Howl’s Moving castle ( Ver. 1 )


So after that failure that happened to me, I started to make it again the next morning.
And this time I succeeded !

Here it is :
And the listing : [Link]

Howls moving castle

I know it looks a bit boring,  but I don’t know….
It was way to hard to make Sophie, Howl or the actual castle,, so for now just the Scarecrow, Calicifer and the dog.

In the future, I hope to remake this creation and improve it, I’m not really satisfied with this verison at the moment =”=

In other news, I was going through my blog entries and WOW
Tutorials have not been up for so long ! The last one was for Rilakkuma felt plush but other than that, they’re just boring posts about how busy I am.

Sorry guize, I have been way too off track the purpose of this blog.
I promise to post a tutorial for something within the next couple of days (Y) ^^

For now, does anyone have any particular requests ? That way I can post tutorials quicker because I know what exactly to make it for ohoo,,

Anyway, thanks for reading !
And I hope you like this creation so far



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