Tutorial : Elephant

Hello Hello ^^

It’s been a week, and I finally have my internet back at normal speeed,,,
It feels like I’ve been away for so long T___T,,
But today, as you know, is the tutorial for the Elephant. I don’t usually make animals and such, but yes ^^ Enjoy!

This was a present for my friend who is IN LOVE with elephants ^^
I remember seeing this image of an elephant somewhere, and thought it was adorable … it anyone knows where it’s from, please link me so I can credit it as the reference :D
Image from here : [Link]

Reference image

Isn’t it so cute ? I thought this would be fairly easy to make , but I was so wrong…. the elephant I made took a few hours, and used much more clay than I had expected it to.

Here we go !



Basically, all these colours can be replaced to whatever you want. I’m just going to list mine

  • Grey (lots of it…)
  • Studio sculpey in blush (light-ish pink)
  • Light blue
  • Studio sculpey in Olive (That lighter dull green)
  • Studio sculpey in English garden (The darker green under it)
  • Two shades of green (Those two blobs stuck together )
  • Aluminium foil (optional, it depends on whether you want the main body to be solid clay or not )
  • White (to mix to make light grey)
  • Black ( a tiny bit to make dark grey)

Mix colours together

  • Mix those two greens together
  • Separate your main colour (in this case grey) into three blobs.

I had one for the main body, one for the ears and one for the trunk. In the end, it wasn’t enough as I still had to add more for the main body, and make sure you leave some for the tail


  • Using the foil, make the basic body shape.
  • Mine basically has the four legs, and the rounded top for the body.
  • Roll out the grey, and cover the foil

Adding trunk

  • Smooth out the clay, and add more if you need to make the shape more round
  • (Second image) is the bottom of the Elephant (uneven, I know =’= ;;; )
  • Take the piece of clay that is for the trunk, and roll it into a log
  • Pull out the edges at the bottom, and place it onto the elephant.

Trunk 2

  • Use whatever tool and blend blend blend !
  • (Second image) Now the Elephant should look something like this.

You’ll notice that it doesn’t have enough height and roundness at this point. This is where I realised I needed more clay that I had thought ..

  • If your Elephant isn’t as round as you want it to be , add another chunk of clay and blend !

Completing the body

  • To even out the shape, I added another chunk at the front.
  • I used the end of a paintbrush to make that gap between the legs more even
  • (Third image) This should be the completed shape of the Elephant.

Adding the ears

  • Take the pieces of clay that were for the ears, and make them into a tear drop shape.
  • Place it on the sides on the Elephant where you want the ears to go.

Detail on trunk

  • Now for the trunk, take a tool and make as small indent in the trunk opening.
  • Take the two different shades (Studio sculpey Olive and English garden), and roll them into logs
  • Roll the logs like you would for a lollipop, and stop when you think its the right size.
  • Squish the two together, and place it in that indent you made.
  • You may use TLS or whatever to help it stay in place when baking. ( Or even a toothpick will work fine)

Eyes and Tusks

  • For the eyes, take two blue blobs, and stick them on.
  • Take some light grey and roll it into a ‘tusk’ shape.

Adding tusks

  • Make an indent on the side of the Elephant where you want the tusks to go
  • Put them in place. (Don’t need to worry about blending this one)
  • This is both the greens being mixed…. I don’t know why that other image is at the very top… hahah


  • Once it’s mixed, squish it out with your fingers
  • Try to make the edges different thickness’s , or just make it until you’re satisfied with its ‘leafy” shape
  • (Third image) The leaf would go on something like this..
  • Add some details with your razor blade


  • I almost forgot about the tail -phew-
  • Roll out some grey into a log , one end more narrow than the other
  • Make some darker grey (grey + littttle bit of black)
  • Make it into a leaf shape, and place it on the end of the grey log.
  • Place it on the back of the elephant, and blend the edges of where it joins !
  • Add some detail on the tail by using your razor blade
  • Bake +Glaze



Aaand there we go ! ^^
It’s quite easy once you have that main shape sorted (that took surprisingly long….)

The Elephant looks extra shiny here because I tried out my Triple thick !

Hopefully this tutorial was easy to understand, I feel like I’ve been getting worse with the explanations  the more tutorials I make o_o;;

Thanks for reading !



10 thoughts on “Tutorial : Elephant

  1. Rianne says:

    Sorry if this is unrelated to the tutorial but…
    Your photos are so nice! I was wondering what camera you were using. :D

    • Ahaha, thank you XD !
      I actually just use my phone camera, it’s 5 megapixels, but it focuses really well…

      I usually edit the lighting a little bit on photoshop before uploading, so , maybe that’s why they look nice .

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