Tutorial : Gaming Series (Gamecube controller)

Hey guys !

Sorry it’s been so long since my last tutorial ! So far they have only been updates right ? -ah =”=
As you know, I didn’t manage to make a lot during my break, so that means I haven’t got a whole heap of tutorials lined up. I’ve also been into making random objects (like controllers, clay in the mini glass bottle), so you probably won’t be seeing a lot of “food” themed posts.

However, if you do have a request, please feel free to comment ^^ I’ll just add it to the list of things to make haha,,

Anyways. Since they are quite short, I’ll post two up at a time.

Go go go !



Materials for Game cube remote

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Olive green
  • Mixing Colours
  • My purple wasn’t the right shade so I mixed the blue in.
  • Cut a small amount out – this will be for the buttons
  • Mix that part  with some white until you get the right shade. That second image proportion is inaccurate ahaha…


  • Before you use the purple, take a little bit out and leave it for the details.
  • Then, roll the bigger blob into a log-except do this to the ends only. You want the middle to be thicker.
  • Bend the log into the shape of a horse shoe and flatten.
  • Using that blob you took out, roll out and flatten 4 circles. Two larger than the other two.
  • Blend the edges.


  • Take the two pieces and place it where its’ meant to go.
  • Roll out that light purple THINLY. The thickness depends on how big your controller is, but in my case – super thin.
  • Carefully cut out the arrow pad (is that what it’s called ?)


  • Place on the arrow pad.
  • Take another blob of purple, and place it above the arrow pad
  • Blend that blob until it’s just a bump.
  • Take the lighter purple and place it on top of that bump.
  • Place the rest of the details on.

Bake and you’re done ! :D



There you go ! It’s really easy once you get the basic shape down,, if need one, always have a reference image nearby for accuracy !


Thanks for reading!



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