Temporary Leave

Hi guys !

So I know, from the title, I’m on leave AGAIN.

I’m sorry. I’m so bad at this planning. I haven’t even finished all the crafts that were requested,, but I promise you that they will be done.

So right now, Im on my one week exam leave, with my first official exam next week.
All my exams continue till 30th November. On the 1st of December, I’ll be flying out to China for a 3 week break.
And will be back on the 26th December.

You all know what I’ll be buying….. crafts….. crafts EVERYWHERE !
So, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when I updated with a massive haul (hopefully….).

I have posted the same “Leave” entry on my DA, and have put my Etsy store on break.

Also, in my previous post, you know that I’m moving houses. I’m going to be packing away my craft stuff so I definitely won’t be crafting until I’m back from holiday.

Until then, I may update you guys on some old content or just some cool craft related stuff online.

Thank you so much for reading ! Sorry for always being on breaks and not able to complete my “To-do lists”.



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