

Measuring the ribbon

  • Use the ribbon and measure it against the length of your book. It needs to be a bit longer at the top and bottom. I think mine are about 3-4cm longer at the top and bottom.
  • I also put a little bit on glue on the ends of the bottom of the ribbon. This was to prevent it from fraying. Just add a blob on the end, wait a little bit and then wipe it off with your finger. Don’t burn yourself ! (This way, there is the plastic glue covering the ends preventing it from coming apart.)

Gluing the ribbon

  • Take the hot glue gun and glue it onto the top of the spine. You can also put a bit of glue on the end of the ribbon to stop the threads from fraying.


  • Slip the cover back on , and ta-da !
This is what my diary looks like now :D

-I hope this helped !


Happy Valentines day <3 : Valentine Bear Paperweight + card holder

Hey there !

As you can see from my previous post, I was DEFINITELY going to post a Valentine themed craft on Tuesday ;D
Well, It’s Monday 11:30pm right now, I actually JUST finished the craft one hour ago…. yes, it took me very very long…

I was actually going to post the tutorial up tomorrow after school but,,, I don’t want to keep you waiting ><
(also, think about the editing x__x )

So I’ll leave you with this !
It is a  “Bear paperweight + a card holder”.

Tutorial will be up as soon as I finish editing ! Happy Valentines day !

Valentine Themed bear paper weight + card holder

I tried to make it “Valentined themed” as much as possible… but .. I really could not think of anything else but chocolate.
And we all know chocolate for Valentines is abused every year – so I do not that for this post !

(see the heart shaped ears and nose ? ohoho ! The rosy cheeks and pink colour theme :D = valentines okay ? )

– Hope you’re satisfied with this creation !


Quick Update : Tutorials

Hey guys !

This is just a quick update on what I’ll be making soon/ be uploading, so be waiting !

  • Lying down pink Rilakkuma (cold porcelain)  decided it was too ugly TT, you can still request it but, I don’t know..
  • Kerokeropi Cake or another character (polymer clay) [11.04.12] Soon okay ?
  • Different ways to make whipped cream (alternatives to polymer clay)  Here
  • Valentine themed creation–  (either cold porcelain or polymer clay) Post is up ! Tutorial soon !  here
  • Household items for texturing + items to use in your clay
  • Quick bookmark for your book   Here
  • Comparison of Cold porcelain to polymer clay   Here

So there we go ;D

Today is Sunday in NZ, so that means I have school tomorrow. I MIGHT make something today if I have time and upload it sometime next week. Ialready made the “Lying down Rilakkuma” and the “Quick bookmark for books” so yeah. They’re just in the editing stage where I have to change the sizes and what not.

The Valentine theme creation will DEFINITELY be uploaded on my Tuesday, which is 14 Feb in NZ.

Ohoho, I should actually get started on that :/

– I hope you like what is going to be uploaded soon !

As always, requests are welcome, and honestly, more convenient for me because then ,I don’t have to think so hard on what to made xD.

Thanks for reading !


Making Cold Porcelain : My proccess

Hello there :D

So the other day, I had a comment on deviant art saying I could make cold porcelain, and use that for my crafting needs. I did mention in my other post that I would make it in the weekend – and today I did ^^.

I used the recipe from here, but I didn’t use it exactly:

3/4 cup glue

1/2 cup water

1 tsp pond’s cold cream

1 tsp glycerin

1 cup cornstarch


When I saw these ingredients, I thought cold cream was some some sort of cream – as in the dairy product….
After some research, I found out it was actually some sort of heavy hand cream. Many sites recommended using “Ponds” hand cream but, since I didn’t really want to buy it, I used Neutrogena hand cream instead. 

Neutrogena hand cream works just as well. I think it just needs to be a non-greasy formula. I also had some sort of tub at home containing either potato starch or corn starch. I’m not actually sure which one is in the tub, but I’m pretty sure it was potato. It also worked – I don’t think there is a big difference between corn and potato starch.

Edit : So I asked what flour was in the tub, and it was Tapioca. COMPLETELY different.. haha.. well, I guess it worked, so yeah. For my next batch, I’ll use all the right ingredients so I can accurately make comparisons (between polymer clay). 

When I was making the mixture, the fumes- oh my life. The brand of glue I was using was “Selley’s PVA wood glue”. THE FUMES ! It smelt so bad, I had to hold the saucepan away for stirring (which was hard because the mixture was reallly thick).

The author of that post also said to knead the mixture for about 5 minutes with cornstarch until it wasn’t sticky anymore. I did this for probably longer, and wasted a lot of cornstarch. My CP (cold porcelain) was nice and smooth on the outside, but when you kneaded it, the inside went all sticky again.

So I did some more research and found out that you should use hand cream to knead the CP. I used the hand cream and it made such a difference ! It make my CP a lot smoother, and ofc, it did not stick to my hands.

First time making CPThis was after kneading it for more than 5 minutes. I was actually just going to leave it like this until I read it wasn’t supposed to be sticky any more. I kneaded it more – but it still remained sticky :(

Better CPHere is what my CP looked like after I kneaded it using the hand cream to coat my hands. I’m not sure if you can tell, but the surface is glossy and much better than the first time I made it. Keep CP in a ziploc bag with the inside coated with hand cream to prevent drying out.

I also read some comments saying that the cold porcelain they made cracked when it was drying. This is a little troubling because I don’t want my creations to crack…. and the amount of glue I used seemed like a waste….

Ah.. aparently it’s due to the water evaporating.

Next time, I’ll try this recipe:

1 Cup Cornstarch
1 Cup  of white glue
1 Tbs vinegar/lime juice or lemon juice
1 Tbs Baby Oil

So there we go !

I have made my porcelain, and I’ll see if I can make any tutorials with it. I don’t think texturing will work too well because the CP is very smooth and soft. I think I’ll concentrate more on things like figurines/characters.

-Thanks for reading !


Edit: May I also add that the texture of CP is VERY similiar to Sculpey Mold maker. VERY VERY SIMILAR.