Misc Crafts : Adding Bookmark in Diary

Hellloo my reader :D

So it’s only been a couple of days since my last update… ohoho..
I thought I would only be posting once or twice a week but, I have so many tutorials lined up for you…
That’s why I’m so tempted to post it allllll at once , uhuuu u__u.

So anywho,

If you read my other blog post, you’ll know that I recently bought  cash book and diary planner for school.
As I use these books quite often, it’s really annoying for me to flip through each page to find out what week I’m in , so , I made a bookmark!

This is EXTREMELY simple, and I’m pretty sure you could have figured this out for yourself… but in case you haven’t, here it is:


Materials needed

  • Notebook with a cover you can take off
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue

Measuring the ribbon

  • Use the ribbon and measure it against the length of your book. It needs to be a bit longer at the top and bottom. I think mine are about 3-4cm longer at the top and bottom.
  • I also put a little bit on glue on the ends of the bottom of the ribbon. This was to prevent it from fraying. Just add a blob on the end, wait a little bit and then wipe it off with your finger. Don’t burn yourself ! (This way, there is the plastic glue covering the ends preventing it from coming apart.)

Gluing the ribbon

  • Take the hot glue gun and glue it onto the top of the spine. You can also put a bit of glue on the end of the ribbon to stop the threads from fraying.


  • Slip the cover back on , and ta-da !
This is what my diary looks like now :D

-I hope this helped !


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