Tutorial : Cuppuccino Cake

Hello Hello,

This was a requested tutorial of a Cuppuccino cake that I made …earlier this year IRCC.
It feels like ageesss since I made it , but since I only started this blog this year, it must’ve been early on ^^

Backstory ? Oho,,
So at the start of the year, my old Korean exchange found me via FB. I remember promising to snail mail her a letter like she had, and never actually did =”=. So when she found me, I was like shiet, okay, gotta send a package.
I made this cake based on a Korean bakery called “Paris Baguette”.
I thought this cake was okay to make, the thing is , it was meant to look like a cup of coffee, I had to place decorations and such in a way that when you looked at it, it sorta looked like coffee ? I don’t know, it was hard to replicate it. I think I was trying too hard TT
Anyway, I kinda gave up half way and added my own ideas to it,,

TLDR; I made a Cuppuccino cake from Paris Baguette.

Pictures of reference, here and here.

So here we go.




  • Dark brown clay
  • TLS
  • Terracotta clay
  • Kind of beige (?) coloured clay
  • Pink / red clay (optional, this was for decorations)
  • Green (optional ; decoration)
  • Circle cutter

Basically , lots of ‘browny’ coffee colours.

Cutting shapes

  • Split the beige colour into 1/3 and 2/3. The 1/3 will be for decoration
  • As for the 2/3, roll it out and cut 2 circles out
  • Do the same for the terracotta clay except cut out 3 circles with your cutter
  • Or the other way around, anything is fine.

Main shape

  • Arrange them one after another forming the pattern you want.
  • Carefully, start squishing your clay into a “cup” shape. This will be the cake base.
  • Try to make it more flat and not so tall like a coffee mug. Think cafe mugs
  • Roll out the dark brown clay

Shape 2

  • Cover the whole cake
  • Cut off excess and blend
  • If you need to , reshape the clay into the ‘cup’ shape

Top spiral

  • Taking that 1/3 of beige clay, roll it out
  • Take dark brown clay and make a handle to go with the ‘cup’ shaped base
  • Roll out about 4  little coffee bean shapes, use a toothpick or whatever tool you have to make that line in the middle
  • Take the beige and start making a spiral. You will probably want to do this on the cake itself because it’ll give you a rough template of how big/round it needs to be
  • Take it off the cake, then cut a decent slice out of it.
  • Place it back onto the cake, and use the cut out as a guide for cutting the cake piece
  • Use a needle tool and add cake texture

Decorations : You can decorate however you like, I’m just going to show you how I made mine.


  • Arrange coffee beans however you want
  • Then, will dark brown clay, roll it out with one end more narrow than the other.
  • Squish it down onto your working surface and start bending it until you have that ‘steam’ shape. Cut off excess, repeat 2 more times
  • Flatten a circle, using TLS mixed with white clay and make random patterns into it
  • Roll out the red clay and cut a heart shape out of it.
  • Bake the mini decorations (not the coffee beans or the cake / spiral)

Sides of cake

  • Place the decorations on the cake
  • I added some more hearts, and cut out her initials out of the red clay


  • Then, carefully arrange the decoration on top of the cake.
  • Make sure you plan this well or else it’ll involve you making indents into the cake and if you look carefully, you can see that in my spiral part of the cake.
  • You can add some TLS to help they stay in place if you want
  • Also, I made a spoon with the dark brown clay, it’s up to you
  • Bake the whole cake + glaze

(You notice the leaf that I randomly added on. When I was baking, I accidently over baked it and the leaf kinda got burnt. In the final pictures, you can see that it ended up with this really nice gradient of brown – green. It was good.)


And it’s done !
It looks pretty easy right ? But as usual , it took me a long time to decide how I wanted to go about this.
Also, looking back on it now, I think I added wayyyyy too many decorations on the side of the cake. I’m fine with the top but I remember at the time that the cake looked ‘bare’ and I needed to cover it up some more… heh.

Before Baking :



After Baking + Glaze


Before baking

Thanks for reading,



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