French blog ?

So hello hello,,

I was doing my daily check on my blog stats and today in particular, I noticed a lot of “clicks”. These are just basically the links that people click that would lead them to my blog.

And so I went through the direct links and found this

French Blog


This french (?) blog with HEAPS of ‘fimo’ tutorials translated into french. Notice this one is the start of my “Rilakkuma cake” tutorial…
(well not only clay tutorials, a lot of other ones that I can see have been reposted)

I don’t know how to feel about this…. because I am sourced at the very bottom




butbut… I want them to look at the original… :c… but then they can’t understand the instructions.. :c

There are also a whole lot of other tutorials of mine and others

other posts

Even without needing to understand french… I can see three of my tutorials here

  • Banana tutorial (taken from deviantart)
  • Totoro tutorial (from the blog)
  • Rilakkuma tutorial ( from the blog)


So  I don’t know what to do, I don’t feel like its right to ask for it to be removed because I want to share my tutorials with everyone.
I think I’ll just contact the person and ask them to notify me every time they repost my post even if it’s sourced..

Anyone know more about these things ? Is it just a blog of reposting ? Is this a normal thing ?  I don’t even know if I’m right ahaahaha

Thanks for reading !



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