Tutorial : Gaming Series (Xbox)

Hey guys !

This is the last tutorial for the gaming series which is super simple :D
I don’t have tutorials for the more simple ones, but if you really really really want me to, I will make them .

Anyways, here we go  !





  • White clay
  • grey
  • green
  • yellow
  • blue
  • red

You can see that I added some darker blue to that blue and littttle bit of  dark grey to that red. Just to make them darker .

Basic shape

  • Take the white, and manipulate it until you have an approximate shape of the controller
  • Then at the top, cut a little chuck out
  • Smooth out the edges and push it down a little



  • Add the button details
  • and place a strip of grey on the bottom
  • Bake and you’re done :D


Oho, yeah I know it’s super easy…
I don’t even know if guys need a tutorial for this XD

A lot of my internal tests are ending soon, and in about 3 weeks I will have my mock exams. Between now and then, I’ll try my best to make more crafts so I can have tutorials for you guys :D
I’m thinking of plushies since I haven’t made them for so long….

Be waiting for them !

Thanks for reading,



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