Tutorial : Mickey Mouse Melon Pan

Hello Hello,,

So this tutorial is actually quite old. I made this Melon pan charm back when I was making the Strapaya Mickey Mouse charms..
I didn’t upload this one because I thought it was ugly and that I made it quite poorly.. ohoho

Anyway, someone requested it , so I’ll be posting it today ^^
I was actually going to remake it but I start my “Study Week” so I’m just going to use old images. I may or may not update this post in the future with better quality images and probably a better outcome..

So here we go !




  • Chalk Pastels
  • Light yellow clay
  • Some kind of tool with a flat edge. You can use the back of a razor blade for this (be careful though), or a ruler etc,,


  • So for this you just need three circles.
  • Two small equal sized ones for the ears
  • One larger one for the main
  • Make sure they’re dome shapes and not flat circles


  • For the pattern, lightly use your tool and create indents on the clay.
  • You can go for “squares” or “diamonds”
  • Make sure the indents go all the way to the bottom edge, not just the top parts where it’s visible. Also, try to keep everything even


  • Do the same pattern for the ears
  • And arrange the clay. You can use some TLS to make sure the ears stick on, or just squish them together. However, make sure it doesn’t lose its pattern


  • Now for pastels. Excuse how ugly and dirty mine are…
  • You’re going to need a range of browns, oranges and yellows. You don’t need all the colours shown in the picture, those are just the range of pastels I usually use for shading things like pastries and bread
  • Yellow: Base colour to make the bread seem “golden”
  • Oranges: Goes on top of the yellow except you leave some visible so that the clay looks like it’s been browned and golden.
  • Browns: Goes on the top most  “exposed” parts of the clay. This is to make it seem like it burned a bit.


  • Putting the base colour yellow all over the ‘bread’
  • Some orange over the whole bread
  • Mix of browns and oranges in the “lines” of the bread
  • Add an eyepin at this point if you want to + Bake

I tend to avoid glazing things like breads because they aren’t shiny in real life. Also, remember to shade the base.


And that’s it :D

Pretty simply right ?
The details are basically down to the shading from the pastels. ^^

Hope you liked this one ! Sorry for the bad quality,,

Thanks for reading !



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