Hiatus + Update

Hey guys,

[28/o6] Update: 
Sorry T__T,,
Turns out, I’ll be going somewhere for FOUR DAYS! Fml….this is one of those compulsory things, so I’ll actually end up posting regularly again starting 4-5 July… 


WordPress has been acting up on google chrome lately, does anyone know why ? Plugins maybe? I’m on Mozilla because Chrome won’t let me add a new post.



Its not meant to be like that =”= How stressful

Screenshot2This is what it’s meant to look like

But anyway, it’s getting to the last two so weeks of school and I’m getting really busy with school work. I probably won’t have that much time for crafting now, so I’ll be taking a break from the tutorials.
I should be back at around 29-30 June because that’s when my holidays start, but even then, its exam time straight after that.
So yes..


I’ll try to craft as much as possible so that I’ll have regular posts, but for now, I’ll be taking a small break.
Also, in other news,,, I might be opening up an Etsy store because I’m making all these creations and don’t know what to do with them ><.


I will still be checking the blog daily, so I will be able to answer any questions, but I won’t be posting for a while.
Sorry about that ><
If you do have any requests though, you can still comment, and I’ll just add it onto my list of things to do ^^.
Thanks for reading ! I shall be back soon !


Tutorial : Totoro in a bottle.

Hello my readers :D,

Today’s tutorial will be on how I made the “Totoro in a Bottle”.
Now, for this craft, I found it kind of hard T___T . This is because, you’re making everything on such a small scale, and only the Totoro was made outside of the bottle. The tree and everything was sculpted in the bottle which doesn’t give you a lot of freedom.

Just take your time when making things on such a small scale,,,

Here we go ^^

Etsy Listing here : https://www.etsy.com/listing/107656893/my-neighbour-totoro-totoro-in-a-bottle




  • Dark grey
  • White
  • Mini glass bottle with cork
  • Dark Brown (Tree trunk)
  • Green (Grass)
  • Yellow (for stomache)
  • Sculpey Studio Nutmeg (For acorn)
  • Brown (Top of acorn)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Mix the dark grey and white together, this will be the main colour of Totoro.
  • Shape the grey into an egg shape
  • Push in the sides and pinch out the top to form the ‘head’ part.
(Sorry these images are so blurry..)
  • Take a small blob of grey, and shape it into a small semi circle
  • Taking a rounded tool, push in the middle, this will give you the edges you will be for blending.
  • Attach the the bottom of Totoro, and blend the edges away. Use a tool for this, the tail for mine was only about  4mm.
  • Here is what his Body looks like so far.
  • Since Totoro’s stomach fur is an off-white, mix the yellow with the white.
  • Roll out the light yellow thinly,
  • Cut it into a round-ish shape
  • Place on the Totoro, and if you need to , adjust the round-ness
  • To make the stomach furry, use the needle tool and drag the clay outward.
  • Do this in layers, starting from outside.
  • To make sure Totoro would fit into the opening of the bottle, I placed it over him
  • As you can see, he was way too big T__T.
  • Trim off any excess clay, and reshape his body
Completed Shape
  • Roll out two VERY small logs, and place onto Totoro’s head
  • Carefully blend away the edges, if you look closely, you can see the marks I made.
It does get very difficult at this point since the ears are about 1 – 1.5 mm in thickness.
  • Bake
  • Mix the black and white to make a grey.
  • Using a pointed tool, draw the ” ^ ” shape on the fur. Be very careful, because with the texture, it will be very hard to remove any mistakes.
  • Then draw the rest of the face.
  • Next, place the blob of green into the glass jar.
  • Use a rounded tool, and spread the clay evenly, covering the bottom of the jar.
  • To make it look ‘grassier’, use the needle tool and push in a pattern on the side of the jar.
  • To seal in the paint, glaze over Totoro’s face.
  • Then, using tweezers, place him into the middle of the grass.
  • Take a blob of brown, and roll it out.
  • Place it onto the spot where you want the tree stump to be.
  • I found that my tweezers worked well for adding pattern into the tree trunk.
  • To make the roots, roll out two small logs, and place by the base of the tree. Blend !
  • To add support for a branch, roll out a tiny bit of foil
  • Cover with brown
  • Make a tiny leaf, and place it onto the branch.
  • Carefully use tweezers and place it into the tree.


  • If you want, make a small acorn, and place it by Totoro.
  • Then, place in oven and bake for about 10 minutes. Make sure you don’t burn Totoro !

I didn’t put it in the oven for too long because, I wasn’t sure whether the glass could stand the heat.


  • Once baked, add some glue (that dries transparent), put it around the cork and close off the bottle.



Here it is completed :D

And for Totoro’s surroundings, it’s completely up to you.
The colours for the creation was quite soft, and I was going to add in apple in to add some contrast, but it was too out of place.
If you want, for the grass shade, use something a little more bright and ‘awake’.

I know this was long, but thanks for reading !


Quick Tip : Polymer Clay Plasticizer

Helloo Helloo,,

I was browsing DA a while back and came across this interesting post. There is a lot of text to read, but let me sum it up for you:

  • Basically, there is something called “plasticizers” inside polymer clay that made it soft + pliable.
  • Too much = soft
  • Too little = crumbly
  • If it’s too soft, flatten it between two pieces of paper to soak up some of the plasticizer
  • If its too crumbly, add some ‘clay softener”
Here is my process:



If you can’t see the difference, I outlined it with the blue. I can’t believe there was so much in Sculpey….


Here is it afterwards. See how much more crumbly it is ?
This technique can be used when your clay is too soft to be turned into an ‘ice cream scoop’. The breaks will be a lot more visible after this.

All you have to do now is to condition the clay, so that the plasticizer that is left is spread evenly through the clay.

Basically, when you bake the clay, you evaporate the plasticizer, so the clay is no longer pliable ,,


This is just a helpful tip for those who have soft clay. Sculpey III is definitely one of the softer clays out there, and this has helped me heaps ^^


Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : Tenorikuma Cake

Hellooo Readers :D

-Phew- Finally, today’s tutorial will be a Tenorikuma Cake. Now, the steps for this is pretty much the same as the Rilakkuma cake.
This was a gift for my friend’s birthday, and construction was fairly straight forward.

So let’s go !




  • Tinfoil
  • TLS
  • Pastel (Brown – or whatever ‘sauce’ you want on your cake)
  • Light yellow + white clay ( Sponge cake part)
  • Pale green ( Filling – this can also be whatever colour you want it to be)
  • Brown + Black + Nutmeg (Ears)
  • Red ( for the heart)
  • Butterscotch + Lemon drop ( The main colour)
  • Scrap clay
  • Any other decorations you want to include

Mix the colours

  • Mix the colours together.
  • This is sketch I drew to help me get the base shape of the cake.


  • Shape the foil
  • Cut out a piece of it.
  • Cover the foil with scrap clay so that you will have a smooth surface to work on afterward.


  • Roll out the yellow, and cut it into a square-ish shape
  • Make sure it fits into that part you cut out of the foil.
  • Roll out the green, and use the yellow clay as the template for cutting

Wrapping the cake

  • After laying it yellow, green , yellow
  • Place it where you cut out the foil.
  • Cut off any excess, and shape it so it about the same as your template
  • Roll out the main body colour
  • Wrap it around the cake ( you may want to use cornstarch to help you blend)

Basic Shape

  • The shape should look something like this so far


  • Take some scrap clay, and shape it into a circle
  • Roll out the brown clay and wrap it around the ears + blend
  • To attach it onto the cake, cut a little off the base of the ears. (Or you could just flatten the base)
  • Place it onto the cake.


  • Take a blob of the yellow, flatten it and place it on the ears.
  • Make oval shapes with the brown, and place it where the eyes go
  • Place another blob in the middle
  • Roll out the brown and make a mouth with it

Cutting piece

  • It should look like the first image
  • Cut a slice out – make sure you don’t cut into the foil
  • Use a needle tool and add the cake texture onto the sponge
  • Add a heart on the ears.


  • Mix the TLS with brown pastel
  • Add it onto the cake, make sure you create a drizzle effect.
  • If you want , you can add sprinkles onto the chocolate part. In my case, I used ‘nuts’ and ‘white choclate flakes’
  • Bake + glaze


There we go ^^
I will also add that my clay did have air bubbles in it after baking (luckily it was on the bottom). However, this time, the air didn’t escape and so the bottom of the cake was uneven.
To make it even, I cut the clay that stuck out, and just mended the hole with clay and re-baked it. Air bubbles did not appear the second time ^^

If you have any questions, just comment below !

Thanks for reading !