Tutorial : Valentine themed “Bear Paperweight + paper holder”

Hey guys !

Its been about 5 days since I posted ! Is this the longest ? Ohoho

Anyway, it’s been a while since my Valentine post, and I thought I’d finally post the tutorial up today. I didn’t really want to make a typical cake chocolate thing for Valentine, so I made this Bear paperweight instead…

It’s sort of follows the theme of valentines day…

(Note: You will notice the lighting gets weird towards the end… that’s because it went from afternoon >> night. I spent so long on it TT___TT . Also, forgive my laziness in editing. I just finished it haha..)

Let’s start !



  • Pink clay ( or another colour of your choice)
  • Mini cupcake liner
  • Cold porcelain clay (tinted brown, or any other colour you like)
  • Brown clay ( or any colour you want your cupcake to be)
  • Mini heart shape cutter (optional)
  • Some sort of “whipped cream”
  • Aluminium foil
  • Some sort of weight ( I used this air dry clay because I couldn’t find something small and heavyheavy)
  • Piping bag
  • Dark brown clay
  • White clay
  • Black clay
  • Red clay
  • Purple clay (or any other clay for the ears)
  • Toothpick

A lot of materials right ? This is probably one of my longest tutorials.

Making the cupcake base

  • Take the Cold porcelain clay, and wrap it around the weight.
  • Place it into the cupcake liner, and wrap the edges around it. Try to make sure the lines going down the cupcake liner are defined and not squished.

I did this so the baase would  looks like it had real ‘batter’ in it. It will also give me a strong base to work on.

Making the muffin top

  • Take the aluminium foil and shape it into the muffin top. Make sure it’s about the same diameter of your cupcake base.
    (If you want the paperweight to be heavier, you can replace the foil with clay. I’m just saving clay here)
  • Roll out the brown clay, and wrap it around the base of the foil.
  • In the third image, see how it’s not the same shape as the base ? Add more clay !

Completed muffin top

  • After you add more clay, start pulling it out (?). Make the muffin top like a UFO shape. Wider at the base and narrower at the top.
  • (second image) : Top view
  • (third image): Bottom view ( ignore the markings on it, that’s from the cupcake liner)

Adding the icing

  • Roll out the pink clay (or whatever colour you want your icing to be)
  • Place it on top of the muffin base (see how it’s a bit bumpy? )
  • Smooth it out on top. I find it easier to dust the clay with some sort of corn starch when I smooth it. This way, the clay doesn’t stick to your fingers, and you don’t leave any finger prints.

Adding the ears

  • Make two small dome shapes out of the foil. Again, if you want the paperweight to be heavier, just make it from clay.
  • Wrap the pink clay around the foil, and insert a toothpick. This is to hold it in place.
  • Using a needle tool or another toothpick and make a hole where you want the ears to be. This way, the ‘ears’ will slide right in.

Basic shape

  • This is what it looks like
  • Smooth out and blend in the edges of the ears.
Let’s make the details: and ofc, you can make any type of decoration on top

Making the strawberry

  • Make a strawberry shape ( a rounded cone ?)
  • Use a toothpick or needle took to add the details. As you can see, I’m not poking it directly into the clay. My needle tool is held vertically.

Heart shapes for ears

  • Roll out the purple clay
  • Use the top of the cutter to cut the clay, and make it look something like this ^^^.
  •  You can also just cut it free hand with a razor blade. ( Or use a template to be accurate)

Almost completed

  • Stick the heart shapes onto the ears.
  • Roll out the dark brown clay and outline the heart shape.
  • Two black circles for eyes
  • A white blob for the muzzle
  • Heart shaped nose
  • And add the mouth.
  • Two small red ovals for blush
At this point, you can just put the muffin top into the oven for baking. Bake the strawberry and muffin top separately. OR  to make it into a paper holder :
Before baking
  • I just cut this part off an uglier paper holder. However, if you have a mini peg, you can glue it onto a skewer, and make the same thing.
  • Use the needle tool and make a hole for the clippy thing to go in . (I don’t know what its’ called, sorry XD )
  • You can also add some liquid clay in there to hold it. OR add some pva glue after baking.
  • For extra detail, you can use the toothbrush to texture the brown part of the clay

Now bake ! You don’t need to bake the muffin base because it just needs to air dry. Bake the head and strawberry separately.

  • This is not pictured, but I used a type of tile sealant as my “whipped cream”. I piped it out on  the top of the muffin top, and put the strawberry on top of it.

Final paperweight

Annnnnd the completed creation !

To stick the top onto the muffin base, just use some pva glue ;D

There we go !
I’m sorry it took so long to upload, but I hope this tutorial was easy to understand. ^^

If you have any questions or requests, just comment !



4 thoughts on “Tutorial : Valentine themed “Bear Paperweight + paper holder”

  1. SaiyukiGirl17 says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you have to use the cold porcelain clay? Is it possible that I just use normal fimo clay for this step instead?
    And you can bake the paper holder, right? :D

  2. Yupyup, ofc you can substitute it for fimo clay. I was just using cold porcelain because I didn’t want to use a giant chunk for the base XD

    OR, another thing you could do is, if you have some sort of white tile sealant, you can squeeze that into the base (you can also tint it with pastel or acrylic paint). Just make sure you put the cupcake liner in a cup or something, or else it will lose its’ shape as it fills up. Leave the cupcake liner in the cup until its completely dry.

    Bake the top part of your cupcake, and then glue it onto the base. If you use the sealant instead of fimo clay, then you won’t need a weight because it will already be quite heavy :) ( Btw, you can bake that clippy thing if you have one, it won’t melt )

    Hope this helped , thanks for reading ;D

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