So, it has definitely been a while since my last post.

As of now, I won’t be creating a lot of posts because I am in the REAL exam season…
I have about 3 weeks before they start and I’ll be studying like no tomorrow .. I should be back starting December because thats when my holidays starts. Although, I may not be posting regularly until about a week after because I’m moving house ! u__u;; -phew- There’s so much happening this year !


Here is just something I made.


If you are familiar with the anime “Dennou Coil” then you’ll know who this character is ^^ He’s called “Oyaji” which basically translates to “Old man” in japanese.
Even though he is a very minor character, I thought he was so cute…… he had a butt ! I never got to finish the anime because I thought it was “meh” after a couple of episodes,,, but since I loved this character, I had to make him out of clay .

He’s about 4cm tall and is always in his sitting position. I’ve been into making clay sculptures that ‘interact’ with the environment lately ^^. Most my ideas are still on paper, but they will definitely be made soon !

Also, I’ve been messing up a lot ….I don’t know if it’s my mini oven but I have been burning a lot of clay things. I made a yellow portal gun and it was definitely better than my blue one. It was basically finished, painted, glazed when I found out there was something uneven , so I had to go back and add another piece of clay in.

I baked it and then accidently forgot about it….and since the heat was so intense, the whole thing just swelled up and burned everywhere, I was so sad and angry at myself for forgetting =”=.

So yes…

Right now, I can’t afford to spend any time making clay creations so please bear with me for a little longer !
I’ll be back and updating soon asap !

Thanks for reading !



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