Tutorial : Potato Chips

Hello Hello !

Today’s tutorial, will be on the POTATO CHIPS :D

Now, this is actually a REALLY simple tutorial, I hope most of you know how to make them ^^. If you don’t then this will hopefully be super helpful for you.

Shall we get started ?


  • Translucent clay ( I finally bought it !!)
  • Yellow clay (Light yellow, mix it with the white)
  • White clay
  • A littttle bit of tan or gold
  • Pastel – Brown/ Tan

Making the Shape

  • Mix the white, yellow and translucent together.
  • If it’s not dark enough, add a darker colour into it. My cernit gold clay was a nice shade, so I added a little bit of that into it.
  • Take small blobs and flatten them onto the surface you are working on. You can use a bit of cornstarch to prevent it from sticking to your fingers. (Try to make them an oval shape)
  • Another method is to just flatten it between your finger and thumb. When you peel it off, it will naturally have that ‘curled’ potato chip shape.

Final Shape

  • Scrape it off, and then give it a bit of a curl.
  • Repeat these steps until you have a satisfactory amount.
  • Bake

All my potato chips

  • Here they are baked ^^

Fries even ?

  • You could even cut them into French fry shapes ! They look like the raw ones that haven’t been deep fried ahaha !
  • Then shade with pastel ,, I used brown, and you can’t really see it but, I dusted it on the edges.

The kind of potato chips I’m making are “Salt and Vinegar”. Let’s make the salt !

The salt

  • Take a random piece of translucent clay and bake it. You should put this piece in when you bake the potato chips.
  • Then, start cutting little pieces off….
  • Cut them very very very finely !

Salt and Vingear !

  • Sprinkle over your chips ! ^^ They look a little too salty here…

And you’re done !
Super simple right ? For packaging, you could make your own foil packet, clay bowl or even a mini pringle tube !

I didn’t have time to do that, so I used a small metal bowl. I only have 6 left now TT____TT I need to find a place where I can buy bowls and stuff for my clay..

Final Product

  • Here it is in the bowl ! I made it alllll stick together by using a little bit of deco gel.
  • I also over baked it, so the “salt” got burnt TT____TT Oh well…. it can be bacon pieces now..

I really hoped you enjoyed this !
If you do have any requests or questions, just leave it in the comments ^^

Thanks for reading !



7 thoughts on “Tutorial : Potato Chips

  1. SaiyukiGirl17 says:

    AWESOME! I can already imagine Potato Chip earrings. xD

    Will you please post a tutorial on how to make a clay bowl??

    • Sure ^^
      I will get to that asap,,

      [Edit] I found a really helpful one on DeviantArt for you.
      Hopefully, this was helpful ^^ If not, I can make a tutorial for you,,

  2. SaiyukiGirl17 says:

    Oh, thanks for the consideration, but I’ve looked through it before, and I don’t have any marbles…@__@ Do you make your clay bowls with marbles too?

    • Yeah, I make mine with marbles as well ><.
      Do you have anything with a round lid ? Or anything else that's rounded ?

      If not, I guess if you roll a ball out of polymer clay, bake it and use that instead of a marble ? Make sure you dust it with cornstarch before you use it though.

  3. Rain says:

    WAAH. So clever!! It doesn’t even matter if there are huge finger prints on them because that’s the natural fringed potato chip shape!! :D

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