Tutorial : Clay textures with household item

Hey hey hey !

This tutorial is wayyyyy overdue. I promised this almost two months ago…. T___T forgive me…
This isn’t really a tutorial as it’s just giving you ideas but yeah… After this, you’ll start noticing textures on everything and start testing it on your clay ahaha ^^;;

So here we go !



  • Scale texture on my pliers
  • Star shapes from the (what are they called ?)
  • Texture using tinfoil. This is great for breads and cakes. I used the foil wrapper from a Ferrero Rocher.. Don’t do that. I was just lazy.
  • Pepper corn. Also great for adding texture. It depends on the surface of the pepper corn, but you can use it for breads as well.
  • The end of a match stick (if you don’t have these square craft sticks). As you can see, it’s great for waffle/ice cream cones. It is a bit time consuming though.
  • Velcro. The “hook” parts. If you’re making something that has fur, I think this would be an okay texture..
  • This metal skewer thing (?). Sorry, I really don’t know what it’s called. The end of it is really good for making shapes such as the cream ^^ (Do you want a tutorial on that ? )
  • Toothpick. It is good as a substitute for a needle tool, and awesome for the lollipop stick.
  • The plastic part of a cotton bud. Just cut the cotton parts off, and you can use it as another type of lollipop stick.
  • I wouldn’t recommend this for the swirly lollipops because it is wayyy too thick. Instead use it for things like Chuppa chups ^^
  • Also, I’m not too sure about this being baked. Since it is plastic, you should make an indent in your clay, and then bake without the stick. Afterwards, attach it on using glue. Not TLS. Don’t want the stick to melt !
  • Ruler. This is just the wavy part of it. Press it into the clay, and it sort of looks like Ravioli ? Haha, except the wave should be on the outside and not the inner square. My mistake T__T
  • A giant marble. This is awesome for making bowls. A smaller marble is ideal for coffee cups. If you want , use a cookie cutter to make the shape, and then just wrap it over the marble. Since the marble is glass, you can bake it. (Careful when taking it out, because it will be hot).


  • Fork. I don’t really know what texture this is suitable for…. It was just lying on my desk.
  • The scrubby green part of a sponge. Cookie texture ? Break texture ? Up to you.


  • This is an adapter. I guess you could use these as sewing lines ? Not too sure, again, it was just lying around.
So there we go ! Hopefully you got some ideas of what you could use as textures.For most of these you were probably like “whhaatt ? ” Ahaha, that’s because I just grabbed anything that was lying around. It just shows you that anything will work well for textures ^^

So as usual, I hope this was helpful, and if you have any questions/feeback/requests, just leave them in the comments.
Thanks for reading !

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