Tutorial : Piglet donut (rement)

Hello my reader ^^

Another donut rement for you today , this time, it’s Piglet ^^
And as usual, super simple and quick.

So lets get started  !




  • Pink clay
  • Light pink (Studio Sculpey : Blush)
  • Brown pastel
  • Pink pastel
  • White pastel (optional, this is for lightening your pink icing)
  • TLS
  • Sprinkles (optional)
  • Toothbrush


  • Roll the light pink into a log + Make into donut shape
  • I used the end of a paintbrush to make the hole in the middle more defined.
  • Blend edges
  • Texture with toothbrush (if you want)


  • Take the darker pink, and make them into the shape of Piglets’ ears.( Light bulbs ?)
  • Mix TLS with pink. I think this pink is a little too dark, so if you want, add white into it. ( I forgot .. )
  • Add onto the bottom half of the donut


  • Mix brown pastel with TLS
  • Take a blob on your tool (mine is needle tool), and before it drips, just drag it across your pink icing.
  • Add sprinkles if you wish.
  • Bake + Glaze

Completed Piglet donut


And there we go ^^
You can see how my icing was too dark right ? At the time, I didn’t think of adding white to make it lighter… ah…
But that’s okay,, it still looks alright.

Thanks for reading again !


Tutorial : Winnie the Pooh donut (rement)

Hey guys !

I’m starting to get really busy with school work so I’ll leave you with this tutorial !
I’m not sure when I’ll be free enough to make more tutorials, but I do have a couple of pre drafted ones. Hopefully, I will be able to post at least once a week, if not twice ^^

Sorry about that !

Today’s tutorial will be exactly what the title says ^^
It’s super easy, and you can get creative and create your own designs !

This one is just an image off google. I always use them for references. You should too ! For accuracy ! ^^

Here we go !




  • Red Pastel
  • Yellow-ish clay (I didn’t have any, so I mixed Studio Sculpey Lemon drop with Butter scotch) (Link for the images)
  • Sprinkles (optional)
  • Toothbrush
  • TLS (not deco !)

Making the shape

  • Split your clay in two. One for the body and the other for the ears.
  • Roll out, and make it into a donut shape. Blend the edges ! (You can see the cornstarch I used haha)
  • Texture with toothbrush (optional)
  • Take the clay for the ears, and roll into a ball.
  • Cut it in half and flatten the botton slightly

Completed shape

  • Attach onto ears + Blend
  • It doesn’t really look blended right ? You should do a better job than me …. I don’t know why I used that craft knife to smooth it down.


  • Mix your TLS with red pastel
  • Add it onto the bottom half of the donut. Make sure that line is smooth !
  • Add some sprinkles if you want. I used red ones. (Tutorial for sprinkles very soon ! )
  • Bake + Glaze ( I only glazed the bottom half)



And there we go ^^
Easy right ? The next few tutorials will be about the same. If you want me to compile them all in one post, please comment down below  ^^

Thanks for reading!


Tutorial : Potato Chips

Hello Hello !

Today’s tutorial, will be on the POTATO CHIPS :D

Now, this is actually a REALLY simple tutorial, I hope most of you know how to make them ^^. If you don’t then this will hopefully be super helpful for you.

Shall we get started ?


  • Translucent clay ( I finally bought it !!)
  • Yellow clay (Light yellow, mix it with the white)
  • White clay
  • A littttle bit of tan or gold
  • Pastel – Brown/ Tan

Making the Shape

  • Mix the white, yellow and translucent together.
  • If it’s not dark enough, add a darker colour into it. My cernit gold clay was a nice shade, so I added a little bit of that into it.
  • Take small blobs and flatten them onto the surface you are working on. You can use a bit of cornstarch to prevent it from sticking to your fingers. (Try to make them an oval shape)
  • Another method is to just flatten it between your finger and thumb. When you peel it off, it will naturally have that ‘curled’ potato chip shape.

Final Shape

  • Scrape it off, and then give it a bit of a curl.
  • Repeat these steps until you have a satisfactory amount.
  • Bake

All my potato chips

  • Here they are baked ^^

Fries even ?

  • You could even cut them into French fry shapes ! They look like the raw ones that haven’t been deep fried ahaha !
  • Then shade with pastel ,, I used brown, and you can’t really see it but, I dusted it on the edges.

The kind of potato chips I’m making are “Salt and Vinegar”. Let’s make the salt !

The salt

  • Take a random piece of translucent clay and bake it. You should put this piece in when you bake the potato chips.
  • Then, start cutting little pieces off….
  • Cut them very very very finely !

Salt and Vingear !

  • Sprinkle over your chips ! ^^ They look a little too salty here…

And you’re done !
Super simple right ? For packaging, you could make your own foil packet, clay bowl or even a mini pringle tube !

I didn’t have time to do that, so I used a small metal bowl. I only have 6 left now TT____TT I need to find a place where I can buy bowls and stuff for my clay..

Final Product

  • Here it is in the bowl ! I made it alllll stick together by using a little bit of deco gel.
  • I also over baked it, so the “salt” got burnt TT____TT Oh well…. it can be bacon pieces now..

I really hoped you enjoyed this !
If you do have any requests or questions, just leave it in the comments ^^

Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : Mameshiba Charm

Hey guys !

This was a request, so I’ll quickly post this up ^^
I made a Mameshiba Keychain  for my friend in Korea, and someone wanted to know how I made it. It’s super simple, and will probably only take you 5 minutes to make + 15 min Baking time,
Also, you can use whatever colours you want, I just used some leftover clay for this.

Here we go ! (And sorry for the blurry-ish pictures )




  • Colour of your choice
  • Second colour of your choice will be the ears. You don’t need a lot of this.
  • Either a sharpie ( or another fine pointed marker) OR
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint

The main shape

  • The main body is like a bean shape. So use a reference image, and manipulate your clay until you like the shape.
  • For the ears, take two small blobs, roll it into the shape of a grain of rice
  • Flatten
  • This is optional, but I made it into a leaf . Just use your razor blade


  • Place the ears on the main body
  • Bake
  • Take your sharpie/acrylic paint and draw on the face
  • I did it on a piece of paper so you could see better
  • Then finally, use white acrylic paint to add that shine. A toothpick will work fine. ( I couldn’t find my white paint)
  • Glaze to make sure the face doesn’t rub off.
Mameshiba Keychain

As for the construction of the keychain, place an eyepin into the top of the clay before you bake it. If you are making several, make sure you place an eyepin at the top and the bottom. Then connect them together using jumprings. The strap part of the keychain was purchased off Ebay for about 2.50 USD ? I think I got about 100 of them, and it was free shipping !

So there we go ^^ I hope this helped !

Thanks for reading !!


Felt Tutorial : B.A.P Bunnies [IMAGE HEAVY]

Hello Hello my reader,,

This is the last tutorial for my Easter series ^^,

I remember a few months ago, I was stressing over my clay supplies, and announced that I would be making more felt tutorials…. I lied… I’m sorry,,
After buying my studio sculpey, I suddenly had so much clay to use, and yeah… that’s why it’s just been clay tutorials over and over !

But as you can see from the title, today will be a felt tutorial ! ^^
More precisely, a B.A.P bunny plush tutorial.
Just a note, this is going to be a long long tutorial, and it is VERY time consuming. It depends on how many you are making, but I made all the other members. -Phew-

Too cut down the post, the images that I think are self explanatory will just have one short sentence.

Let’s get started !



  • Threads / Template/ Pin cushion / Pencil/ paper/ scissors/ black gel pen/sharpie (ball point won’t work as well as these ones) / Hot glue gun

Felt colours

  • Pink, Green, blue, red, black, yellow felt
Bunny Template
  • Using images as reference, I drew out a template
  • Fold it in half and cut. This way, it will be symmetrical.
Cutting templates
  • You will need to cut out 10 bunny shapes ( that means you’ll be making 5 bunnies in total)
  • To cut, you can either pin it onto the felt and cut around the template (I prefer this method, but this was too time consuming) OR
  • Pin it onto the felt, and using sewing chalk, trace around the bunny.
Bunnies cut out
  • Since I was lazy, I used the chalk method. If you choose to use this method, make sure you cut INSIDE the chalk lines. This is because that is the actual shape of the bunny.
  • Cut out 10 (the chalk method means sometimes, uneven bunnies D;  )
Now to make the Mask templates
Mask templates
  • On a piece of paper, place the bunny template under it and trace 5 bunnies.
  • Then in the middle of each one, draw a line straight down. ( this will help us find the middle point of the masks)
Mask template 2
  • Again using the reference images, draw on the masks.
  • Cut them out
  • Pin onto felt + cut. Make sure you pin them on the right colours.
Mask 1
Mask 3
All masks
Now to add the details
Blue mask details
  • Thread your needle with black.
  • On one side of the blue mask, draw that “block” symbol
  • Start tracing/sewing according to the lines
  • The last image is what it looks like on the other side
Add the details on all the masks.
Pink / red mask
  • If you get lazy, use the black pen.
Green mask
  • Here, I sewed triangular outlines and then filled them in with the pen.
Completed Mask 2
  • Cut 5 pairs of eyes. Long oval shape
  • For one pair, cut the top diagonally, this is for the green bunny.
Completed Mask 3
Glueing on details
  • Glue on all the details ! Be patient and careful because once you mess up, you have to start again ><
  • Draw on the extra lines for the yellow bunny.
Final Pieces
Now, we can finally start sewing ! The time consuming part is finally over !
Sewing masks
  • For each mask, use their corresponding colours for the thread.
  • Use the blanket stick and sew around the bunny
  • After half way, stuff it with stuffing
  • You may want to use a small tool to help push the stuffing to the ears.
  • Once you’re done stuffing it, close up the bunny !
  • Repeat for all the rest.
Other masks
And the bunny does get a little smaller once you fill it. Comparison image:
Comparison image
B.A.P Bunnies
Aaaand there we go !
A long post right ?  I’m not going make this any longer so yes. Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading !

Tutorial : B.A.P Bunny (polymer clay)

Hello Hello !

Carrying on with that Easter theme is today’s tutorial ! ^^
This is the tutorial for the B.A.P bunny ! Since each member of the band has their own bunny, you will have to make their own details.

I decided to go for the easier one, DaeHyun – which is the black and grey one. Before making this, make sure you google, and have an image for reference ! 

So here we go !




  • Tinfoil
  • Black ( lots of it. I used up that whole block )
  • Grey
  • White
  • Scrap clay ( All those random blobs you see are weird colours I didn’t think I would use for anything)
  • TLS or deco gel
  • Toothpick


  • Take the foil and shape it into this oval-ish shape
  • Make another shape that is kind of  like a cylinder ? Except a bit more narrow at the top.
  • Attach with toothpick


  • Take all those scrap pieces of clay, and just use it to smooth over the surface of the foil. Since this is a gift,  I didn’t want to have the dents and bumps of the foil visible.
  • Roll out the black clay thinly
  • Wrap and blend away edges

Arms and legs

  • The basic body should look like this.
  • Take two blobs of clay, and roll it out. Make sure one end is more narrow than the other.
  • Attach it to the body, (this is why it’s curled)
  • Roll out two bigger blobs of clay, and make sure the base is rounded. This is the foot.

Basic Body

  • Roll out two logs for ears.
  • Pinch out the edges because this will make it easier to attach and blend.
  • You may want to use TLS to attach the arms and leg. This just makes sure it wont fall off.
  • This is the completed shape of the bunny.

Adding details

  • Roll out the grey and start adding details
  • Just follow your reference image.
  • Two white blobs for eyes !

Completed creations

  • What it looks like completed !
  • Bake + Glaze

And here you go !
It’s quite easy right ? Since the body is mostly made of foil, this creation is quite light, and it doesn’t use as much clay as it usually would.

I hope you like this tutorial ^^ Some of the wording was kinda awkward, sorry !

Thanks for reading


Update :

Hello Helloo,,

Just an update of what I’ve made ^^
Apart from those B.A.P bunnies, (yes those tutorials will be coming soon ), I also made a whole bunch of “rements”.
I watched RRCherryPie’s video on his “Alice in wonderland Rements“, and I thought they were super cute,,, so I made some myself.

Well, actually, I only made two. The White-Rabbit Mont Blanc, and that Alice noodle thing… Idk what it is, it looks like noodles though,,

Anyway, it “inspired” me to make other things, so I went around googling rements,,

This is what I made today:


Tutorials will be made, so be waiting :D

I still have to post :

  • B.A.P Clay bunny
  • B.A.P Felt Bunny
  • Polymer Clay potato chips 
so if you want any tutorials of what I made today before those ones, just leave a comment saying which one you would like ^^
Thanks for reading !