Tutorial : Animal Cakes

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Someone has requests a tutorial for my Animal Cakes I made a while back, and looking back at my posts I was surprised I hadn’t posted it yet..

So I know it’s been a while, but here it is !

(I’ve only made one for the Bunny and Elephant because I thought my Tiger one was ugly..)

Animal Cakes






  • Yellow Clay
  • Pink Clay
  • Brow Clay
  • White Clay
  • TLS (optional)
  • Pastels (optional)
  • Black clay (optional)

All those optional ones are for adding the face details. You can either make them from TLS + Pastel or make them from clay

Making the layers

  • Roll out all your colors and with the base (in my case, brown) cut / shape it into a circle
  • Do the same for the pink
  • Place the Brown on top of the pink and use the brown as the template for trimming the edges
  • When you trim the edges, tried to put your blade at an angle so the pink ends up slightly small than the brown, but at the same time having the bottom edges line up

Completed layers

  • For the yellow make an approximate dome shape and place it on top of the pink
  • Start shaping the whole ‘cake’ into a more even dome shape. Make sure the edges are all connected smoothly

Rolling out the pink

  • Roll out the pink clay
  • Cover the ‘sponge’ middle + blend away edges
  • Place in the freezer for 15 minutes

On the white clay, cut out two shapes that are white part of the ears + bake for about 10 minutes


  • Cut out a slice in the cake
  • Those top indents are where I want to place the ears for the bunny. This slice is located on the back of the bunny
  • Use a needle tool and cake texture the surface
  • I placed the white part of the ears

Adding outline


  • Roll out the pink
  • Place it around the white part (you may need some TLS to keep it in place)
  • Add details ( I did this by using TLS for the cheeks + mouth + black clay for the eyes) You can use whatever you want.
  • Bake + Glaze

And that’s the bunny completed !





  • Green clay
  • Light yellow
  • yellow clay
  • White clay
  • Pink clay
  • Black clay

Rolling out base shapes

  • Create a basic dome shape
  • Cut it in half horizontally
  • Roll out the white, thickness is up to you
  • Place it the bottom part of the dome on top of the white and use it as a template
  • Cut around edges for the white

Smooth out edges


  • Place the top half of the dome on
  • Smooth out the whole shape, making sure all layers blend smoothly together
  • Roll out the light yellow
  • Wrap it around ┬áthe whole cake + blend



  • Roll out the yellow
  • Using a small cookie cutter, I cut a circle + baked for 10 minutes
  • Place it on the cake to make the ears



  • Cut out a slice at the back + texture
  • Add on the face details
  • Roll out a small bit of light yellow, roll up the bottom and then flatten the middle
  • Place it on as the trunk
  • Bake + glaze

And that’s the elephant completed also !


These are very similar to my Totoro cake that I made a while back so I hope this was easy ^^

Sorry for lack of posts, I haven’t even had the time to take proper picture of my new bottle art to post on dA….


Soon I will be free (i.e. end of year)

I cry..

Thanks for reading!