Tutorial : B.A.P Bunny (polymer clay)

Hello Hello !

Carrying on with that Easter theme is today’s tutorial ! ^^
This is the tutorial for the B.A.P bunny ! Since each member of the band has their own bunny, you will have to make their own details.

I decided to go for the easier one, DaeHyun – which is the black and grey one. Before making this, make sure you google, and have an image for reference ! 

So here we go !




  • Tinfoil
  • Black ( lots of it. I used up that whole block )
  • Grey
  • White
  • Scrap clay ( All those random blobs you see are weird colours I didn’t think I would use for anything)
  • TLS or deco gel
  • Toothpick


  • Take the foil and shape it into this oval-ish shape
  • Make another shape that is kind of  like a cylinder ? Except a bit more narrow at the top.
  • Attach with toothpick


  • Take all those scrap pieces of clay, and just use it to smooth over the surface of the foil. Since this is a gift,  I didn’t want to have the dents and bumps of the foil visible.
  • Roll out the black clay thinly
  • Wrap and blend away edges

Arms and legs

  • The basic body should look like this.
  • Take two blobs of clay, and roll it out. Make sure one end is more narrow than the other.
  • Attach it to the body, (this is why it’s curled)
  • Roll out two bigger blobs of clay, and make sure the base is rounded. This is the foot.

Basic Body

  • Roll out two logs for ears.
  • Pinch out the edges because this will make it easier to attach and blend.
  • You may want to use TLS to attach the arms and leg. This just makes sure it wont fall off.
  • This is the completed shape of the bunny.

Adding details

  • Roll out the grey and start adding details
  • Just follow your reference image.
  • Two white blobs for eyes !

Completed creations

  • What it looks like completed !
  • Bake + Glaze

And here you go !
It’s quite easy right ? Since the body is mostly made of foil, this creation is quite light, and it doesn’t use as much clay as it usually would.

I hope you like this tutorial ^^ Some of the wording was kinda awkward, sorry !

Thanks for reading


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