Tutorial : Totoro Cake

Hey guys !

So as usual, I went ahead and uploaded my crafts onto DA, and it someone requested the Totoro Cake ! :D
I’ve never made a cake in that particular shape before, and it was actually meant to be some kind of paper holder before it turned into a cake … ahahaha

So here we go !




  • Grey
  • Dark grey ( This is just left over clay)
  • White
  • Sponge cake colour ( In my case, its Studio sculpey sunshine and butterscotch mixed together)
  • Green
  • Toothpick
  • To get the sponge cake colour, I mixed the yellow with white clay. If you already have the shade you want, you don’t need to.
  • Shape the clay into a dome shape
  • Cut it in half. You can see that I ended up squishing the clay as I cut it ,, just reshape it.
  • Take the lighter grey, and roll it out
  • Place the base of cake upside down onto the filling and cut around it.
Cake Shape
  • Place the top half back on, and smooth down the edges of the filling
Cake Shape 2
  • Reshape the clay back into a dome
  • To get the outside colour, I mixed the light grey and dark grey. You could just add a little bit of black if you don’t have the dark grey.

Wrapping the cake

  • Roll out the new shade of grey you made and wrap it around the cake.


  • Cut off the excess and blend away the edges.
  • If you have to , reshape the dome shape.


  • From the excess clay, make two blobs that would be the ears. It depends on how big you want them to be.
  • Roll each blob out , making the one end much more narrower than the base.
  • Take the toothpicks and break the tips off.


  • Place the toothpicks into the base of the ears.
  • Using a tool, make indents there you want the ears to go
  • Place the toothpicks in there, and blend the ears in. ( You can see I used cornstarch to help blend)

Cutting the cake

  • Since this creation doesn’t have a tinfoil centre ( XD ! ) , you can cut a piece out wherever you want.
  • Texture away with the needle tool !
  • Then, if you want to add some more detail, use the needle tool to make small lines on the outside


  • Mix the greens until you have a shade you like, and made a leaf with it.
  • Place it between the ears.
  • Take the black, and make little blobs with them.
  • Place it around the base of the cake. These are the dust sprites ^^


  • Bake and Glaze ^^


And there we go ! :D
Quite simple right ?
I’m still trying to get the Etsy thing sorted so I can start selling my charms u__u;;

But I’m still not sure how successful it’ll be…

Anyway, Thanks the reading !




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