First Sale !

Hey guys !

Double post in day woo !
I’m just so excited right now… I made my first sale ! ^^
And they were on the items I thought were the least popular,,


Heart cheesecakesAlice in wonderland


The heart shaped cheese cakes and the (Alice in wonderland) White rabbit mont-blancs.

But yes ^^
Very surprising !

Anyway, I’m waiting for the payment to clear so I can ship it off.




Here is my packaging.
I bubble wrapped all the charms together and put them in this cute gift bag.
As a bonus of my first sale, I added a plush that I made ^^ (tutorial anyone ? )

I hope to include a plush for the first 5 sales that I made ohoho,,
I really hope my packaging is sufficient enough though… I’ll be mailing it in a bubble envelope so hopefully nothing will break. u.u ;;

Cross your fingers !

Thanks for reading again !



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