Guys… I did it…

Oh my life…


Here is the video I used to make it.:

This time, the ingredients I used are:

  • 1 cup corn starch
  • 2 tbsp baby oil
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice


So I’ve used this method once already and that time completely failed. I didn’t microwave it long enough and the ingredients just wouldn’t stay together.
THIS time , I left in for longer. About five 20 second intervals – basically till I had random lumps in the mixture and when I mixed it around, it sort of clumped together into a ball.

Now for the mixing.
I spend 40 MINUTES mixing…
At first, I was like okay, the person said it’ll come together in 10 minutes or so – so I kept going.
It didn’t come together. I used lots of lotion and just kept trying to mix it and nothing worked D: It was seriously bumming me out. If I failed this time, I would’ve wasted 1000ml of glue.

I got angry and decided to use a WHOLE bunch of cornstarch. Seriously, I think I used 3 cups to mix with. I just sat there mixing it and adding more until it didn’t stick to my gloves.
The consistency got better so I decided to use lotion to mix. It turned sticky again,, u__u;

And so more cornstarch was added.

Then finally, I realised that MAYBE I was using the wrong lotion – so I went back and took my sister’s neutrogena non-greasy handcream.


So yes…
I finally have a successful batch of cold porcelain. I’m going to use it and let it dry and see if it cracks, I’ll make a review post when that time comes.
Ah,, I’m so happy right now…. I’ve failed making cold porcelain 4 times already..

Conclusion : Use non-grease lotion to mix your clay. I tried like 4 different lotions and only this made my clay not turn sticky again. Also, cornstarch… lots and lots of cornstarch.
Anyways, this is just some exciting(?) news for me because this might be a solution for saving my moneys on clay.


Thanks for reading this weird post


Goals / To do list:

Hey guys !

So if you read my more recent blog posts, you know that I’m  basically in exam mode for the rest of the school year ( and yet here I am procrastinating TT)
I’m constantly thinking of new crafts to make and since I’m slow, the crafting process takes a long long time …. which is probably why I can’t craft as much as I’d like to.

Below, I’m just going to post up some of the crafts I will be making and if you have anything to add feel free to comment and I’ll update the post with it ^^.

Bottle Art: (These are all requests from DA)

  • Howl’s moving castle
  • Ponyo
  • Mini Haku (Spirited away)
  • Kiki’s delivery service ( I actually started working on this, but then when I saw it the next morning I thought it was ugly and threw it away TT)

Felt Projects:

  • Cakes (This one will probably be the first one to be posted since I’m making it for a friend)
  • Animal plushies for keychains

Polymer Clay:

  • Monokuro Boo (request)
  • Hopefully, I can start a series of some sort and actually go through with it (so far, still working on the Studio Ghibli themed bottle art)
  • Figurines (I’ve never made this before, but hopefully, will be able to make a satisfactory one)
  • More characters
  • Rements ? Squshies ? (Even though they won’t really be squishy…)


And that’s all I have so far ^^
Most of these are pretty vague since I don’t really know what I want to make yet. I usually find inspiration around the web, or when I rewatch the movies or episodes so yes ,,
Hopefully, these will be made pretty soon, I as usual, I will be posting the tutorials for these.

However, for the tutorials, I don’t know if I want to post all  of them since most are pretty straight forward. My tutorials are usually just for the method of construction but the accuracy of how you make the creation is up to you ^^
So, I’ll be updating you with pictures of the ones I do make and cross them off this list as I go. If you do want tutorials for them, comment when the posts are up ^^


Thanks for reading this long wall of text x__x
Here is my cat just fo you !

My cat

Oh my, just look at the way he almost blends in with that rug….


Felt Tutorial : Rilakkuma Plushie

Hello Hello ^^

Just a quick tutorial for you guys. Sorry about some of the lighting and the quality of this plushie,, I don’t have a lot of time right now so it doesn’t look as good as it should u__u
This post will be s a Rilakkuma Plushie ! Except it will just be the head part, and he’ll be in a “costume” of some sort.
Basically, you can use WHATEVER colours you want and whatever design you want.
For my original one, I put Rilakkuma in a strawberry hood and this time he’ll just be in this random felt pattern.

Strawberry Rilakkuma

If you’re going to make something like a strawberry that has those extra details, make sure you add them on before you start to construct it. For this one, I had to use black thread and make those little ‘seeds’ on all the pieces of the hood. If you’re going to make an animal, make sure you cut out all the stripes and such.

Oho,, I got my template from here: [link]

So here we go ^^ !




I basically printed out two different sizes and chose the bottom ones
You will need a duplicate copy ^^



  • Brown
  • Any other colour you want. (I’m using that apple patterned one because I haven’t used it before)
  • White


  • Needle
  • Corresponding thread colour to your ‘hood’ (or any colour you want really,,)
  • Stuffing
  • Glue
  • Pins


  • Ribbon (So you can turn it into a keychain. Or any other piece of fabric or jump ring)
  • Half black pearls (If you don’t have this, just cut out two black circles for eyes)
  • Ball chain ( or you can use a keyring + chain )



Cutting Templates out

  • Cut out the templates
  • On one, separate the head from the ears
  • On second one, draw a line for where you want the hood to be. (When cutting, if you want it to be symmetrical, fold it in half and follow the side that you drew best)


  • Pin the templates to the felt and cut out the shapes
  • Brown Head x 1
  • (Colour of your choice) Head x 1
  • Hood x 1
  • Ears x 4
  • Snout x 1
  • Cut a small strip of ribbon, size is up to you, it doesn’t really matter


  • Arrange the layers (outside colour, brown, hood) on top of each other. If you want, you can trim the brown piece a little bit to hide the edges
  • Thread your need and use blanket stitch around until you get to where the ears will be
  • Place the ears in , and use a running stitch to keep them in place.
  • Change back to blanket stitch until you get to where the ribbon will be. Use running stitch it keep it in place
  • Continue to blanket stitch again until you get to the ears where you will use the running stitch.
  • Keep blanket stitching to the end of the ‘hood’
  • At this point, you can stuff the ears if you want, but I just stitched them together using blanket stitch


  • If you trimmed the brown too much and it doesn’t get stitched together when you do the outline, you may have to use a running stitch to attach it to the head like I did.
  • Take your stuffing, and stuff it in the bottom
  • Close it up by using a blanket stitch
  • Glue on the eyes using the glue (I used PVA, hot glue gun will be more stable though)
  • On the snout, you can either sew on the details or draw it on like me
  • Glue on the snout
  • Add the ball chain

And you’re done !


So here you go ^^
Honestly, this is really easy, I don’t know why I have so much text hahaha,,

Sorry I haven’t really been able to craft much, I just had three exams (math and chem on the same day ! Oh my life, I think I failed some ..) and I have about two more next week..
Then I won’t be on holiday for another week so yeah, until then, I guess there’ll just be updates here and there.

And look ! Aang and Appa turned into a necklace for shipping  ! ;D



Thanks for reading !


First Sale !

Hey guys !

Double post in day woo !
I’m just so excited right now… I made my first sale ! ^^
And they were on the items I thought were the least popular,,


Heart cheesecakesAlice in wonderland


The heart shaped cheese cakes and the (Alice in wonderland) White rabbit mont-blancs.

But yes ^^
Very surprising !

Anyway, I’m waiting for the payment to clear so I can ship it off.




Here is my packaging.
I bubble wrapped all the charms together and put them in this cute gift bag.
As a bonus of my first sale, I added a plush that I made ^^ (tutorial anyone ? )

I hope to include a plush for the first 5 sales that I made ohoho,,
I really hope my packaging is sufficient enough though… I’ll be mailing it in a bubble envelope so hopefully nothing will break. u.u ;;

Cross your fingers !

Thanks for reading again !


Adventure Time Paper clips / Bookmarks

Hey guys !

Just posting to show you another new listing of mine: [link]





And for some reason, the Triple thick that I use to glaze it with had cracks…
whywhywhyw T__T ;;
If anyone knows the reason why it cracks, please message me…. I think I’m going to have to make a new batch if they’re sold.

Also, I haven’t made a tutorial on this because the characters are all fairly easy to make, and you just stick it on top of the paper clip so yes.

If you do want one however, please just leave a comment ^^.

Thanks for reading !


Store listings !

Hello Hello !

Just updating to show you guys my new store listings !


Coupon for 10 % off everything !! 
This discount goes in until the 1st of December for this year ,,

Hello Kitty Cake

This is the improved Hello Kitty Cake I made from last year ^^
Listing : [Link]
Oho, the shape is better and also, it’s neopolitan ‘flavoured’.

Apple Pie

This is the Apple pie I made..
Listing : [Link]
Remember in my other post where I showed you my craft box ? I decided to see how well those paint mixing tins were as pie tins so yes… it’s perfect… ahaha

Thanks for reading !