Guys… I did it…

Oh my life…


Here is the video I used to make it.:

This time, the ingredients I used are:

  • 1 cup corn starch
  • 2 tbsp baby oil
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice


So I’ve used this method once already and that time completely failed. I didn’t microwave it long enough and the ingredients just wouldn’t stay together.
THIS time , I left in for longer. About five 20 second intervals – basically till I had random lumps in the mixture and when I mixed it around, it sort of clumped together into a ball.

Now for the mixing.
I spend 40 MINUTES mixing…
At first, I was like okay, the person said it’ll come together in 10 minutes or so – so I kept going.
It didn’t come together. I used lots of lotion and just kept trying to mix it and nothing worked D: It was seriously bumming me out. If I failed this time, I would’ve wasted 1000ml of glue.

I got angry and decided to use a WHOLE bunch of cornstarch. Seriously, I think I used 3 cups to mix with. I just sat there mixing it and adding more until it didn’t stick to my gloves.
The consistency got better so I decided to use lotion to mix. It turned sticky again,, u__u;

And so more cornstarch was added.

Then finally, I realised that MAYBE I was using the wrong lotion – so I went back and took my sister’s neutrogena non-greasy handcream.


So yes…
I finally have a successful batch of cold porcelain. I’m going to use it and let it dry and see if it cracks, I’ll make a review post when that time comes.
Ah,, I’m so happy right now…. I’ve failed making cold porcelain 4 times already..

Conclusion : Use non-grease lotion to mix your clay. I tried like 4 different lotions and only this made my clay not turn sticky again. Also, cornstarch… lots and lots of cornstarch.
Anyways, this is just some exciting(?) news for me because this might be a solution for saving my moneys on clay.


Thanks for reading this weird post


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