I’m bacck :D

Hellooo my readers ;D

Turns out, when I was writing my last post, I was looking at the “June” calendar, so I got the dates wrong…

I can finally start my holiday and crafting….


One thing I’ve been working on is making an Adventure Time  series :D
My friend got me into watching it, and IT IS AWESOME. Seriously, it’s so cute…


That’s what I’ve made so far, I haven’t actually made a tutorial for any of these ones but, I will be making ones for the next characters (such as slime princess :D). As you can see, painting on the details are a pain…..since these are so tiny ,,  I cant even use a brush, I’ve been using that needle tool x___x

I also made a Totoro Cake :D


I was going to add a face, but then,,, I didn’t think it would look cute ,,
And the little black blobs are meant to be the soot sprites ? I was going to paint faces as well, but then though, it would be creepy…..


And there you go :D
Thats what I have so far, just updating you guys….
I will definitely be making more, just give me some time :D

Thanks for reading !




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