Tutorial : Easter Bunny

Hey guys !

Sorry it’s been so long ! I said that I would post more often, but I’ve been out…my bad =”= ;;

Anyways , this is a tutorial for that Easter bunny I made ^^

It’s kinda easy and the colours and patterns can be changed to anything you want. I’m just showing you how to construct it ^^

Here we go !



  • White
  • Light blue
  • Other left over blues
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Light orange (white + orange)
  • Light green (white + green)
  • Tinfoil
That blue in the second picture looks dark right ? My arm was in the way and cast a shadow T__T Sorry. It’s actually a light blue.
Egg shape
  • Mix the blues together
  • Shape the foil into an egg. Make it as compact(?) and as smooth as possible. ( you don’t want the foil to change shape, so really scrunch it together)
  • Roll out your blue, make sure you have a enough leftover for ears + tail
Covering egg
  • Wrap it around the foil. Blend away the edges.
  • I usually use cornstarch, it makes it much easier, and it doesn’t leave any finger prints.
  • Take the left over blue and cut in half
  • Roll it, making one end narrower than the other
  • Flatten
Attaching ears
  • At the end of the ears, pull out the edges. This will make it easier to attach onto the body
  • Place and blend for both ears
Final Shape
  • You should have something like this afterwards. This is the basic shape of our bunny.
From this point on, it’s just adding details and decorating. You don’t have to follow what I do, just be creative and decorate however !
Ninja Mask
  • Roll out the pink, and make a wave pattern at the base
  • Take a blob of black, roll it out and shape it into a mask.
  • Using a ball tool, make indents into the ears for detail
  • Add two white blobs for eyes
  • Roll out some extra blue, and curl it a little. Then attach it onto the body by blending it away at the bottom.
  • Roll out the green and orange
  • Cut into these triangle shapes
  • Place in alternating colours on the body
Final swirl
  • Take the dark blue, and make a swirl ^^
  • Bake + glaze
And there you go !
This was  fairly easy tutorial, and again, use whatever colours and patterns you like !
Since it was easter themed, I tried to make it really ‘festive’ haha,
Thanks for reading !

Happy Easter !

Hellooo my reader ! ^^

Happy Easter !! Today is Easter Sunday in NZ… and I JUST finished my Easter themed creation.

Here you go !

Easter themed creation

Not your typical Easter theme right ? Haha, it kind of reminds me of digimon…
This creation (the blue one) is a cross between a bunny and an egg ! I wanted to give it a litttle bit more of a personality by giving it a ninja mask, and a cute hair swirl haha,, Do you like ?
Sorry if you don’t… I really didn’t know what to make.

Now, the black bunny next to it is a B.A.P Bunny.
You’re probably wondering what it is right ? Well, B.A.P stands for Best, Absolute, Perfect. It is a name of a Korea boy band, and their mascots are bunnies ^^

It was my friends’ birthday earlier this week and she requests the B.A.P bunny. So I made all of them.

Here are the rest !

B.A.P Bunnies

And ofc, tutorials will be made and posted ^^
If you want to be notified when, just click that follow button,,

Thanks for reading ! I hope you enjoyed it


Tutorial : Mold making (chocolate)

Hello my reader ^^

Today will be a short tutorial on how to make molds. I think it’s pretty self explanatory, just mixing two parts right ? (I’ll show you anyways ohoho,)


Here we go !



  • Mold putty
  • The object you want to be a replica of ( in this case, chocolate !)

Mixing the mold

  • Take equal parts of each colour ( so that means 1:1 ratio).
  • Mix together ! Mix till you have no more streaks in your putty. I have to work quite fast because mine is fast drying.
  • Slowly, push the putty down onto the chocolate. Make there are no air bubbles, and that it’s stuck to the whole surface.
  • (Try not to push the object into the putty. This tends to morph the details. Instead, roll your putty down over, and firmly push it onto the surface – make sure all important details will be captured)

The replica

  • Once it’s dry, take the object out. Can you see that the chocolate sort of melted ? TT This sort of made my design less clear….
  • Shall we try and see what it looks like ? I put cold porcelain in there !
  • The shape looks the same ! It’s got all the edges ^^

Better comparison

  • Let’s try colouring the CP, make it more realistic,,
  • Which one do you think is the real chocolate ? Wahaha, it’s the bottom one.

Cracks in Porcelain

  • This was the next morning.
  • See how the CP cracked ? It cracked in places where I placed separate blobs and blended them in.
  • The top one doesn’t have any cracks so that means, CP doesn’t crack when you just have one piece !

And there we go !

A chocolate mold, and a little test on how well CP takes on detail from the mold. Remember, if you don’t want cracks in your CP, try to just use one piece instead of blending in several pieces.

Enjoy and thanks for reading !

-My Easter themed creation will be up shortly  ! Just adding some finishing touches ^^;;


Quick Quick Update

Hey guys !

Just posting an update because, it’s almost my HOLIDAYS ! YAY !

Tomorrow (5th April) will be my last day of Term 1. This means that I’ll be starting my two week break ^^.
This also means that I will be having more time to make tutorials for you guys ! If you have any requests please please comment on this post. If not, I’ll just be browsing around the web for inspirations on what to make.

Which reminds me, I’ll be uploading a tutorial on something Easter themed soon, so follow this blog if you want to be notified when ^^


Thanks for reading ^^



Tutorial : Packaging for your clay cakes

Hey guys !

If you ever read my other blog “Cyn’s updates” (it’s on the side), then you’ll know I found my ‘penpal’. She was an international student that I had met wayyy back in 2009, and she found me on FB ! We emailed each other for about 1 1/2 years ? Then lost contact for two…. and she even sent me snail mail ! I thought it was time to send one back, so I made a Cappuccino Cake .

This was a cake from a korean bakery called ” Paris Baguette” ( yes, I did some intense research ahaha)..

Todays’ tutorial will be on how I made the box to hold the cake, 

Here we go !



  • Your cake or whatever item you want to package
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Cardboard ( you can use something like a cereal box , or spare book cover)
  • Patterned paper

Making the template

  • First I printed out a template as reference on how it was to be constructed.
  • Measure out your cake. Mine is about.. 5cm ? So that means the middle of the cake will be 5cm x 5cm

Detailed template

  • Blue : This will be the basic shape of the cake. It’s 5cm x 5cm
  • Green: This is the height of the cake. Mine was 2cm . Make sure you have those extra squares, those are the tabs for gluing.
  • Pink: This is the cover/lid (?) of the cake box ? I can’t think of a better word, you’ll see what it is at the end ><
  • After you cut out your template, crease all the lines.
  • Rub out the pencil lines
  • Glue the flaps with something. I’m using PVA
  • Last image: what the box looks like

Cake base

  • To give the box(base)  more support we’re going to put in a piece of cardboard.
  • Cut out a square from the cardboard and your patterned paper. (In my case, it’s 5cm x 5cm. Use your own measurements)
  • Glue them together

Placing cake

  • Here is what it looks like with the base in.
  • Place your cake on top (or whatever you are packaging)
  • I used Blu-tak to keep the pieces in place.

Finishing touches

  • I had some decoration that make the paper stick up when I folded it so, I cut the flaps shorter.
  • For the longer flaps, I folded the edge, and placed some blu-tak on it.


  • Hopefully, these images will do my explanations justice >< !
  • The idea is, is for the tops to fold over like a McD happy meal. I printed and glued the logo of Paris Baguette onto it… does it seem out of place ? Ahahah

And there ^^

I hope this tutorial was easy enough. I know the explanations are a bit unclear, so if you do have any questions, just comment below.
It’s quite easy to figure out how to make my template after printing an example out. All I had to do was alter the measurements, and then add the extra ‘flaps’ that would fold over the top.

Just a note…
I got a new computer recently, and I was looking through my posts…. do the images really look that bright ? Too much exposure ?
It looks fine when I edit it on my laptop :/ Idk. I think everything in general is just really HD now..

Thanks for reading !