On fire !

Hallooo !!

So, I’m only fire recently… crafting and completing a craft everyday….

Just a little note about my next posts:

  • Cold porcelain review will be up in a couple of days
  • Tutorial of Howl’s moving castle
  • Later , my tutorial of Portal guns and companion cube

Portal Gun

Portal gun 2

So I made this portal gun. This is just a prototype atm.
Now that I know how I’m going to construct everything, I’ll be making the yellow one so yes ^^ Hopefully will be a listing on Etsy.

This measures about 5cm long  and 2cm in height.

These images are also before I glazed them ,, atm it is drying from the glass ohoho,,

Be waiting ^^

I’m off to make the companion cube now !

Thanks for reading,



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