So Hello again,

It’s been a while right? I think this is the longest break I have ever taken from posting on this blog.

Forgive me …

School has definitely been hectic, and it’s going to be crazy until the last week (which is next week). So what this means is that I’ll soon be posting more often again!
Hopefully, in the holidays, I’ll be able to make more tutorials for you guys and new crafts to put up on my deviantArt + Etsy.

I am really sorry for being away for so long, but there just isn’t enough time to bum around and craft for fun anymore… I was lucky enough to take a uni course and that on top of my normal school work was crazy! I have never been so stressed and out of time before..

But, I’m glad to say that I should finally be back for these 2-3 weeks or so. I’ll try to craft as much as possible during my break so that even during school I’ll be able to have some regular posts for you guys ^^
I actually just ordered some super sculpey in beige and I hope to make some larger crafts with more details. Things like dragons and the like ^^

I should really be working on an assignment and studying for my  tests next week but I just had to update… u__u;

I do still check on my blog everyday, so I’ll still be able to reply to comments and questions , it’s just that I don’t have the time to make tutorials + edit + type up a tutorial.

So, just checking in to say that I am still alive , exhausted from school work, but still here to help you guys with crafts,,

Any requests for the next crafts you want to see are welcome as always,

Be back soon!


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