Quick Update : Tutorials

Hey guys !

This is just a quick update on what I’ll be making soon/ be uploading, so be waiting !

  • Lying down pink Rilakkuma (cold porcelain)  decided it was too ugly TT, you can still request it but, I don’t know..
  • Kerokeropi Cake or another character (polymer clay) [11.04.12] Soon okay ?
  • Different ways to make whipped cream (alternatives to polymer clay)  Here
  • Valentine themed creation–  (either cold porcelain or polymer clay) Post is up ! Tutorial soon !  here
  • Household items for texturing + items to use in your clay
  • Quick bookmark for your book   Here
  • Comparison of Cold porcelain to polymer clay   Here

So there we go ;D

Today is Sunday in NZ, so that means I have school tomorrow. I MIGHT make something today if I have time and upload it sometime next week. Ialready made the “Lying down Rilakkuma” and the “Quick bookmark for books” so yeah. They’re just in the editing stage where I have to change the sizes and what not.

The Valentine theme creation will DEFINITELY be uploaded on my Tuesday, which is 14 Feb in NZ.

Ohoho, I should actually get started on that :/

– I hope you like what is going to be uploaded soon !

As always, requests are welcome, and honestly, more convenient for me because then ,I don’t have to think so hard on what to made xD.

Thanks for reading !



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