[Felt Crafts] #1 : The whole strawberry

Hello there,,

Today I’m going to start posting on felt crafts ^^
I will be concentrating on making ‘food’ items and will be posting basics such as making tart bases, decoration pieces and fruits. (Any particular requests, please comment below)

After that, I’ll put everything together and show you how you can make your own dessert from felt :D

(Note : This is all going to be hand sewn, not the needle felt type of craft )

Shall we begin with the basic whole strawberry ?




  • Red felt
  • Green felt
  • Beads (optional)
  • Glue (Can be super glue, PVA , fabric , hot glue gun – anything)
  • Red thread
  • Black thread (optional)
  • Circular object (for drawing template)
  • Stuffing

Note : In this tutorial, I used white thread so you can see it easier. When you are making any craft, unless you want it to stand out, use matching thread colours with your felt pieces.


  • First take the circular object and trace around it. Cut it in half and use that as a template for the strawberry. 
  • Whole strawberries are made from semi circles
  • On the red felt, cut out the semi circle
  • Then on the green felt, cut out a small square (You can do this after the strawberry has been made, or before it)
  • So: Red semi circle x 1 , green small square x 1


  • Fold the semi circle in half ( I have pinned it down to take a picture)
  • And then use blanket stitch , or here, I used the whip stitch to sew the straight edge together
  • Then use the running stitch for the round edge of the strawberry


  • After using the running stitch, pull the thread and you will see that the bottom will start to close in.
  • Before that, fill it with stuffing – how much is up to you
  • If you want your strawberries to have beads, chose which colour you want and thread up another needle.
  • Start adding them onto your strawberry
  • You will have two threads – one for the bottom and one for the beads
  • Once you are happy with your beads, just tie off the thread and cut excess


  • Then pull the thread tight and criss cross over the opening a couple of times to ensure the strawberry will not open up again.
  • Tie off and cut excess
  • If you don’t want the beaded look, just go for the classic and use black thread to add the details. You should do this before sewing the red felt together
  • Then draw a flower shape on the green square + cut
  • Use your glue and stick it on the bottom of the strawberry


Aaand that’s about it.

I know that most people already know how to make the felt strawberry, but again, I am starting from basics.

I hope this was easy to understand, I tend to write a lot but the images themselves should be pretty self explanatory.

Also, I would choose small clear beads or silver if I were to add them onto the strawberry. These pink ones were all the I had, and I didn’t pull the thread tight enough so they were sort of sticking out….

Next will be the Strawberry half, or “wedge”

Thanks for reading !



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