[Felt Crafts] #11 – Bear Card Holder

Hello Hello,,

Today is a felt craft , from a the title you can see it’s a Card Holder in the form of a bear?

Anyways, its fairly simple and you can customize it to any shape, animal – whatever you want ^^

So here we go !





  • Orange felt
  • White felt
  • Brown felt
  • Orange thread
  • Brown Thread
  • Red thread
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Ball chain (optional)

Template: The main rectangle is basically the size of a normal card (e.g. Library Card) + 0.5 cm around all the edges (9 cm x 6.5 cm). Everything else is up to whatever shape or design you want.

2 x Main Rectangle
2 x Main Rectagle + centre cut out ( the size of this depends on you)
4 x Ears
2 x Ear details (the brown bit)
2 x Eyes
1 x Snout
1 x nose


  • On each ear sew the brown part onto the middle of it 
  • Then take the other piece of the ear and sew together using blanket stitch

Sewing Face

  • Then on one rectangle, arrange how you want the face to be
  • Sew the face details on + blush marks. I drew it on at the end because I forgot..
  • Then on the main rectangle with the cut out, take both pieces and sew the inside part together

Sew edges

  • Take the main rectangle and the face rectangle and sew one edge + Ear
  • Take the two  rectangles with the cut out, and sew one edge as well
  • These edges will be the opening of where the card will be placed


  • Place the main rectangle and the one with the cut out together 
  • Start sewing them together, avoiding the edges you just sewed ( so you will be sewing 4 layers of felt, and only three sides because you don’t need to sew the edges from before)
  • Place the other ear as you move along
  • Once you get to the corner or top of the card holder, you can place your ribbon and sew it in place


  • And it’s completed !
  • Here it is with my bus card ( I stuck a Rilakkuma card sticker on it)


  • Here is what I mean with the edges. 
  • They become the opening of where you place your card and the other end is sealed


Here it is attached to my phone





You can see it’s about 0.5cm larger on all sides of the card


And there you go !

It’s fairly simple once you get all the cutting of the felt out of the way ^^
I might even have some pre-cut out pieces of different designs on sale in my etsy…


Hope you liked this post !

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[Felt Crafts] # 10 – Cream around the fruit

Hi dere C: !

So this is exactly what the title says. You know that cream that goes ‘around’ the fruit that is put on top of cakes ?

Yesyes, we are making that today

gogo !




  • Strip of felt
    The longer the strip, the larger the diameter will be. The  thicker the strip, the more ‘volume’ the cream will have…. kind of…
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or thread + needle


  • Fold in half vertically
  • Make cuts down the half
  • Unfold
  • Twist twist twist !
  • Join the edges together with glue or needle thread it


  • And thats it… yeah I know.. so easy right ?

All that’s missing now is the fruit hurhur


There you go !

This ends the Cream variation for now – always remember to play around with the templates a little, that way you can customize to any shape and size to suit all creations :D

Thanks for reading !


Pricing ?

Hello Hello,

So recently, I’ve been browsing around Etsy and such and for me, looking at some of the items and prices and I’m start to think about how I’ve been pricing things.
Sometimes, I see studs (polymer clay ones mind you) that probs cost less than $5 to make , sell for $20

So now I’m thinking, am I pricing my creations wrong? Is it too cheap ? My Totoro bottle took about 4 hours to make (according to the time stamps  of the original images), and it takes even more material than those studs and I’m selling for $15 USD.
But at the same time, I know how hard making these are, and they do take a lot of time and skill and I guess that’s what make people sell them for that much
So then I decided to go and do some more research. I’ve done this before setting up my etsy, but I actually calculated everything this time:

See this article [Link], it’s Etsy’s page on how to price your creations.

Taking my Totoro bottle as an example:



  • Polymer Clay : About $2 ( considering I take small chunks off different colours)
  • Glass bottle: 80 cents
  • Packaging: 50 cents
  • Bubble wrap: 40 cents
  • Sellotape: Lol probs like 5 cents


  • 4 hours ( according to online, should be the minimum wage of my country = $13.75)
  • = $55
  • After tax = 47.83


  • Etsy listing fee: 0.23 NZD
  • Etsy sale fee = 3.5% of sale price (assuming I sell at $15)


  • Profit would be nice. Lol

= Wholesale x 2 (what does this mean? All those calculations x 2?)

  • If so : Adding all those previous ones = 52.33
  • x 2 = 104.66

$ 104. 66


So. Assuming I did all the calculations correct, my glass bottles should sell for $104.66 , which is ridiculous.


Let’s try another one [Link]

Time x $NZ minimum wage:

  • 4 hours * 13.75 = $55
  • After tax (15%) = $47.83 (2 dp)

+ 2(cost of materials) from the above calculations of materials + expenses
= 2(4.51)
= $ 9.02

x 1.1 = 
= $9.91

Wholesale price (everything added together)
=$ 57.74

Retail = wholesale x 2
= $ 115.48

Okay, so this is even worse , $ 115.48


So what am I doing with my pricing? I honestly don’t know.

For me, I’ve always set the prices at the price I would pay for the creation.
Like, if I set my bottles at $30-50, I really don’t think anyone would pay for them. Adding the shipping overseas, the total cost for this 4cm glass bottle = $40-60 USD.

I honestly don’t think I would end up selling anything at all. The listings that I put up cost me 0.20 USD each and expire I think after 3 or 4 months. If no one buys anything, then that just means more of a loss for me.
And also, I guess I’m just not too worried about gaining any profit because most of these creations are just made as my hobby. Since I’ve started crafting with polymer clay, I have spend hundreds on materials alone (up to now) and I never really kept track of all my expenses (which I should do – but hey I was 14 at the time).

Can you tell I’m really confused right now ?
Also, I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t follow those (above) methods to a T.

What do I dooooooo ????


I’ll end this post here because I actually have this thing due for school tomorrow.
Thanks for reading to the end !


[Felt Crafts] # 9 – More variations of ‘cream’ !

Hello Hello,

Here are the next tutorials, each is very short and simple.

gogogo !


Small piped dollop



  • Felt colour of your choice
  • Needle + corresponding thread colour

Template : Super simple, just heart shape.

sewing together

  • Cut out 4 pieces of the heart shapes
  • Stack together and sew down the middle


  • Twist it, arrange it and its done !


Yesyes, easy right ?

Next tutorial :  “Shell’ piped cream



  • Felt colour of choice
  • Needle + corresponding thread colour
  • Hot glue gun or superglue + peg

Template : A fat leaf shape


  • Cut out three pieces
  • Stack together and sew down the middle longways
  • Glue the top parts (where the middle is ) together (optional )


  • Twist twist twist !
  • You don’t have to glue to middle, but since it showed too much , I just stuck them together ahaha


Okayokay, I’ll leave the last one for the next post hurhur,

Hope you liked this, thank for reading !


[Felt Crafts] # 8 – Cream Dollop

Hello Hello my readers ! :D

So I just spent a little time today making some more tutorials on felt.
I’ll be doing about 4 variations of cream that you can make to decorate your creations ^^

Today’s one is fairly simple but … it doesn’t look as full as I would like – though that ofc is easily adjustable to your tastes

(Also , I would like to apologize for the quality of these images…  I made them very late  )

Lets go !




  • Any colour felt you want
  • Hot glue gun ( or super glue)
  • a peg if you are using super glue
  • Needle
  • Corresponding thread colour to felt
  • scissors

Template :
So for this template , the round part above those bottom dots are the main shape of the cream. The bits that come out after those two lower dots are to be folded and glued in. This created the ‘volume’ and detail to the cream.
Remember when cutting your own template, fold it in half and then cut to make sure your get it exactly symmetrical.


  • This image is a bit smalll .. please click to enlarge ahaha
  • Okay, once the template has been cut out, pin to the felt and cut out 5 pieces
  • Then stack all of them together, and sew down the middle
  • I tried to use a brighter thread  – but yout still cant see it…


  • Now get your glue gun / super glue and add some onto those tab parts and fold it inwards
  • It didn’t show well on the felt so here it is on the paper ( second image)
  • Fold all the tabs going in the same direction
  • If you are using super glue, use a peg to hold the tab down until it dries. This was too time consuming for me so I didn’t use super glue

completed cream

  • And here it is completed. I apologize.. the images are kind of ugly.. the cream looks better in rl.. hurhru
  • Top / bottle / top  (view)

The shape is little strange right ? You have to kind of arrange those tab parts to make it look more cream like. Also, the more tab parts you have, I would imagine that the cream would look more full.
The problem I had with this was that I pulled a bit tight when I was sewing it – so you can kind of see in the third image the exact middle ahaha.. try to avoid this please


So yes, there you go !

Next I will be uploading two or the rest of the three because they are so easy and fast to make !

I hope you liked this tutorial and that it helped you !!

Thanks for reading,


French blog ?

So hello hello,,

I was doing my daily check on my blog stats and today in particular, I noticed a lot of “clicks”. These are just basically the links that people click that would lead them to my blog.

And so I went through the direct links and found this

French Blog


This french (?) blog with HEAPS of ‘fimo’ tutorials translated into french. Notice this one is the start of my “Rilakkuma cake” tutorial…
(well not only clay tutorials, a lot of other ones that I can see have been reposted)

I don’t know how to feel about this…. because I am sourced at the very bottom




butbut… I want them to look at the original… :c… but then they can’t understand the instructions.. :c

There are also a whole lot of other tutorials of mine and others

other posts

Even without needing to understand french… I can see three of my tutorials here

  • Banana tutorial (taken from deviantart)
  • Totoro tutorial (from the blog)
  • Rilakkuma tutorial ( from the blog)


So  I don’t know what to do, I don’t feel like its right to ask for it to be removed because I want to share my tutorials with everyone.
I think I’ll just contact the person and ask them to notify me every time they repost my post even if it’s sourced..

Anyone know more about these things ? Is it just a blog of reposting ? Is this a normal thing ?  I don’t even know if I’m right ahaahaha

Thanks for reading !