Quick Tip : Polymer Clay Plasticizer

Helloo Helloo,,

I was browsing DA a while back and came across this interesting post. There is a lot of text to read, but let me sum it up for you:

  • Basically, there is something called “plasticizers” inside polymer clay that made it soft + pliable.
  • Too much = soft
  • Too little = crumbly
  • If it’s too soft, flatten it between two pieces of paper to soak up some of the plasticizer
  • If its too crumbly, add some ‘clay softener”
Here is my process:



If you can’t see the difference, I outlined it with the blue. I can’t believe there was so much in Sculpey….


Here is it afterwards. See how much more crumbly it is ?
This technique can be used when your clay is too soft to be turned into an ‘ice cream scoop’. The breaks will be a lot more visible after this.

All you have to do now is to condition the clay, so that the plasticizer that is left is spread evenly through the clay.

Basically, when you bake the clay, you evaporate the plasticizer, so the clay is no longer pliable ,,


This is just a helpful tip for those who have soft clay. Sculpey III is definitely one of the softer clays out there, and this has helped me heaps ^^


Thanks for reading !



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