Tutorial : Adventure time in a frame

Hello my reader :D

Today’s post was meant to be on the other gaming consoles, but someone requested the chibi from my Adventure time frame, so here it is how I made the whole thing….ahaha..^^.

This tutorial is faily simple, and you can basically replace the characters with whoever you want.


Before you start, you’ll need some sort of photo frame. Except my one has a large gap on the inside. I’m not sure what its’ original purpose was for … ^^;;
Paint the outside with whatever you want (in my case, LSP colours), and then glaze.

Now for the characters…




  • Light blue
  • Dark blue
  • White
  • Skin colour ( White + little bit of pink + little bit of orange)


  • Yellow

Other character (which is my friend. Use any colour you want)

  • Black
  • Skin colour
  • Dark olive green


  • Brown
  • Purple
  • Light tan
  • Green
  • Hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint

Making Finn

  • You will need three different sized blobs of clay: Light blue (largest), White (second to largest) and dark blue (smallest)
  • Make them into cylinder shapes and stick them on top of each other.
  • To make sure they all stick together seamlessly, just roll it a little bit. Not too much.
  • Using any tool, make an indent of where Finn’s face will be.
  • Then take a small blob of skin coloured clay, and fill that hole.
  • Smooth out any uneven edges.
  • Roll out a white log and cut the rounded edges – these are Finn’s ears
  • Attach and blend onto his hat.

Making Jake

  • Now for jake, separate the yellow into two. One for the body and tiny blob for details (ears and jowls)
  • For this, simply roll out a log. I placed it next to Finn to make sure they end up being around the same size.
  • Flatten, and make the bottom edge straight.
  • Attach ears and his jowls



  • For the chibi , I stuck a skin coloured blob onto a rectangular blob of green
  • I flattened them together and cut out a collar from the excess green.
  • I dotted a pocket, and added some details on to the jacket.

Chicbi 2

  • For the hair, roll black clay into a long-ish strip. It needs to be long enough to wrap around the chibis’ head.
  • Cut the bottom edge of the clay so it’s straight for the bangs. (fringe)
  • Using your razor blade, make hair patterns onto it.
  • Now, cut the bangs to size. Cut it so that it wraps around the head of your chibi + the top of the head
  • Then with excess clay, roll it out again.
  • Cut it to the length you want the hair to be, and attach it onto the rest of the chibi’s head.
  • Blend away any visible edges.


  • I forgot to take picture for LSP but basically, roll out the purple into small blobs.
  • Make an outline with the blobs, fill in the middle and blend away allllll the edges. (Like the second image)
  • Then you’re done ^^

All characters

  • Here are all of the characters.
  • They have been baked, and mostly painted. You can see that Jake still needs his eyes ^^;;
  • GRass


  • Now for presenting them, place the three main characters you want onto a blob of green
  • Add some patterns into it using a rounded tool
  • Then take the characters out, and bake the green.
  • Once it is out of the oven, cool it and then use some glue to stick the characters back into the indents you made from pushing them in.


  • Using hot glue, I stuck LSP and the waving snail onto the background piece.



  • Hot glue the characters into the frame, and place the background in ^^


And you’re done !

Ofc, you can replace whatever you want into this frame. The characters are all super easy to make so get creative !

I hope this was helpful ^^
Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : Gaming series (Nintendo 64 controller)


This is the other part of the tutorial. They are short, so two will be uploaded at one time :D

Here is the Nintendo 64 controller !




  • Three shades of grey (Light grey, grey, dark grey)
  • Blue clay
  • Red
  • yellow clay

Basic shape

  • Split the clay into three : One larger one and two smaller ones.
  • Take the main shade of grey, and just like the Gamecube controller, roll out the main shape.
  • To make it a little less round, just use something with a straight edge and push the clay inward.
  • Take a bit of clay and roll it out into a log. The length should be the same as your controller.
  • Place it on top and flatten.

Completed shape


  • For that middle part, roll out the last piece of grey into a sabre tooth shape.
  • Place it in the middle of the controller
  • Flatten the top half, and CAREFULLY blend the edges down. Make sure when you place it , it has that little bit sticking out the top.



  • Taking a rounded tool, make an indent where the arrow pad will go.
  • Roll out the darkest grey thinly and cut out the arrow pad.
  • Place it in the dent you made.
  • Stick on the rest of the details

Bake + glaze


And you’re done ! Another easy one right ?
The next ones that will be posted are even easier…..

Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : Gaming Series (Gamecube controller)

Hey guys !

Sorry it’s been so long since my last tutorial ! So far they have only been updates right ? -ah =”=
As you know, I didn’t manage to make a lot during my break, so that means I haven’t got a whole heap of tutorials lined up. I’ve also been into making random objects (like controllers, clay in the mini glass bottle), so you probably won’t be seeing a lot of “food” themed posts.

However, if you do have a request, please feel free to comment ^^ I’ll just add it to the list of things to make haha,,

Anyways. Since they are quite short, I’ll post two up at a time.

Go go go !



Materials for Game cube remote

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Olive green
  • Mixing Colours
  • My purple wasn’t the right shade so I mixed the blue in.
  • Cut a small amount out – this will be for the buttons
  • Mix that part ¬†with some white until you get the right shade. That second image proportion is inaccurate ahaha…


  • Before you use the purple, take a little bit out and leave it for the details.
  • Then, roll the bigger blob into a log-except do this to the ends only. You want the middle to be thicker.
  • Bend the log into the shape of a horse shoe and flatten.
  • Using that blob you took out, roll out and flatten 4 circles. Two larger than the other two.
  • Blend the edges.


  • Take the two pieces and place it where its’ meant to go.
  • Roll out that light purple THINLY. The thickness depends on how big your controller is, but in my case – super thin.
  • Carefully cut out the arrow pad (is that what it’s called ?)


  • Place on the arrow pad.
  • Take another blob of purple, and place it above the arrow pad
  • Blend that blob until it’s just a bump.
  • Take the lighter purple and place it on top of that bump.
  • Place the rest of the details on.

Bake and you’re done ! :D



There you go ! It’s really easy once you get the basic shape down,, if need one, always have a reference image nearby for accuracy !


Thanks for reading!


More adventure time !

Hellloo my reader ^^

So about two weeks ago, it was my friend’s birthday. She LOVES adventure time, so I decided to make another themed Adventure time gift for her. (The last one I made was the Finn and Jake plush).
This is just something I made last night, (two week late gift =”= I know.. ) and I thought I’d post it on here ^^




This is basically a photo frame except that it’s got a larger space inside for you to put stuff(?) in. I don’t actually know its’ purpose ahaha,,
I bought it from a hardware store for about $6.99 NZD and then painted it Lumpy space princess colours. It was going to be either purple or pink,, I’m not quite sure colour she’s meant to be.

The characters I made are Finn, Jake, the waving snail and LSP in the background. The middle one is basically her ^^
They were going to have arms and actual bodies but I decided that it would be too hard to make at 2am T__T I took a long time to think this gift out -phew-

I actually prefer this frame without that back panel. It seems like such a closed world when I put the panel in,, ah,,

On the back panel, I used those scratch on lettering sets and wrote


Oh my glob,
Happy Lumping 17th Birthday,

Luv Cyn.

Ohoho, gotta love Lumpy space princess XD.


Here’s another angle of the frame. I was debating whether to attach Hot dog princess onto the top or not. I decided not to in the end.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you guys on what I made ^^

I seem to have not really made anything these holidays which is disappointing. When I get some more things sorted out, I’ll start my own Etsy store … I’m just still confused about shipping prices and such.

I’m starting school tomorrow and with exams, not too sure what charms I can get done. I will however, update you whenever and try my best to post tutorials and new things I have made though ^^


Thanks so much for reading !


Gaming Consoles series !

Hey guys !

Sorry I’m a bit late on this, had an emergency today T____T
I wanted to make more, but since I said I’d upload,,, here it is !

Gaming Consoles

Sorry the lighting so bad…..
It’s currently 1.40 am on the 14th ! -phew-

I’ll be updating for a better image when its light out, so yes….


sorry about the lighting.. it’s cloudy out =”=

I hope you like this ! And tutorials will definitely be uploaded. If you have any other type of series you want me to make, then suggest away ! :D

Thanks for reading !


[Edit] It was sunny today ! YAY ! 


Hello Hello !

-Phew- !

It’s been taking a while to update, I know T___T
I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to fit in some revision for my exams next term, but I seem to be procrastinating ….

Just posting to say that I have made some charms and recently, I’ve been making them into a series …

So yes. I have made charms + the tutorials, but I want to make more so bear with me ! :D

I’ll hopefully be able to update it for you either today or tomorrow so be waiting !


Thanks for reading :D


Question ?

Hello Hello,,

So recently, I’ve been thinking about opening at Etsy store. I’ve been making all these charms for the tutorials, and a lot of the time, they’re just sitting around.
The only problem is, I don’t know how many people are willing to buy my charms, and how to calculate the shipping costs o___o.

(Why is the website so poorly made ?)

If any has any experience with selling overseas, please pm me T___T.

I looked online at NZ’s post rate finder, and the “parcel” part of it is ridiculously expensive…
I have no idea how to package and ship my items out. I worked out that in NZ, shipping would cost roughly $3.30, so that’s okay.

Im just concerned about the international part of it… should I make it so that I can just post it into the mail box ? Or should I make it into a small-ish box and send it through my post office ?

=.= ;;;

I still need to think this through,,

Thanks for reading !