Tutorial : Howl’s Moving Castle : Scarecrow

Hello Hello,,

So it’s DEFINITELY been a while since my last post, I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting ahahahah,,
Anyway, this is just going to be a tutorial of the Howl’s Moving Castle Scarecrow. I would do a tutorial on the dog and Calicifer, but as you know, they both kinda failed…. besides, I’m sure you’ll be able to make Calicifer.

Also, on a side note, right after exams, I’m actually going overseas for 3 weeks. So that’s 1st December – Boxing day.
I’ll be packing my boxes and right now, I’m thinking whether I should pack my clay things or not…
If I do, then it means that I won’t be making anything until I come back from my holidays. Otherwise, I’ll try fit some craft making into my exam schedule… hmhm

What do you think ? Should I pack it away now , or fit a couple more creations in ?

(Also, I can’t wait for a GIANT craft haul…… omg…..)

So, let’s begin ^^

Note : These are images from my FIRST attempt at this (as you know, I failed that one)





  • Mini glass bottle (from ebay)
  • Paint brush
  • Glaze
  • White clay
  • Black Clay
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Nutmeg
  • Reddish colour
  • Green
  • Eye pin
  • TLS



  • First you want to take the paintbrush and glaze the cork on your mini glass bottle. I do this because it stops the cork from crumbling and it protects it.
  • Next take your green clay and mix it until you find a nice shade of green.
  • Push some clay to cover the bottom of the bottle



  • Take a tool and push it down to make sure it’s evenly spread out
  • Taking small blobs, make some ” Hills” in the bottle. This is optional. If you’re going to leave it flat, then make the grass thicker.



  • This is just a small planning sketch it drew. It helps me with the scale of the creation
  • Take an eyepin, you may need a tool to help you hold it in place.
  • Take black clay, and make a triangle onto the eyepin. This is basically the main body
  • Bake
  • Then take some blobs, add them to the side of the triangle and blend it in. These are the sides of his coat
  • Bake



  • Decide where you want the front and back to be.
  • Take another blob of black clay and place it on the back and blend out. ( It looks weird in the image because I just placed it on there. I did a  lot of blending afterwards)
  • Bake



  • For the arms, roll a tiny log of clay
  • Attach it to the body making sure you have  clay to use to blend. You can see how I bent the clay so I could squish it into the body
  • Bake
  • Repeat for other arm
  • Take some white clay attach it to the top of the eyepin.



  • I didn’t have any small wires so I took the wire from those gift tags and cut a little bit off
  • Place it into the scarecrow where you think the mouth will go. This is the pipe.
  • Add some TLS to help it stay in place
  • Add some white blobs on the ends of the arms
  • Bake
  • Make a small circular blob
  • Using another piece of black clay, roll it out and cut into a rectangle.
  • Roll it into a hat
  • Place the circle on top of the scarecrow



  • Attach the top of the hat
  • Make add another blob of white to the hands. These are the gloves that aren’t filled in ( this is why they’re drooping down).
  • Bake
  • Add some blue to the centre of the body
  • Add a smaller triangle pink shape to the top of the blue



  • Make a bow using the purple
  • Add a small circle onto the edges of the hat
  • Bake
  • Draw on the face
  • Place into bottle + bake

My failed first attempt, just to remind you TT



Second attempt

End result


So this image above is my second attempt at the creation and honestly, I liked my first version wayyyy better.
Also notice how you had to bake between every step. This is because if you don’t, you will end up smooshing the clay – as the scale is very very small

Anyway, I hope you liked this ^^
I was originally going to use a toothpick for the base of the body but it was too thick – my scarecrow would’ve been way too big.

Thanks for reading



2 thoughts on “Tutorial : Howl’s Moving Castle : Scarecrow

  1. Fifi says:

    polymer clay is like Fimo? i’m from argentina and i wan’t quite sure if polymer clay was the same as cold porcelain. If it is fimo dont you have to put it in the oven? whit the little bottle?
    Sorry for my awful english
    thaks :D

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