Tutorial : Gaming Console (Playstation + GBA)

Hey guys !

Sorry it’s been a while since my last update. I always try to post every 4-5 days, but school work has been crazy….
I will probably be this busy for the rest of the year as mock exams / real exams are coming up.

But I digress…
Let’s go onto the tutorials :D




  • MaterialsBlack clay
  • Paint
  • tiny bit of grey


  • The basic shape is the same as the Nintendo 64 controller – only this time, you make it more rectangular in shape.
  • Next, roll out two equal sized circles, and place it on the part where the handle part(?) curves in. You may want to flatten it into the clay, or even blend it a little.
  • Roll out two bigger equal sized circles and place on each side of the controller
  • For the  L and R buttons, make roll out a rectangle from clay, and cut off the ends.
  • Stick them in the correct place ;D


  • Next, just add on the details such as the four main buttons on the right side.
  • Roll out the grey and cut out 4 tiny arrow buttons and place them on.
  • Add the rest of the buttons and bake !
  • Remember to paint on the button details !


And there we go ^^
You probably don’t even need any instructions hahaha, the images are pretty self explanatory.


Now, moving onto the GBA console ( in the clear purple :D ):



  • Translucent clay (optional)
  • Purple (optional)
  • Black
  • grey


  • If you want your console to be the clear purple one , mix translucent and purple together
  • I mixed wayyy too much purple, so it didn’t end up being as translucent as I wanted it to be…
  • Next divide your clay into two. You only need a tiny little bit for the details.
  • Roll your clay out approximately into a rectangle and pinch the outside edges


  • Using something with a straight edge, fix up the sides of the base shape.
  • Then, taking that left over purple, mix it with a bit of white.
  • Add the buttons
  • Roll out the black into a thin sheet, and cut out a rectangle for the screen + stick on the console
  • Again, roll the grey out thinly and place on top of the black.
  • Bake

and you’re done !

Oho, two very easy tutorials ^^

Thanks for reading !




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