Tutorial : No-face in a glass bottle

Hey guys !

It’s long overdue, but here is my “No-face in a bottle”  from Spirited away tutorial. Even though it’s pretty time consuming to construct, the basic gist of it is very easy ^^
Originally, I was going to make that lamp to go in with No-face, but it was wayyy to hard… I didn’t really have the right wire to make the post part of it, and the scale was just too small for me to work on.

But anywho, if you can make it , kudos to you ! Add in anything you want into the bottle ^^ !

So let’s get started,,

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  • Mini glass bottle with cork. This one measures about 4cm tall ( not including the cork) and 2cm in diameter.
  • White clay
  • Black
  • Green (any shade you want)
  • Brown (any shade you want)
  • Aluminium foil


  • Before you do anything, I brushed on a thick layer of glaze onto the cork. This is because it was a bit brittle, and to prevent any pieces from fall out , I’m sealing them in. (However, you can already see that some broke off in the materials image T__T )
  • Take the black and roll out the black. Roll it however long you want No-face to be, and make sure the top is more narrow than the end
  • Slowly and carefully, bend the top down, and flatten it to form No-face’s …. face..
  • Then, one you have the shape you’re satisfied with, take a blob of white and flatten it onto where it should go.
  • Bake, and when cooled, paint it.
  • Remember to use reference images to get it right !


  • For the grass, I mixed two shades of left over green
  • Place the blob into the bottle, and use a tool to flatten it out evenly.
  • Once it’s flattened out, you can add some texture by using a tool. Anything round will do.

Tree stump

  • For the tree, I mixed some black with brown
  • Take a small amount out from it and rolled it out.
  • Place it into the bottle
  • Then, using my pinky, I tried to flatten it down against the side of the bottle
  • To make it more secure, I used the end of a paintbrush, and really just evened out the clay suface.


  • Then taking the foil, I made a small rectangle with it. This is approximately the same shape as the one in the bottle.
  • Take out a small blob from the brown and leave it aside . They are for the roots.
  • Take the remaining brown, and cover the foil

Finished tree

  • Once it’s covered, try your best to put it into the bottle. It might not fit the first time, so you can just distort the shape slightly, and then fix it once it’s in the bottle. This part was probably the hardest.
  • Then take a tool and add texture to your tree. I used the side of a pair of tweezers in this case.
  • From the brown you set aside, start rolling out small triangle/cone shapes, and put them into the bottle
  • Using a tool, blend it into the tree to create the roots
  • Remember to add texture !
  • Then, take your completed No-face from before, and place him inside your bottle. You may want to add some liquid clay to help hold him in place.

Then you’re done :D



Simple ? Sort of  haha,,,
At first, I was going to make that scene where No-face is in the water. My Triple thick glaze had just arrived so I was going to test it out and use it as the water. I added some blue food colouring , made some kois, lily pads and was planning to put No-face in there.

Unfortunately, when I was baking the clay , I left it in the oven and forgot about it……. everything was burnt, and No-face’s white mask was brown T___T. So that tutorial of No-face up there is the first one I made. The completed one is a new one that I made, so you can sort of see the subtle differences in shape.

Failed no face

Here he is before baking, and all those ugly lilly pads….
The Kois I originally made took REALLY long, and was really difficult… I can’t believe I burnt it.. =”=
But yes. Even though No-face was burnt, I painted over it with white paint and placed him in the bottle anyways.
Little did I know that the glaze would take so long to dry, and that the colouring would just evaporate….

I ended up getting impatient ( it was welllll over 2 weeks), and used a tweezer to rip No-face and the layer of glaze out of the bottle.

I think I need to find some resin that I can use for such effects,,

Anyway, thanks for reading this rant,, oho




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