My Craft Corner #1

Hey guys !

It’s been a while since my last post and I apologize… hurhur, I’m even on holiday right now.
However, that will all end soon because I’m starting school next week Monday.. ah..didn’t even get to craft a lot these holidays.

NZ gets 2 week breaks everything schoool term (normally about 10 weeks) and I used to think that this was the LONGEST break ever, and now it just feels like there’s not enough time to do everything!
I had about two days (today + yesterday) for a birthday celebration with my friends – as my birthday is on the first day of school ! Ah… how … my birthday seems to always JUST miss that time between the holidays and term start. But yes, basically this whole week was spent going out preparing for ball, preparing for my birthday feast and then this weekend catching up on homework I hadn’t completed..

I feel like there’s no time for me to bum around TT__TT;; . ultimate torture..

So this is just a heads up on the future lack of(?) posts, as school will take over everything.. I’m pretty sure I’ll be having heaps of assignments and such so , ah, my blog will be lower on the priority list.


Anyway… let’s finally see my craft corner !

This is literally a small corner of my room next to my desk which holds ALL my crafting supplies… (Messy ?)

Crafting corner



And today, I’ll show you where I keep my findings and extras used for my creations!



My Pink mini storage box, those dividers can be taken out and changed to my preferences. Bought this in a japan dollar store for $3.33

Inside Pink box


And here is what it currently holds :



  • Oyumaru japanese molding clay that I bought a longlong time ago. This was back when I was trying to find alternatives to the two-part silicone putty for mold making. There was also an orange and yellow stick that came with this. Surprisingly this was bought in an nz online store for I think about $8 NZD
  • Felting needles that came with this animal felting kit bought from the japanese dollar store

clay extruder


  • Clay extruder and the discs that I recently ordered from ebay. This is not the sculpey extruder – which costs $28 NZD .. huehue instead this only cost me aout $8 NZD + free shipping

3 layer storage


My other storage box. Bought from a NZ home living store $5 (on special ahahahah)

first layer


First layer



  • Ear phone jack plugs
  • Two different size jumprings
  • Adjustable ring base

second row


  • Eyepins
  • 10cm long ball chains
  • Black half pearls (for felt plushies)
  • Berry shaped beads

second layer


Second layer



These are all the different keychain straps that I have, some bought from ebay, some bought from China.

Last Layer


Last layer

first row last layer


  • Paint mixing pans = pie bases
  • Small metal bowls , bought in NZ a long time ago as well. I think they cost me $8 for a pack of 6 ? Something like that..
  • Miniature glass cups + cake stand bought from China
  • My craft candies logo that I sometimes stick to packaging

last row last layer


  • Ribbon for felt creations, to attach the ball chain
  • Gift tags for when I send out packages
  • Earring hooks
  • Stud posts
  • Flower shaped earring stoppers .. aren’t they adorable…. it was either 250 of these flower shapes or 500 normal shaped rubber backs….. I can’t, I needed the flower shapes ahaha
  • Normal steel earring backs


And that’s the two mini storage boxes ^^
If you see in that image of my whole corner, I still have that colourful storage box. The first two drawers hold all my clay…. ahahha goes to show how little I own TT
I really need some more… luckily my creations are pretty small so the clay lasts longer than it should.. hurhur..

Thanks for reading !

Hope you liked looking through the findings and things I own  !
A lot of these are found on Ebay for cheap (in comparison to NZ), so I usually buy most of my craft findings and such there. I only choose the free shipping ones so I really recommend you guys to buy from there if it’s too expensive locally. I have a visa debit card ( a visa card, but is debit because it uses my own money) so it makes everything a lot easier – it’s annoying when you don’t have one right ? Dat feeling when you don’t have one.. I know so well…