Totoro !

Hello Helloo,,

This is just a quick update of what I made when I had ‘dial-up’ speed internet…


I made Totoro in a bottle !
Since I love Studio Ghibli so much, I think Totoro deserves his own post..
I did make him a bit too pudgy though…..

And as usual, a tutorial of this will be up… not sure when, but it will be up.

I hope to make a series of Studio Ghibli characters and put them in their own glass bottles :3

(The glass bottles measure 4cm in height not including the cork. It’s 2cm in diameter, and the opening is about 1.5cm…. Totoro had to be about 1cm wide in order to fit inside..)


Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : Elephant

Hello Hello ^^

It’s been a week, and I finally have my internet back at normal speeed,,,
It feels like I’ve been away for so long T___T,,
But today, as you know, is the tutorial for the Elephant. I don’t usually make animals and such, but yes ^^ Enjoy!

This was a present for my friend who is IN LOVE with elephants ^^
I remember seeing this image of an elephant somewhere, and thought it was adorable … it anyone knows where it’s from, please link me so I can credit it as the reference :D
Image from here : [Link]

Reference image

Isn’t it so cute ? I thought this would be fairly easy to make , but I was so wrong…. the elephant I made took a few hours, and used much more clay than I had expected it to.

Here we go !



Basically, all these colours can be replaced to whatever you want. I’m just going to list mine

  • Grey (lots of it…)
  • Studio sculpey in blush (light-ish pink)
  • Light blue
  • Studio sculpey in Olive (That lighter dull green)
  • Studio sculpey in English garden (The darker green under it)
  • Two shades of green (Those two blobs stuck together )
  • Aluminium foil (optional, it depends on whether you want the main body to be solid clay or not )
  • White (to mix to make light grey)
  • Black ( a tiny bit to make dark grey)

Mix colours together

  • Mix those two greens together
  • Separate your main colour (in this case grey) into three blobs.

I had one for the main body, one for the ears and one for the trunk. In the end, it wasn’t enough as I still had to add more for the main body, and make sure you leave some for the tail


  • Using the foil, make the basic body shape.
  • Mine basically has the four legs, and the rounded top for the body.
  • Roll out the grey, and cover the foil

Adding trunk

  • Smooth out the clay, and add more if you need to make the shape more round
  • (Second image) is the bottom of the Elephant (uneven, I know =’= ;;; )
  • Take the piece of clay that is for the trunk, and roll it into a log
  • Pull out the edges at the bottom, and place it onto the elephant.

Trunk 2

  • Use whatever tool and blend blend blend !
  • (Second image) Now the Elephant should look something like this.

You’ll notice that it doesn’t have enough height and roundness at this point. This is where I realised I needed more clay that I had thought ..

  • If your Elephant isn’t as round as you want it to be , add another chunk of clay and blend !

Completing the body

  • To even out the shape, I added another chunk at the front.
  • I used the end of a paintbrush to make that gap between the legs more even
  • (Third image) This should be the completed shape of the Elephant.

Adding the ears

  • Take the pieces of clay that were for the ears, and make them into a tear drop shape.
  • Place it on the sides on the Elephant where you want the ears to go.

Detail on trunk

  • Now for the trunk, take a tool and make as small indent in the trunk opening.
  • Take the two different shades (Studio sculpey Olive and English garden), and roll them into logs
  • Roll the logs like you would for a lollipop, and stop when you think its the right size.
  • Squish the two together, and place it in that indent you made.
  • You may use TLS or whatever to help it stay in place when baking. ( Or even a toothpick will work fine)

Eyes and Tusks

  • For the eyes, take two blue blobs, and stick them on.
  • Take some light grey and roll it into a ‘tusk’ shape.

Adding tusks

  • Make an indent on the side of the Elephant where you want the tusks to go
  • Put them in place. (Don’t need to worry about blending this one)
  • This is both the greens being mixed…. I don’t know why that other image is at the very top… hahah


  • Once it’s mixed, squish it out with your fingers
  • Try to make the edges different thickness’s , or just make it until you’re satisfied with its ‘leafy” shape
  • (Third image) The leaf would go on something like this..
  • Add some details with your razor blade


  • I almost forgot about the tail -phew-
  • Roll out some grey into a log , one end more narrow than the other
  • Make some darker grey (grey + littttle bit of black)
  • Make it into a leaf shape, and place it on the end of the grey log.
  • Place it on the back of the elephant, and blend the edges of where it joins !
  • Add some detail on the tail by using your razor blade
  • Bake +Glaze



Aaand there we go ! ^^
It’s quite easy once you have that main shape sorted (that took surprisingly long….)

The Elephant looks extra shiny here because I tried out my Triple thick !

Hopefully this tutorial was easy to understand, I feel like I’ve been getting worse with the explanations  the more tutorials I make o_o;;

Thanks for reading !



Oh my life, this took long to load.

Basically, just updating to say that I’m capped. Which means, I’ve gone over my internet limit for the month. Which also means that , my internet is “dial-up” speed.

Won’t be back till the 28th ! Sorry !

But in the meantime, what tutorial should I post first ?

Elephant ?
Tenorikuma cake ?
Kuromi cake ?

I was thinking about posting the Elephant up first ;D

-Thanks for reading this useless post !


Tutorial : “Shaping” your own clay ‘cream’

Hey guys,

From the previous tutorial, you can see that I ‘made’ my own ‘cream’ from shaping it using a tool. Someone asked for a tutorial, so here it is ^^

This is super simple, and it’s really up to you on what your ‘cream’ ends up looking like. However, if you don’t have the same tool I have, I’m not sure what you could use to replace it….
maybe the end of a small paintbrush ? :/

Here we go !


Materials (whoa , sorry for the huge image)


  • Clay of your preference
  • Metal skewer thing (what is it called ? )


  • Using the rounded end, start making a ‘cream’ pattern on your clay.
  • Do this by lightly indenting your design.
  • When you’re happy with it, go over the pattern with more pressure put on the tool.
  • To define the bottom even more, use the pointed end of the tool and push the clay inwards.


  • (First image) It should look something like this.
  • Now, you define the top by making it more pointed
  • Take the end of the tool, and drag it upward, following the line of your pattern


  • Keep fixing your ‘cream’ clay until you’re satisfied with it.


And there we go :D
Super easy right ? I’m sorry if my ‘cream’ doesn’t look as good as the one in my previous tutorial. The shape really depends on you, so fix it however.

Hope my explanation was okay…..

Thanks for the reading !



Tutorial : Clay textures with household item

Hey hey hey !

This tutorial is wayyyyy overdue. I promised this almost two months ago…. T___T forgive me…
This isn’t really a tutorial as it’s just giving you ideas but yeah… After this, you’ll start noticing textures on everything and start testing it on your clay ahaha ^^;;

So here we go !



  • Scale texture on my pliers
  • Star shapes from the (what are they called ?)
  • Texture using tinfoil. This is great for breads and cakes. I used the foil wrapper from a Ferrero Rocher.. Don’t do that. I was just lazy.
  • Pepper corn. Also great for adding texture. It depends on the surface of the pepper corn, but you can use it for breads as well.
  • The end of a match stick (if you don’t have these square craft sticks). As you can see, it’s great for waffle/ice cream cones. It is a bit time consuming though.
  • Velcro. The “hook” parts. If you’re making something that has fur, I think this would be an okay texture..
  • This metal skewer thing (?). Sorry, I really don’t know what it’s called. The end of it is really good for making shapes such as the cream ^^ (Do you want a tutorial on that ? )
  • Toothpick. It is good as a substitute for a needle tool, and awesome for the lollipop stick.
  • The plastic part of a cotton bud. Just cut the cotton parts off, and you can use it as another type of lollipop stick.
  • I wouldn’t recommend this for the swirly lollipops because it is wayyy too thick. Instead use it for things like Chuppa chups ^^
  • Also, I’m not too sure about this being baked. Since it is plastic, you should make an indent in your clay, and then bake without the stick. Afterwards, attach it on using glue. Not TLS. Don’t want the stick to melt !
  • Ruler. This is just the wavy part of it. Press it into the clay, and it sort of looks like Ravioli ? Haha, except the wave should be on the outside and not the inner square. My mistake T__T
  • A giant marble. This is awesome for making bowls. A smaller marble is ideal for coffee cups. If you want , use a cookie cutter to make the shape, and then just wrap it over the marble. Since the marble is glass, you can bake it. (Careful when taking it out, because it will be hot).


  • Fork. I don’t really know what texture this is suitable for…. It was just lying on my desk.
  • The scrubby green part of a sponge. Cookie texture ? Break texture ? Up to you.


  • This is an adapter. I guess you could use these as sewing lines ? Not too sure, again, it was just lying around.
So there we go ! Hopefully you got some ideas of what you could use as textures.For most of these you were probably like “whhaatt ? ” Ahaha, that’s because I just grabbed anything that was lying around. It just shows you that anything will work well for textures ^^

So as usual, I hope this was helpful, and if you have any questions/feeback/requests, just leave them in the comments.
Thanks for reading !

Update ! ( One of those off track posts ^^)

Hellooo my reader :D

It’s been a while right ? A while since I updated ohoho,,

Anyways, just updating to show some cool stuff I got :D
You see, it was my birthday on May 6th, and my friends surprised me with a cake at a food court ^^;;; (They even sang…….)


I got a Cookies and Cream mousse cake, and I plan to make a replica of it sometime :D . and ofc, tutorial will be made.

Here is what I got:

Name Plate

Phew, sorry for the lighting. This is just my nickname “Cyn” in giant letters. It sits in my room …. so cute !

Domo Slippers

A pair of Domo Slippers. My friend was being VERY suspicious. We went around stores and she would be like “Oh Cynthia, do you think this looks good ? ”
…So obvious ahahah

Pretty notebooks….I never want to open them..

Korean bear

Hm, I think this is some sort of souvenir from Korea ? It’s so cute T__T , the bear is wearing traditional clothes


And that’s all the images I am going to post hahaha. I need to get on with updates that are related to crafts !

If you read my posts often, you’ll know that NZ  is way too expensive! As a result…. I shop on Ebay…. GLORIOUS EBAY :D

Here is some of the stuff I bought : (All probs total less than $15 NZD)

  • Eyepins
  • Ribbon
  • Black half pearls (4mm)
  • Green + Blue keychains
  • Ring Base
Here is a close look ^^
As you can see, all these are for polymer clay. Except for the Black half pearls. Those are for eyes when making felt plushies

The ribbon. This is also for felt ^^
I needed some good material that could be used for attaching things like jump rings.


 From my birthday money, I bought white sculpey off my supplier. I also bought “Triple Thick Glaze” ! I see so many people using it (on youtube that is) and I thought that I would give it a try. For my sculpey clay, I ordered 794g of it . That is 1.75lb ! It was $30 NZD + $.650 shipping…. so expensive T__T

But I figure it will last me a while. It actually came in the mail today, but when I opened it, it looked like someone had already gone into it o_o. It was sort of in weird chucks, and when I weighed it, instead of 794g, it was 650g ! I emailed my supplier straight away ahaha. Just waiting for a reply as to why it arrived in that state.

New supplies !

Why does it look like that ? TT____TT
If you look closer, there is actually some dust on the clay … and there was a dead bug on it too ! WHYWHYWHY !

[Edit] They emailed me back, and are currently sending me a brand new box :D 
They’re also paying for the courier for me to send down this used one. 

I think I sounded angry in my email…



Tenorikuma cake

Tutorial of these coming soon !

Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : (Alice In Wonderland) White-rabbit Mont Blanc (rement)

Hello !

Finally, the Alice in Wonderland rement tutorial !
These ones were the original ones I made after watching RRCherryPie’s video.

I saw it, and I knew that it would be easy to make. As you know, I’m running out of white clay, so I just used other colours.

Here we go !



  • Brown clay
  • white clay
  • Red clay
  • A small blob of light yellow clay
  • Circle cutter
  • Pastels (brown + orange)
  • Toothbrush
  • Brush
Mixing the cololurs
  • Mix the white with the brown
  • Split your clay into two. The larger one is for the body, and the smaller one is for the details that will be used on top.
Cutting out shape
  • Split that larger clay into two, and roll it out. Try to make them the same thickness (I messed up =”=)
  • Roll out the red clay, this should be slightly thinner than the brown.
  • Stack : brown , red, brown
  • Use your circle cutter, and cut out the shape
Making the ears
  • Take the light yellow clay and split into two
  • Roll it into a shape of a grain of rice + flatten
  • Texture with toothbrush
  • Shade the lower half with the pastels. Try to use more orange than brown.
  • Bake these for about 10 min. ( 5 minutes wasn’t enough for me)
Adding the details
  • (Using clay from before) Take two small blobs, and place it onto the “mont-blanc”
  • Take a small blob, roll it into a circle + flatten. I made it darker by dusting some dark dark brown onto it.
  • Then take some more brown, and roll three circles out of it. In the rement, it’s only two blobs, but let’s make it three.
  • Take the ears, and place it on top of the three blobs. You may need some TLS to hold it in place.
  • Bake + Glaze
White rabbit Mont Blancs
And there we go ^^

Super easy right ? For the ears, you will need to fully bake them because, if not, they will break. When I had only baked them for 5 min, they broke when I pushed them into the blobs TT. They weren’t strong enough to handle the pressure I gues ahaha.. So fully bake your ‘ears’ please ^^

-Phew- I haven’t been crafting a lot, this is the second to last of my drafts… T___T
Will be making more soon ! Please bear with me, I’m in my busy weeks of school !

Thanks for reading !