Tutorial : Squirrel (?) Donut (rement)

Hey guys !

I didn’t realise it was almost a week since I posted ! ><
Here’s another simple tutorial for you today !

From the reference image, I’m not quite sure what character this was supposed to be…. I think the squirrel one ? Bunny ?


Let’s get started anyway.




  • Brown-ish colour for donut ( Here I mixed that Studio Sculpey Butterscotch with Nutmeg)
  • Brown Pastel
  • Dark brown pastel
  • TLS
  • Sprinkles ( Here, I’m using ‘nuts’)
  • Toothbrush

Basic Shape

  • Make the donut shape
  • Add two little triangles at the top + blend
  • Mix both the brown pastels with TLS


  • Cover the bottom half with the TLS + Ears
  • Add sprinkle of choice,
  • I used ‘nuts’ and ‘almonds’
  • Bake + Glaze

Completed donut


Simple and short tutorial. ^^  Hope you like it !

Thanks for reading,



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