Clay clay clay !

Hey guys !

Just wanted to show you the new clay I got !
I received a comment a while ago showing me a listing to Studio Sculpey. It was a listing by ZigZag , a person I usually buy my clay from.

Now, in this particular listing, it was 10 x 79g Studio Sculpey bars for $35 + $6.50. That means the total was $41.50 ohoho
You might be thinking this is really expensive, but it’s actually quite cheap compared to normal prices. Altogether, this was about $3.50 per bar and it was 79 grams ! It’ll last me long long ! (Definitely better than buying Sculpey III 59g for $5.50 each T__T )

The only bad thing is that this was sort of a clearance listing, so that means all the colours were getting discontinued, and the seller wanted to get rid of them.

Although, it’s still not bad :D I’m quite happy, so I’ll be using more of these clays to make tutorials for your guys !  Can you think of anything you want from these colours ?

New clayClay clay clay !

New clay 1English Garden, Spanish Olive, Avocado, Blush

New clay 2Butterscotch, Lemon drop, Fuchsia Fury, Nutmeg, Dolphin

I actually asked for two “nutmeg” bars, and received two ‘dolphin’ instead. I emailed her and the seller was nice enough to send me another nutmeg for free ! It’s $6.50 for the courier so it must’ve been over $10 to send ! (including the price of clay).

For my Valentine Bear paperweight, the pink for the frosting is actually blush and the brown is the nutmeg colour. I had a draft post called “Update update” that I was going to post about these clays…. but I forgot about it TT___TT

That’s why I’m posting it now ohoho, I’m just really excited for new clay okay ? haha

-As usual, thanks for reading ! You are awesome !



7 thoughts on “Clay clay clay !

  1. Calion says:

    LOL you sound really happy, congratulations on getting your hands on cheaper clay! :D

    the colours are all quite nice, you could make many dessert things out of them
    a few i can think of now are macarons and ice cream :3

    • Haha, yesyes I am super hapapy !
      It was so cheap for one bar,,,and they will last me so long ! ;D

      Now I just have to buy white clay…. I only half a block left ;___;

      But yusyus, I have many tutorials lined up with this new clay,

  2. I need your help!! How can I color my clay!! I have crayola air dry clay in off white ad I’ve seen paint and pastel tutorials but neither is taking to my clay. I need to make them other colors all the way through. Is really appreciate help. Thanks so much

    • Is this air dry clay like paper clay ? If it’s like paper clay then pastels or acrylic paint will be fine , however, if its that wet type air dry clay then I don’t think you can really colour it. You might have to end up painting it instead…

      Sorry, I can’t help a lot ><


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