Tutorial : Mickey Mouse donut

Hello Hello,

It’s been a while since my last tutorial right ? Ohoho, I actually have A LOT lined up for you guys ! I really want to post them all up at once, but nono, I have to post them slowly. ;D I’m in the stage of editing a lot of other tutorials, so yes. Be waiting ^^

Lately, I’ve been looking for ideas for making charms, and came across “Strapya World”. They have the CUTEST charms, and each one is pretty simple. My charms aren’t exactly the same , but I’ll show you the basic ideas of how to construct it.

Mickey Mouse donut and many tutorials coming up are from here.

Strapya Mickey mouse donut

So here we go !


Colours of clay you need

  • Brown clay
  • Red clay
  • Litttle bit of yellow clay
  • Pepper corn or tinfoil

Making the shape

  • Roll out 8 balls + 2 slightly larger ones
  • Arrange them like so (second image ofc)
  • Add the two onto the top for the ears

Adding details

  • Roll out the red clay thinly and place it onto the bottom half of the donut.( I didn’t roll it as thin so the red part of my donut looks a bit fat…)
  • Cut off the excess, and blend away the edges. You might want to adjust the shape a little so it sort of shows the outline of the bottom part
  • Make two small ovals and place on top of the red

Finished item

  • I used a peppercorn, but you can just scrunch up tinfoil and add texture onto the clay. The actual charm doesn’t have any texture, but I just wanted to add some. It’s completely up to you.
  • Add the eyepin (did I mention I also bought eyepins ? :D )

Bake and glaze !

Three different charms

And it should look like that once it’s baked :D

So there we go.

A Mickey mouse donut tutorial. This was super simple as you can see :D
I hope you liked it ! The rest will be up soon !