Tutorial : Aang and Appa in a bottle + A break until mock exams are over.

Hello Hello,,

Turns out, I actually had another tutorial left for you guys wahaha !
This time, it’s Aang and Appa in the glass bottle. I think that this was definitely one of the harder creations to make because it had to be so small ! Aang should have been smaller, but he was aready at like 1.4mm width…. it was too hard to make him any smaller than that ><.

Here is the listing on Etsy <– link !

Also, I apologize in advance for some of these images…. it was really late at night (as usual =”=), and since I had to zoom in a lot with my camera, the quality isn’t the best.

So let’s go !





  • An off white clay
  • Dark brown ( you can see that I’m about to mix the clay haha)
  • White and black acrylic paint
  • Black clay
  • Brown acrylic paint (if you don’t have it, just mix the primary colours together)


  • Orange
  • Flesh coloured clay
  • Light blue acrylic paint
  • Yellow or gold clay


  • Translucent clay
  • Blue clay
  • Deco gel
  • Blue pastel
  • Glass bottle (ofc)


  • For the base, take the light blue clay and squish it to the bottom.
  • I used my round tool and pushed it out.
  • For random see through(ish) bits, add little blobs of translucent clay


  • Then for the iceberg , take a blob of translucent clay, and squish it using the opening of the bottle. This is so you know how big the iceberg needs to be
  • Cut off the excess
  • For  the water effect, mix deco gel and blue pastel together

Adding TLS

  • Carefully add in the TLS into the bottom, spread it around using a tool
  • Make sure you don’t touch the sides of the bottle, it becomes a pain to clean T__T (But if you do, just use a q-tip and clean it. Try not to swish it around too much or you will end up spreading the deco gel. One hard swipe it enough !
  • Then, draw a little circle so that you’ll have a template of how big Appa should be


  • Before you make Appa, make the iceberg.
  • Place that piece of translucent clay into the bottle.
  • Use a tool, squish out the middle, and make a space for Appa to be.
  • Use tweezers and pinch out the edges


  • For Appa, make a round body + a tail like totoro.
  • Roll out a thin log.
  • Cut off about 6 pieces and squish one end. Those are Appa’s legs. The squished edge will help us blend easier.
  • Arrange the legs on the side of the body


  • Blend the legs and using a pointed tool, you may want to re-shape the legs a little
  • Do the same for the other side
  • Using the pointed tool add some ‘fur’ texture (kind of like how it was done in totoro)


  • Using the black, roll out some tiny balls and place three on each paw
  • For the head, take a blob and squish in the middle

Main body shape

  • Attach the head into the body
  • and with brown clay push it into the middle
  • Add the top of Appa’s head and his snout
  • Add a black triangle for the nose


  • Roll out the black (horns? ) and place them on top of his head. You may want to make some indents before you put them in
  • Take a blob of brown, and kind of like the iceberg, make a little base for Aang to sit in.
  • Place it onto Appa’s back
  • Bake for about 10 minutes. Make sure you don’t burn him !

Painting the face

  • Once he has cooled down, paint on his eyes.

Appa in bottle

  • Place him the iceberg and see if he will fit. If not just make some space for him
  • That black circle is just showing you some effects you can make. I used the pointed tool and pushed in the clay. The deco gel seeped in and now it looks more … icey ? I dont know ahahaha


  • With the brown paint, add the rest of the details on Appa.
  • Glaze ! :D
  • You can see on the ruler, Appa measures about 1.5 cm . Really tiny ! That’s why he was so hard to make T__T I started over several times.


  • For ang, take the yellow clay and make a small cone-ish shape
  • Roll out the orange clay thinly and cut off a strip. Wrap it around the top of Aang
  • Take the flesh coloured clay and make Aang’s head.
  • Bake ! Not too long !

Painting Aang

  • Mix a really light blue
  • Paint on the arrow on Aang’s head
  • Add some eyes, and if you want a smile…. I regret adding it on haha, he looks weird..
  • (You can see how small he is, I had to use tweezers to hold him or else my fingers would have been in the way of the camera)


  • Bake the bottle for about 10 minutes
  • Stick Aang into the top of Appa’s platform (?) thing.
  • Carefully place both of them onto the iceberg.
  • You can see that it kind of looks different from before. I kept repositing Appa and accidently broke pieces off the iceberg T___T so gutted…


And it’s done  ! YAY :D


There you go !
If you ever make this, please make sure you take your time. It’s so easy to make mistakes since the scale of these type of creations are so small.
Ahh, I hope this tutorial was easy to understand ^^
Two more weeks and I’m going to have my mock exams so I haven’t had time to make anything new. I think I’ll go on a short break on the tutorials for now.

Thanks for reading !
I’ll be back soon !


Etsy + Update

Hey guys !


I finallllllyy have my Etsy store sorted ^^
I had already signed up for a longggg time, and then screwed something up – resulting in me deleting my account……

Now my new account has settled for “CraftCandiess”….. ahhhh
Its okay though, you guys know who I am right ? ^^

As soon as I got home, I tried to think of ideas for my banner….
Do you like this one ? I think the only reason why I held off Etsy for so long was because I didn’t really have a theme or idea to work with. I finally pushed myself today and got it done.
It’s quite simple right ? I don’t really know what other designs to do atm.

Anyway, if you have anything you want to see in my store, please comment here, or email me for a custom order .


Now for updates :D

A couple of weeks ago I went to my favourite Japanese store ^^ We have two stores in Auckland (that I know of), that sells any three items  in the store for $10.
It’s my favourite place….. imagine how awesome it would be to live in Japan haha.

The last time I went, I found some paper and clay- and oh my life.
It is amazing. It is so soft it feels like marshmellows….

But I think I only downside to paper clay is that, it’s not that good to work with if you’re doing detailed work. It dries as you work and since I’m slow, it’s not that ideal.
Paper clay is also quite hard to blend.

Although, keep in mind that I’m only talking about my particular brand:

Paper Clay


Its not even anything popular like hearty clay. This is probably one of the lower quality paper clays, but it’s still okay (Y).
I just wanted to know how workable it was ^^;;

Also in the image, notice I finally have a rolling pin !
In all my years of crafting, I have never had a rolling pin (until now ofc). I’ve always been using random things like pens, glue sticks – just anything cylinder shaped to help me roll out my clay.
I needed to get three things so I bought two packs of the clay and the rolling pin ,, so happy…

On my second visit to town, I bought some more wahaha,,
This time, I bought a mini storage box for my crafts, some tags and these metal pans(?) that are used for mixing paint in. Since they looked so much like pie bases, I’m going to use them for exactly that ^^



As you can see, I have stored in here:

  • Tags (For attaching to gifts)
  • Ribbon for felt creations
  • A couple of Glass bottles ( I didn’t have room for 8 more)
  • My key chain straps
  • Eyepins
  • Ring bases
  • Jump rings
  • And you can’t see it, but the pie bases

This box is quite useful in that, you can make the spaces as big as you want. If you can see, next to the tags are these pink dividers. You can put them wherever you like.

It’s the weekend tomorrow and I hope to create a couple of crafts for you guys.

Please be waiting ! I’m sorry I haven’t been uploading as much..

Thanks for reading  !


Tutorial : B.A.P Bunny keychain

Hello Hello ,,

Sorry it’s been a while, it’ll probably be like this until the holidays. I’m in the process of planning more crafts (hopefully from felt), but they’re not made yet.
Anyways, today’s tutorial is the B.A.P bunny keychain. This time, it’s for my other friend who is also obsessed with them…. I don’t understand ahah,,
From some of the lighting, you’ll see that it’s uneven TT, sorry about that, I made this at like 2am…..

Let’s go !





  • For the bunny, all you need is black.
  • Make sure you have quite a big blob depending on what you want the bunny size to be. Remember you’ll be making 6.
  • Acrylic paint
  • jump rings
  • keychain straps
  • eyepins (manymany)



  • Take a blob out, this will be for the ears.
  • Then roll out the remaining black into a long log.
  • Using a ruler, or free hand cut out 6 blobs evenly.

Bunny base


  • Roll each blob into a ball. This will make it easier to get the bunny head shape
  • Squish each blob a little, and just fix the side edges
  • Push them in so it’s a little diagonal.



  • Using the black clay from before, roll that out thinly. This is for the ears.
  • Cut about 12 blobs out, make sure they’re even.
  • Then roll them into a ball
  • and roll into a log. Narrower at the bottom, thicker at the top.

completed Shape


  • On the bunny head, use a round tool and make indents on where you want the ears to be
  • Then attach the ears.
  • If you can, blend them as much as possible. (You can see where I failed …… ahaha, it’s so uneven.)



  • Then with the eyepins, cut them into appropriate lengths. I would have used the excess to make more eyepins, but since this is a gift, I wanted them to be perfect (Y)
  • On two bunnies, attach an eye pin in the top
  • For the test, attach eyepins on the top and bottom. Be careful not to squish them because it is easy for the clay to lose its’ shape.
  • Bake

coloursFor the masks:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Pink

Green mask


  • Roll out the green and use your blade to cut the mask shape at the top.
  • Then place it on the bunny , make sure you align it correctly for the top
  • As for the excess, just cut it off using the razor blade
  • If you need to, fix the shape of the mask a litte

Blue mask

Red mask


Rest of mask


  • Repeat for the rest of the masks. Sorry the close ups look so ugly…..
  • On the pink, I drew a blue line of how you should cut the mask. You only need to get the top part right because excess would just be cut off.



  • Using white, roll out blobs for the eyes
  • Then, place in the oven for baking.



  • Using acrylic paint, paint on the details.
  • The close ups are so unflattering (bunnies are so uneven) …. ahahah



  • Once they’re baked, allow to cool
  • Meanwhile, collect your jumprings and straps.



  • In between each bunny, place as many jump rings as you like. It depends on how long you want the keychain to be
  • From the image, you can see I placed two :D
  • Glaze to seal the paint


And you’re done !

This is probably one of the longer tutorials, but it’s quite easy to assemble.

I hope you liked it ! I will try to make more tutorials asap ! At the moment, I haven’t made anything new so I haven’t got any tutorials lined up.

Thanks for reading !



Tutorial : No-face in a glass bottle

Hey guys !

It’s long overdue, but here is my “No-face in a bottle”  from Spirited away tutorial. Even though it’s pretty time consuming to construct, the basic gist of it is very easy ^^
Originally, I was going to make that lamp to go in with No-face, but it was wayyy to hard… I didn’t really have the right wire to make the post part of it, and the scale was just too small for me to work on.

But anywho, if you can make it , kudos to you ! Add in anything you want into the bottle ^^ !

So let’s get started,,

Etsy Listing: Here




  • Mini glass bottle with cork. This one measures about 4cm tall ( not including the cork) and 2cm in diameter.
  • White clay
  • Black
  • Green (any shade you want)
  • Brown (any shade you want)
  • Aluminium foil


  • Before you do anything, I brushed on a thick layer of glaze onto the cork. This is because it was a bit brittle, and to prevent any pieces from fall out , I’m sealing them in. (However, you can already see that some broke off in the materials image T__T )
  • Take the black and roll out the black. Roll it however long you want No-face to be, and make sure the top is more narrow than the end
  • Slowly and carefully, bend the top down, and flatten it to form No-face’s …. face..
  • Then, one you have the shape you’re satisfied with, take a blob of white and flatten it onto where it should go.
  • Bake, and when cooled, paint it.
  • Remember to use reference images to get it right !


  • For the grass, I mixed two shades of left over green
  • Place the blob into the bottle, and use a tool to flatten it out evenly.
  • Once it’s flattened out, you can add some texture by using a tool. Anything round will do.

Tree stump

  • For the tree, I mixed some black with brown
  • Take a small amount out from it and rolled it out.
  • Place it into the bottle
  • Then, using my pinky, I tried to flatten it down against the side of the bottle
  • To make it more secure, I used the end of a paintbrush, and really just evened out the clay suface.


  • Then taking the foil, I made a small rectangle with it. This is approximately the same shape as the one in the bottle.
  • Take out a small blob from the brown and leave it aside . They are for the roots.
  • Take the remaining brown, and cover the foil

Finished tree

  • Once it’s covered, try your best to put it into the bottle. It might not fit the first time, so you can just distort the shape slightly, and then fix it once it’s in the bottle. This part was probably the hardest.
  • Then take a tool and add texture to your tree. I used the side of a pair of tweezers in this case.
  • From the brown you set aside, start rolling out small triangle/cone shapes, and put them into the bottle
  • Using a tool, blend it into the tree to create the roots
  • Remember to add texture !
  • Then, take your completed No-face from before, and place him inside your bottle. You may want to add some liquid clay to help hold him in place.

Then you’re done :D



Simple ? Sort of  haha,,,
At first, I was going to make that scene where No-face is in the water. My Triple thick glaze had just arrived so I was going to test it out and use it as the water. I added some blue food colouring , made some kois, lily pads and was planning to put No-face in there.

Unfortunately, when I was baking the clay , I left it in the oven and forgot about it……. everything was burnt, and No-face’s white mask was brown T___T. So that tutorial of No-face up there is the first one I made. The completed one is a new one that I made, so you can sort of see the subtle differences in shape.

Failed no face

Here he is before baking, and all those ugly lilly pads….
The Kois I originally made took REALLY long, and was really difficult… I can’t believe I burnt it.. =”=
But yes. Even though No-face was burnt, I painted over it with white paint and placed him in the bottle anyways.
Little did I know that the glaze would take so long to dry, and that the colouring would just evaporate….

I ended up getting impatient ( it was welllll over 2 weeks), and used a tweezer to rip No-face and the layer of glaze out of the bottle.

I think I need to find some resin that I can use for such effects,,

Anyway, thanks for reading this rant,, oho



Tutorial : Gaming Series (Xbox)

Hey guys !

This is the last tutorial for the gaming series which is super simple :D
I don’t have tutorials for the more simple ones, but if you really really really want me to, I will make them .

Anyways, here we go  !





  • White clay
  • grey
  • green
  • yellow
  • blue
  • red

You can see that I added some darker blue to that blue and littttle bit of  dark grey to that red. Just to make them darker .

Basic shape

  • Take the white, and manipulate it until you have an approximate shape of the controller
  • Then at the top, cut a little chuck out
  • Smooth out the edges and push it down a little



  • Add the button details
  • and place a strip of grey on the bottom
  • Bake and you’re done :D


Oho, yeah I know it’s super easy…
I don’t even know if guys need a tutorial for this XD

A lot of my internal tests are ending soon, and in about 3 weeks I will have my mock exams. Between now and then, I’ll try my best to make more crafts so I can have tutorials for you guys :D
I’m thinking of plushies since I haven’t made them for so long….

Be waiting for them !

Thanks for reading,


Tutorial : Gaming Console (Playstation + GBA)

Hey guys !

Sorry it’s been a while since my last update. I always try to post every 4-5 days, but school work has been crazy….
I will probably be this busy for the rest of the year as mock exams / real exams are coming up.

But I digress…
Let’s go onto the tutorials :D




  • MaterialsBlack clay
  • Paint
  • tiny bit of grey


  • The basic shape is the same as the Nintendo 64 controller – only this time, you make it more rectangular in shape.
  • Next, roll out two equal sized circles, and place it on the part where the handle part(?) curves in. You may want to flatten it into the clay, or even blend it a little.
  • Roll out two bigger equal sized circles and place on each side of the controller
  • For the  L and R buttons, make roll out a rectangle from clay, and cut off the ends.
  • Stick them in the correct place ;D


  • Next, just add on the details such as the four main buttons on the right side.
  • Roll out the grey and cut out 4 tiny arrow buttons and place them on.
  • Add the rest of the buttons and bake !
  • Remember to paint on the button details !


And there we go ^^
You probably don’t even need any instructions hahaha, the images are pretty self explanatory.


Now, moving onto the GBA console ( in the clear purple :D ):



  • Translucent clay (optional)
  • Purple (optional)
  • Black
  • grey


  • If you want your console to be the clear purple one , mix translucent and purple together
  • I mixed wayyy too much purple, so it didn’t end up being as translucent as I wanted it to be…
  • Next divide your clay into two. You only need a tiny little bit for the details.
  • Roll your clay out approximately into a rectangle and pinch the outside edges


  • Using something with a straight edge, fix up the sides of the base shape.
  • Then, taking that left over purple, mix it with a bit of white.
  • Add the buttons
  • Roll out the black into a thin sheet, and cut out a rectangle for the screen + stick on the console
  • Again, roll the grey out thinly and place on top of the black.
  • Bake

and you’re done !

Oho, two very easy tutorials ^^

Thanks for reading !