Tutorial : Packaging for your clay cakes

Hey guys !

If you ever read my other blog “Cyn’s updates” (it’s on the side), then you’ll know I found my ‘penpal’. She was an international student that I had met wayyy back in 2009, and she found me on FB ! We emailed each other for about 1 1/2 years ? Then lost contact for two…. and she even sent me snail mail ! I thought it was time to send one back, so I made a Cappuccino Cake .

This was a cake from a korean bakery called ” Paris Baguette” ( yes, I did some intense research ahaha)..

Todays’ tutorial will be on how I made the box to hold the cake, 

Here we go !



  • Your cake or whatever item you want to package
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Cardboard ( you can use something like a cereal box , or spare book cover)
  • Patterned paper

Making the template

  • First I printed out a template as reference on how it was to be constructed.
  • Measure out your cake. Mine is about.. 5cm ? So that means the middle of the cake will be 5cm x 5cm

Detailed template

  • Blue : This will be the basic shape of the cake. It’s 5cm x 5cm
  • Green: This is the height of the cake. Mine was 2cm . Make sure you have those extra squares, those are the tabs for gluing.
  • Pink: This is the cover/lid (?) of the cake box ? I can’t think of a better word, you’ll see what it is at the end ><
  • After you cut out your template, crease all the lines.
  • Rub out the pencil lines
  • Glue the flaps with something. I’m using PVA
  • Last image: what the box looks like

Cake base

  • To give the box(base)  more support we’re going to put in a piece of cardboard.
  • Cut out a square from the cardboard and your patterned paper. (In my case, it’s 5cm x 5cm. Use your own measurements)
  • Glue them together

Placing cake

  • Here is what it looks like with the base in.
  • Place your cake on top (or whatever you are packaging)
  • I used Blu-tak to keep the pieces in place.

Finishing touches

  • I had some decoration that make the paper stick up when I folded it so, I cut the flaps shorter.
  • For the longer flaps, I folded the edge, and placed some blu-tak on it.


  • Hopefully, these images will do my explanations justice >< !
  • The idea is, is for the tops to fold over like a McD happy meal. I printed and glued the logo of Paris Baguette onto it… does it seem out of place ? Ahahah

And there ^^

I hope this tutorial was easy enough. I know the explanations are a bit unclear, so if you do have any questions, just comment below.
It’s quite easy to figure out how to make my template after printing an example out. All I had to do was alter the measurements, and then add the extra ‘flaps’ that would fold over the top.

Just a note…
I got a new computer recently, and I was looking through my posts…. do the images really look that bright ? Too much exposure ?
It looks fine when I edit it on my laptop :/ Idk. I think everything in general is just really HD now..

Thanks for reading !



6 thoughts on “Tutorial : Packaging for your clay cakes

  1. Calion says:

    thanks for the tute, i’d been thinking about making boxes but always got put off by the maths of it xD

    hope everything goes well for you and your penpal c:

  2. Xiumin says:

    Can you please make a tutorial for this cake ? It’s so cute ! Im trying to make some handicrafts like clay but i do not know what to buy and where could i buy it :< It would be best if there's some place where the materials are cheap :)

    • Where abouts do you live ? I have post on getting started with polymer clay if you’re interested (https://craftcandies.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/polymer-clay-getting-started/ )

      It’s a just a brief explanation of the purpose of the different items :)
      And as for buying them, if you’re in the U.S all the crafts will be in your local craft store, otherwise you might have to look into buying clay online.

      I live in NZ and I have to buy a lot of my supplies online since it’s expensive in the store :c.
      Also, for purchasing things like findings , ebay is a very good site for cheap ones and in a large quantity ( + free shipping !)

      And I will post the tutorial of the cake soon ^^
      Hope this helped !

      • For polymer clay you definitely need an oven to bake it as this is how it retains its’ shape.
        Your normal baking oven is fine for baking the polymer clay. If you don’t have an oven, maybe you could try looking at your local craft store for air dry clay ? Although, working with air dry clays are definitely harder than working with polymer clays. They don’t usually hold detail well (unless it’s a mould) and take a while to dry.

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