It’s that time again !

Hello my reader ;D

Just updating and letting you know that it’s that time again !

What time do you ask? That time that school starts TT____TT
Yeah… this means that I will be posting less frequently, so please forgive me.. I will aim to post about once a week or maybe two if I get a lot done in the weekend.

Maybe I should just dedicate one day to making crafts and make a lot of tutorials lined up for posting :) Yesyes, that sounds like a good plan.

In other news, I will be posting more felt tutorials because:

A) I have a lot of material I could use
B) Material is A LOT cheaper than clay

Although, I’m not sure what you guys want to see ? Please request something TT__TT uhard for me to come up with ideas that will actually appeal to the internet.. uhuu

Maybe I should ride the whole “Apple” trend, and start making D.I.Y cases for them ohoho..
Or maybe you (I’m assuming you’re female) want to know how to make your own accessories ?

Thanks for taking your time to read !



Edit: I just re-read this post, and ” a lot ” is used many times… I should widen my¬†vocabulary.


3 thoughts on “It’s that time again !

  1. Calion says:

    LOL you could use.. multiple, many, an excess of.. xD

    i would be interested in more felt plushies, smaller felt plushies which could be used as charms and accessories (because a girl can never have too many of those 8D)

    thanks for taking the time to teach us :D

  2. Oho okay !
    I would be glad to make more tutorials :D Do you have any specific requests ? Or should I research and make a whole bunch of popular characters like Rilakkuma ?

    And thanks, I will be using those words next time something is ‘a lot ‘ ^^

    • Calion says:

      my only request is that you make something cute :B
      other than that i don’t mind anything at all, but rilakkuma sounds like a good idea :D

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