Update ! ( One of those off track posts ^^)

Hellooo my reader :D

It’s been a while right ? A while since I updated ohoho,,

Anyways, just updating to show some cool stuff I got :D
You see, it was my birthday on May 6th, and my friends surprised me with a cake at a food court ^^;;; (They even sang…….)


I got a Cookies and Cream mousse cake, and I plan to make a replica of it sometime :D . and ofc, tutorial will be made.

Here is what I got:

Name Plate

Phew, sorry for the lighting. This is just my nickname “Cyn” in giant letters. It sits in my room …. so cute !

Domo Slippers

A pair of Domo Slippers. My friend was being VERY suspicious. We went around stores and she would be like “Oh Cynthia, do you think this looks good ? ”
…So obvious ahahah

Pretty notebooks….I never want to open them..

Korean bear

Hm, I think this is some sort of souvenir from Korea ? It’s so cute T__T , the bear is wearing traditional clothes


And that’s all the images I am going to post hahaha. I need to get on with updates that are related to crafts !

If you read my posts often, you’ll know that NZ  is way too expensive! As a result…. I shop on Ebay…. GLORIOUS EBAY :D

Here is some of the stuff I bought : (All probs total less than $15 NZD)

  • Eyepins
  • Ribbon
  • Black half pearls (4mm)
  • Green + Blue keychains
  • Ring Base
Here is a close look ^^
As you can see, all these are for polymer clay. Except for the Black half pearls. Those are for eyes when making felt plushies

The ribbon. This is also for felt ^^
I needed some good material that could be used for attaching things like jump rings.


 From my birthday money, I bought white sculpey off my supplier. I also bought “Triple Thick Glaze” ! I see so many people using it (on youtube that is) and I thought that I would give it a try. For my sculpey clay, I ordered 794g of it . That is 1.75lb ! It was $30 NZD + $.650 shipping…. so expensive T__T

But I figure it will last me a while. It actually came in the mail today, but when I opened it, it looked like someone had already gone into it o_o. It was sort of in weird chucks, and when I weighed it, instead of 794g, it was 650g ! I emailed my supplier straight away ahaha. Just waiting for a reply as to why it arrived in that state.

New supplies !

Why does it look like that ? TT____TT
If you look closer, there is actually some dust on the clay … and there was a dead bug on it too ! WHYWHYWHY !

[Edit] They emailed me back, and are currently sending me a brand new box :D 
They’re also paying for the courier for me to send down this used one. 

I think I sounded angry in my email…



Tenorikuma cake

Tutorial of these coming soon !

Thanks for reading !



5 thoughts on “Update ! ( One of those off track posts ^^)

  1. Calion says:

    happy belated birthday!

    do hope your new box comes clean c:
    wow, all that for only $15? i think i need to look harder next time :U
    my earring stud posts still haven’t arrived, even after they sent a replacement u_u

    • Thank you ^^
      A lot of them cost about $1-2 so it’s not too bad :D
      If you ever want any links, just message me ^^

      And yes, it does take quite a while for packages to arrive. I think the longest for me was about a month ? But usually, it takes from 2 1/2 weeks to 3 to arrive to NZ.

    • I used to just buy white clay and then colour them with pastels, but that took wayyyyy to much time T__T.

      After that, I started to buy colour clay, so I use that. Sometimes, if I need to add small details, I will paint the clay afterwards with acrylic.

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