New bottle art

New bottle art

* Totoro sleeping in a bottle (The scene before Mei finds him)
* Resetti from Animal Crossing

Tutorials of these will be up soonsoon


Tutorial : Polymer clay realistic cake texture with baking soda

So wow, long time no post again, apologies.

It seems I’m catching up on all my bumming around time aahah, but don’t worry, I’m crafting a lot tonight so that I can get some regular tutorials up


So I’m actually really excited for this post. From the title you can tell what the tutorial is on right?
I’ve actually known about this technique from when I first started from the youtuber “GentlemanBunny”

I tried out it out ofc, but it didn’t end up working. Then about a week ago, I found this website


And so here I am trying it out for you guys ^^

Let”s go !




  • Softener
  • TSL or Fimo deco gel
  • Baking soda (Bicarbonate of Soda)
  • Small container for mixing (in my case, a finished face cream container)
  • Foil
  • Polystyrene
  • Tool for mixing
  • Clay of choice

Soaking the clay

  • Take the clay that you want to be the ‘sponge’ colour and place it in the container
  • Poke some holes in it so the softener can work its magic faster
  • Cover the clay with softener and let it sit
  • Every so often, mix the clay around

At first, I mixed the clay around a lot in the softener and this actually made the dissolving process a lot slower. After I gave up and just let it sit, when I mixed it again, all the clay dissolved much quicker.
As for the softener amount, because my container was slightly larger than I liked it to be, I didnt completely cover my clay up to the top. It was kind of half way up the clay and I just flattened it out. If you can, try to use a smaller container.

Completely dissolved

  • Mixmix
  • And then it’ll look like this once dissolved
  • Add some TLS or deco gel, the amount is completely up to you but make sure you put enough… I think mine was about 1tsp ? Sorry I did a lot of guesstimation

Testing clay

  • I took it out and ‘brushed’ it on the foil and baked it. This is to test if it would fully bake and be pliable
  • And yes it was.. lol

Making cake tin

  • For a cake tin, cut out a template onto the polystyrene block
  • Wrap it in foil
  • Cut the edges neatly
  • Place in the oven for baking.

So apparently, when polystyrene is heated, it shrinks. I didn’t know about this method for making cake tins until that day….
Anyway, I put it on for 130 degrees (celcius) and after about 3-4 minutes, the shrinking process started. Then it only took about another 5- 10 seconds before I took it out.

You can take the ‘cake tin’ out at any point once its shrinks. It just needs to be small enough for you to take it out of the foil without changing the shape.

Baking soda

  • Picture of the shrunken polystyrene circle
  • Adding baking soda
  • I added probably about 2 tablespoons. In the earlier link where I found these instructions, it doesn’t really tell you how much to add. I just added enough until the clay mix was thick like real batter.

If you have enough materials, please feel free to experiment with the amounts of softener : clay : baking soda ratio. I think as along as the mix is semi thick, it’ll rise


  • Pour ‘batter’ into the mould
  • Bake at normal clay instructions ( 130 degrees C , for about 15 minutes)
  • As you can see, it actually rose !SDKFJKFSHHKJ ! It looks realistic right ?

Rising took about 5 minutes in

Complete cake

  • Here it is out of foil
  • You can see the slightly shiny edges from the foil
  • I trimmed the edges of the cake and you can clearly see the realistic texture ( please enlarge the image)
  • The top really looks like a real vanilla cupcake right ?

MOre images

  • Some more images of the cake and texture (please enlarge)

close up

  • I had enough batter to try again and I did
  • This time, I didn’t trim the top of the ‘cake tin’ that much because I knew it would rise
  • However, you can still tell it rose out of the foil
  • Also, because I put in a lot more of ‘mixture’ and baked it for the same amount of time, the clay didn’t completely bake through

It looked exactly like an underbaked cupcake. You can see that when I tore the foil off,  the bits of clay stuck to it like batter would to a cupcake liner

Second try

Close up of the clay


  • Here I cut this cake apart to look at the texture because it was failed away.
  • This texture is also perfect for bread as well.


And that’s it !

An interesting outcome is that the clay actually is flexible. Like its quite soft and when you squeeze it, it just goes back to its original shape again..

This is actually quite an expensive way to make the realistic cake texture but here it is !

I hope you enjoy this, and actually try this out because it’s such a genius idea ,,

Thanks for reading !


Tutorial : [Animal Crossing] Tom Nook

So Hoi

Finally I have a tutorial for you guys ! ^^
And in celebration of the new Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing : New Leaf release this year, I made Tom Nook!

So who is Tom Nook? He is a “Raccoon Dog”, also known as “Tanuki” in the Japanese version (also a real animal btw, its related to dogs even though they look like raccoons lolol).  He’s basically who you go to to make money and lose money TT..

He buys the stuff you sell, and he also sells you furniture, equipment and the like – and also responsible for the expansion of your house.

So the new change in New Leaf is that you get to have more freedom in choosing what to expand, what rooms to add and WHEN you want to add them. In previous versions of animal crossing, after each expansion, he’d push you to expand more, which kinda made you hate him..
It doesn’t help that it was harder to make money in previous versions than it is in this version.

SO in celebration of Tom Nook’s character being more likeable, I made him ^^


Also, just a note, I have recently purchased “Super Sculpey” in beige. This clay is specifically for sculpting models and I really like it. If you have ever used Du-kit (which is a NZ brand polymer clay), the texture is surprisingly similar. I’ve always had this thing against Du-kit because it was never ‘crumbly’ like  sculpey and fimo in that you couldn’t create those realistic textures, but after using super sculpey, I’d say du-kit  would be suitable for model making too.

Fully Completed

Let’s begin!

Please enlarge the images! WordPress automatically resizes mine ><


Materials (Sorry for lack of images)

  • Super Sculpey (colour doesn’t matter)
  • Foil
  • TLS
  • Eyepin
  • Any sculpting tools you have (although, you’ll mostly be using your fingers)
  • Sand paper
  • Eyepins

Acrylic paint:

  • Dark Brown
  • Terracotta brown
  • White
  • Dark blue
  • Light blue
  • Green
  • Pink

Or you can make those colours with

  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Green




  • So taking the foil, create a round base in which Tom Nook will stand on
  • Roll out some super sculpey , and wrap it around the foil, blending the edges.
  • Take some more foil and create Tom Nooks base body shape – kind of like an egg
  • Roll out sculpey and wrap + blend
  • To create a bigger belly, cut a strip of clay and place it across the middle + blend well

Adding Legs

  • (First two images are the wrapping part of this body)
  • Roll out a small log which will be his legs
  • Cut them , place and blend



  • Look at that bellay Lolol
  • Okay, so that’s what he looks like standing so far. Please remember to have reference image with you at all times ^^
  • To make him more pudgy, Add more clay on the sides of his legs

More pudginess


  • Once he’s got more fat on his two legs, time to even out the front
  • Take a small piece of clay, flatten it out  and place on the front part
  • where the clay meets the gap between his legs, just cut it the clay and blend it out behind his legs

View so far


  • What he looks like so far

Making the head


  • Take some foil and shape it into his head – kind of like an egg with a turned up tip
  • Wrap with clay and blend
  • Keep adding clay to areas which need it. His head : body ratio is kinda of like 1:1 …. I didn’t expect to add so much clay to his head

Completed parts


  • Notice their similarity. I almost freaked out because I mistook the head for his body… I was wondering why his legs suddenly blended together.. TT
  • Place head on the top, if you wish you can use an eyepin to help keep this part extra stable
  • I pushed the head downwards and blended away that excess because Tom Nook doesn’t have that big of a gap between his head and body



  • To even out the neck, roll out a strip of clay, and always when blending, make the edges thinner than the middle. This way, blending is much more easier and you won’t have to push hard on the clay to get it to flatten down
  • You can tell I added more clay to the top of his head
  • He’s so top heavy he cant event stand by himself anymore….
  • Adding the earsHere are some different angles
  • Then roll our two circles and attach them as his ears.
  • Use the end of something round to make the indents for his ears



  • He still didn’t look right and that was because his head wasn’t big enough still…
  • Add in them cheeks and blend

Adding arms and tail


  • Just like the legs, roll out a small log and attach them onto the body as arms. You can use whatever pose you want
  •  Make a small tear drop shape and attach to his butt (lolol). I used an eyepin to help reinforce his tail

Last minute details


  • Roll out some clay and cut into a rectangle – this is his apron
  • Add some eyepins in his legs and make two small impressions onto the base of where you want to place him
  • Then use a needle tool and make these indents into holes
  • Add some TLS and place Tom Nook in place
  • He cant stand by himself so he is leaning on the TLS bottle
  • Also , if you want, use a rounded tool to add texture to the base – as you know , this is my usual technique

Foil reinforcement


  • Since he couldn’t stand, had to make reinforcement with foil
  • Made the stupid mistake of baking him without the foil all around him and only the back…

As he was baking in the oven, the clay softened and he got a lot weaker. Because I didn’t have the foil on all four sides he actually fell off his base. I quickly took him out, placed him back on and reinforced all the sides as show in the first two images

More problems

Burnt tail


  • Due to my small oven, the top of his head that was closest to the heating bar got burnt
  • Also, as the clay softened and the placement of the foil, his tail also dropped down and baked too low…



  • Removed his previous tail and while working on it, his arm fell off
  • … Please use eyepins to attach them on



  • After attaching a new arm, I baked him on his back.
  • Made the stupid mistake of changing the heat to top and bottom – ended up with burnt flattened edges on the ears, tail and base
  • Refixed the flattened parts
  • Baked
  • Sanded everything down

Base colour coat


  • Adding white base coat.
  • This is to help the actual paint show up in its true colours. Also means that you’ll need less layers to get the same effect



  • Made brown from my primary colours
  •  Dark brown : Red + Blue + Yellow until satisfied
  • Lighter brown : Red + yellow to get a light kind of orange  then + green to get that shade

brown paint


  • Panting his main colours



  • Adding the remainging colours
  • He’s on his side because I’m drying the green on the base


Fully Completed


And here he is fully completed !

Glaze if you wish


For acrylic paint, I recommend that you dilute it with some water so that it becomes much more thin and smooth. This way, you’ll get less streaks and more even paint layers.

Also, sand down your figurine after baking. I’m not too experienced with sanding so I just took random sandpaper I had. I think you should go for a finer one so that it doesn’t leave those uneven indents from the texture.

Having a smooth base gives you better end product, so please try to do that. Blend well and sand well – my Tom Nook would have turned out better if I sanded him properly.


-phew- Long tutorial right?
Just letting you know I’ll be back blogging regularly until school starts again!

Thanks for reading!




So Hello again,

It’s been a while right? I think this is the longest break I have ever taken from posting on this blog.

Forgive me …

School has definitely been hectic, and it’s going to be crazy until the last week (which is next week). So what this means is that I’ll soon be posting more often again!
Hopefully, in the holidays, I’ll be able to make more tutorials for you guys and new crafts to put up on my deviantArt + Etsy.

I am really sorry for being away for so long, but there just isn’t enough time to bum around and craft for fun anymore… I was lucky enough to take a uni course and that on top of my normal school work was crazy! I have never been so stressed and out of time before..

But, I’m glad to say that I should finally be back for these 2-3 weeks or so. I’ll try to craft as much as possible during my break so that even during school I’ll be able to have some regular posts for you guys ^^
I actually just ordered some super sculpey in beige and I hope to make some larger crafts with more details. Things like dragons and the like ^^

I should really be working on an assignment and studying for my  tests next week but I just had to update… u__u;

I do still check on my blog everyday, so I’ll still be able to reply to comments and questions , it’s just that I don’t have the time to make tutorials + edit + type up a tutorial.

So, just checking in to say that I am still alive , exhausted from school work, but still here to help you guys with crafts,,

Any requests for the next crafts you want to see are welcome as always,

Be back soon!