Adventure Time’s Waving Snail !

Waving Snail

I’m going to be making a set of characters Adventure Time themed ^^
I don’t want to sell this on Etsy as one item because shipping is just not worth it. I’ll be making a lot of ‘sets’ in the holidays so that shipping will actually be worth the price of the items all together ^^

Also…. this is the first time I’ve used a “real life” background for my creations :D ! I thought it was only suitable to put the waving snail in the garden ohoho… can you tell I need to mow my lawn ?
Be waiting !



So, it has definitely been a while since my last post.

As of now, I won’t be creating a lot of posts because I am in the REAL exam season…
I have about 3 weeks before they start and I’ll be studying like no tomorrow .. I should be back starting December because thats when my holidays starts. Although, I may not be posting regularly until about a week after because I’m moving house ! u__u;; -phew- There’s so much happening this year !


Here is just something I made.


If you are familiar with the anime “Dennou Coil” then you’ll know who this character is ^^ He’s called “Oyaji” which basically translates to “Old man” in japanese.
Even though he is a very minor character, I thought he was so cute…… he had a butt ! I never got to finish the anime because I thought it was “meh” after a couple of episodes,,, but since I loved this character, I had to make him out of clay .

He’s about 4cm tall and is always in his sitting position. I’ve been into making clay sculptures that ‘interact’ with the environment lately ^^. Most my ideas are still on paper, but they will definitely be made soon !

Also, I’ve been messing up a lot ….I don’t know if it’s my mini oven but I have been burning a lot of clay things. I made a yellow portal gun and it was definitely better than my blue one. It was basically finished, painted, glazed when I found out there was something uneven , so I had to go back and add another piece of clay in.

I baked it and then accidently forgot about it….and since the heat was so intense, the whole thing just swelled up and burned everywhere, I was so sad and angry at myself for forgetting =”=.

So yes…

Right now, I can’t afford to spend any time making clay creations so please bear with me for a little longer !
I’ll be back and updating soon asap !

Thanks for reading !


Cold Porcelain Review ( no cracks )

Hello Hello,,

So as you know, I finally succeeded in making cold porcelain ^^
To recap, the ingredients I used were:

  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 1 cup PVA glue
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 Tbsp baby oil

I mixed ingredients together, put them in the microwave in 20 second intervals – for about 5-6 times. (Until I had this lumpy mixture that stayed in a ball when I mixed it around)
Afterward, I spent the LONGEST time mixing. Ended up using about 3 cups of tapioca flour to make it not stick (ran out of cornstarch), and also, figured I was using the wrong cream. Neutrogrena non-grease hand lotion worked perfect for me.


Now, here it is :

New batch

Here is what my successful batch looks like. From the recipe, I got about 320g of cold porcelain. It’s actually quite a small amount but this will last you a long time if you make small items.

Taking a piece out

Here is what it looks like after I pulled a piece out. As you can see, it’s not very smooth. This is most likely because of all the extra tapioca flour I added in while I was mixing.


After mixing the clay around for a bit, you can see than it becomes really smooth.
When I pulled it apart slowly, you see that its quite soft and it stretches like it’s supposed to. For this I’m just going to randomly colour it with some chalk pastels


Here is just something with ears.
As you can see, blending is still tricky. You don’t really get that same smoothness in Cold porcelain compared to polymer clay. It spreads but not fully blending into the actual clay.


And here is just something to show you the textures again.
I guess this is the same as before, it holds textures so-so. Making things like cakes will be hard with cold porcelain so yes.. I don’t really think you’ll be doing a lot of detailed textures.


Here is something else I did earlier. I made a waffle pattern and imprinted it on top of the clay. This was rolled quite thin so the clay dried in about half a day ?
Also, once dried, it’s kind of brittle. When you bend it, it just snaps so yes. I don’t even know why you want to snap it though, I don’t know why I did this ahaha..


This is the piece of clay dried !


Which is freaking awesome. Also, I didn’t have any measurements so I’m not sure if it shrunk or not.
I think it took about 1 1/2 days to dry fully ? It’s probably due to Auckland weather but yeah, it has been raining so that probably would’ve contributed to the speed of the drying process.

Also, notice I put the cold porcelain onto the plastic surface. This is so it didn’t stick when I needed to lift it up.


So there we go
Front and back. No cracking at all !


This is the recipe that works ! No cracking and you make it quick and easy in the microwave.
Only concern I have is the mixing process, which worked well for the youtuber who I saw this from, but gave me a bit of trouble.

Hopefully, next time I will get better at making it ^^

Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : Mickey Mouse Melon Pan

Hello Hello,,

So this tutorial is actually quite old. I made this Melon pan charm back when I was making the Strapaya Mickey Mouse charms..
I didn’t upload this one because I thought it was ugly and that I made it quite poorly.. ohoho

Anyway, someone requested it , so I’ll be posting it today ^^
I was actually going to remake it but I start my “Study Week” so I’m just going to use old images. I may or may not update this post in the future with better quality images and probably a better outcome..

So here we go !




  • Chalk Pastels
  • Light yellow clay
  • Some kind of tool with a flat edge. You can use the back of a razor blade for this (be careful though), or a ruler etc,,


  • So for this you just need three circles.
  • Two small equal sized ones for the ears
  • One larger one for the main
  • Make sure they’re dome shapes and not flat circles


  • For the pattern, lightly use your tool and create indents on the clay.
  • You can go for “squares” or “diamonds”
  • Make sure the indents go all the way to the bottom edge, not just the top parts where it’s visible. Also, try to keep everything even


  • Do the same pattern for the ears
  • And arrange the clay. You can use some TLS to make sure the ears stick on, or just squish them together. However, make sure it doesn’t lose its pattern


  • Now for pastels. Excuse how ugly and dirty mine are…
  • You’re going to need a range of browns, oranges and yellows. You don’t need all the colours shown in the picture, those are just the range of pastels I usually use for shading things like pastries and bread
  • Yellow: Base colour to make the bread seem “golden”
  • Oranges: Goes on top of the yellow except you leave some visible so that the clay looks like it’s been browned and golden.
  • Browns: Goes on the top most  “exposed” parts of the clay. This is to make it seem like it burned a bit.


  • Putting the base colour yellow all over the ‘bread’
  • Some orange over the whole bread
  • Mix of browns and oranges in the “lines” of the bread
  • Add an eyepin at this point if you want to + Bake

I tend to avoid glazing things like breads because they aren’t shiny in real life. Also, remember to shade the base.


And that’s it :D

Pretty simply right ?
The details are basically down to the shading from the pastels. ^^

Hope you liked this one ! Sorry for the bad quality,,

Thanks for reading !


On fire !

Hallooo !!

So, I’m only fire recently… crafting and completing a craft everyday….

Just a little note about my next posts:

  • Cold porcelain review will be up in a couple of days
  • Tutorial of Howl’s moving castle
  • Later , my tutorial of Portal guns and companion cube

Portal Gun

Portal gun 2

So I made this portal gun. This is just a prototype atm.
Now that I know how I’m going to construct everything, I’ll be making the yellow one so yes ^^ Hopefully will be a listing on Etsy.

This measures about 5cm long  and 2cm in height.

These images are also before I glazed them ,, atm it is drying from the glass ohoho,,

Be waiting ^^

I’m off to make the companion cube now !

Thanks for reading,


Howl’s Moving castle ( Ver. 1 )


So after that failure that happened to me, I started to make it again the next morning.
And this time I succeeded !

Here it is :
And the listing : [Link]

Howls moving castle

I know it looks a bit boring,  but I don’t know….
It was way to hard to make Sophie, Howl or the actual castle,, so for now just the Scarecrow, Calicifer and the dog.

In the future, I hope to remake this creation and improve it, I’m not really satisfied with this verison at the moment =”=

In other news, I was going through my blog entries and WOW
Tutorials have not been up for so long ! The last one was for Rilakkuma felt plush but other than that, they’re just boring posts about how busy I am.

Sorry guize, I have been way too off track the purpose of this blog.
I promise to post a tutorial for something within the next couple of days (Y) ^^

For now, does anyone have any particular requests ? That way I can post tutorials quicker because I know what exactly to make it for ohoo,,

Anyway, thanks for reading !
And I hope you like this creation so far


Biggest fail yet…

So hello…

Today I finally started on a craft that is, the long requested bottle art.
I had everything planned and sketched out and I starting making it at around 3:32 pm ( 2/10/12) and should have finished it at around 12:20 am (3/10/12)

Yes. That is how long it took me….. almost 9 HOURS ! CRAZY

I’m seriously so gutted right now,, ah
I started making the “Howl’s moving castle” bottle art and instead of having flat grass like normal, I had mini hills.
I’m not good at making ‘human’ characters so Howl and Sophie weren’t included in this creation. Instead, I planned to include the Scarecrow, Calicifer and the dog.

Let me show you some pictures T__T I was making the tutorial as I was making it.


Before grass


My attempt at photographing the “hills”

Burnt dog

First signs that I was going to fail. I burnt the first dog I made. Next to it is another one thats wayyyyyy smaller


Here it measures about 0.4 cm…. and since it was so tiny, when I was trying to hold it to draw the face on, it crumbled to pieces.

So I gave up and added the plank of wood instead (the one that they sit on while Sophie saves Howl) Creative right ? ahahah = ”= No.



The Scarecrow and Calicifer…. I know it looks a bit dirty ahahah, I cleaned it up but I don’t have any before shots before I baked them in a bottle.



Left it in for too long . Oh my life. Look how scary Calicifer looks… I should not have glazed him







After taking everything out. Look how burnt the scarecrow is ! I’m so sad… I spent the most on him. I had to bake him for every single piece I added because he was so small and delicate.


So there we go.
My biggest fail yet. Honestly, this wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t spend almost 9 hours on this.
I have failed before but those are so minor compared to this one… ah.

Well, this just means you’ll have to wait longer. I’m sorry :/
I think this has to do with the oven I used. Since the items were so small, using the normal oven was a waste of electricity so I switched to a tiny one (microwave size). Since the items were MUCH closer to the heat, I guess I got careless and just placed them in for the same time as I usually do.

No one to blame but me..

Thanks for reading !
Sorry for making you guys wait so long..