Awesome Youtube channel

Hello Hello !

So I’ve been youtubing lately and came across this awesome youtube channel – so I thought I would share it with you guys.

It’s a Japanese channel and most of the videos have a voice over + eng subs. Sometimes the subs are a bit off, but since she shows you how to make the creation, the subs don’t really matter ^^
The user uses paper clay as her medium and a lot of the techniques she uses can be applied to polymer clay, porcelain clay and all that

I really love this channel..

Here are just some of some really smart ideas:

She shows you how to make macarons here + your own raspberries. I reallly really really like the raspberry idea… hurhur

How the cream made in this video is also very smart :


These are just two random videos from what I was watching earlier huhu,,
And just a note : I’m just showing you guys this video because I think that her techniques are really really helpful, not because someone told me to advertise her ^^

I really wish NZ had paper clay TT

Till then

Thanks for reading !


Jiji’s Family ! [ Bottle art ]

Hello Hello !

So I finallyfinally finished the custom request from my Etsy ^^ !!
The person wanted Jiji and his family from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s delivery service,,

I really wanted to replicate him and his family on that ledge with all the ivy and stuff everywhere, but it was really hard to get the bricks and such…
Originally, I thought of not covering the whole base of the bottle like I usually do, and just have this chunk of white in the middle as the ledge. Then  I thought about the scale of Jiji and the other cats and how small I would have to make them…. can’t… do that yet..

So yes ,

Here is what the bottle first looked like :



Made Jiji and his little black kitten that looks just like him, at this point I didn’t know how to even begin making the other kittens TT



But here they are… can you see the scale ? Ahahaha, soooo tiny and cute !
As you can see, the face details are pret-ty minimal..  like two dots for the eyes and then this faint pink for their noses



And here is the whole family completed ! Thank to some fingerprint on my camera, the photos arent very clear… ah,,



Here is a closer image, ^^ This was taken and sent to the buyer to make sure it was okay, and to let them make any changes hurhur


And today it was shipped !!



All my packaging for my creations get sent like this.

  • Gift bag
  • Bubble wrapped creation
  • For bottle art, I give 4 jump rings and and eyepin just in case they want to make it into a pendant . It’s in that little clear bag with my logo on it hurhur
  • And then a little twist gift message thing (?) Idk what its called



All packaged and ready to go !


This is why I couldn’t take better pictures… ahahah, it was already bubble wrapped and everything. I didn’t even realise the images were slightly blurry until I started to edit them for this blog. Ah..

So here’s the mini update.
I have a 6 day holiday so I will definitely spend a whole day just making tutorials for you guys.

Hopefully this is the break I need to finally update all my CraftCandies platforms

Thanks for reading !


#100th Post !!

Hello Helloooo

So long time no post right ?


You see, I would have updated a long long long time ago, but I realllyyy wanted to save the 100 post for something awesome.

But … I really cant..

You see, I’ve started school again- my last year AND I got lucky enough to be enrolled in one university course..
So this just means that I’m busier than normal..

My weekends basically consist of catching up with work/ finishing work and something along the lines of that.

So I thought I’d update you on what I’ve been crafting for the past weeks(?) I’v been gone :




So this was a custom made listing from my Etsy. ^^ Someone wanted another Aang and Appa so I made one and sent it off to Canada !
Except, it’s a little but uglier and less cute that my first one right ? u_u Ah.. But I really tried to make it similar. Aang is more proportional in size though, so that’s probably one thing that changed.



The longlong delayed Valentine themed cake. I made this while watching Futurama ahahaha,,
You can see that there are various shades of pink, going in a gradient upwards ^^ I added the roses and you can see a littttle bit of a blue rose peeking in the back.
It looks more like a wedding cake right ? Yeah.. ..



A Domo cake I made for fun,, I’m pretty sure this was meant to be for a friend but I decided it was a bit too ugly. Oh wells, it’ll just sit there in my craft box.
If anyone wants to buy it…please message me ahaha


Also , in other news, I managed to sell 3 bottle art creations this month !!
I can’t believe it ! Sosososo happy that my bottle art is good enough that others would want to buy it.

So far, I’ve sold Ponyo, Aang and Appa ver.2 and I’m currently trying to work on a custom request ^^

That shall be revealed later yesyes ? I really hope it’s up to standards… ah


So there we go.. I wasted my 100th post for this update..
I guess I’ll make my 120th post the special one and not this..

For now, I’ll be working on felt crafts ofc , still need to complete that series and then just random clay things here and there.

Just reminding you guys I haven’t disappeared or forgotten about this blog ! I check it daily , it’s just that I seem to never have time.

Yeah, I know.

Kay, thanks so much for reading this !